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If you are looking to buy hosting with bitcoin then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we recommend the top 5 bitcoin hosting companies that allow you to buy hosting with bitcoin or with any other cryptocurrency. We also list (in a table) all the hosting companies that accept bitcoin (or crypto in general) for your own reference.

Bitcoin has become the most important buzzword in the digital universe in the last few years. The price of this virtual currency is now at around $ 7,201.51, (as of writing this post) which makes it (again) a ”desired” digital currency and an online payment method.

The network of cryptocurrency users is expanding, and so more services and shops are starting to accept cryptocurrencies. This means that you can pay for a wide variety of products or services like VPN Services, furniture, electronics, holiday, online-newspapers or even on essay writing services.

Of course, web hosting companies were among first to embrace digital currencies as a means of payment and a large number of them already offer the option to buy hosting with bitcoin or with any other cryptocurrency.

Wait… Before We Start…

If I had to recommend just one web hosting provider who accepts bitcoin, that would be Hostinger. It is my #1 Recommendation.

I ❤️ Hostinger because it has all the characteristics both new and experienced webmasters need. To start with they accept Bitcoin.

Next, they have competitive prices, a lot of Freebies (Free Domain, SSL), SSD Disks, Daily Backups and most importantly – SUPERB 24/7 Customer Support.

TOP Companies to Buy Hosting with Bitcoin

In this table, you will see our top recommendations to buy hosting with Bitcoin. These companies are the most reliable hosting companies who accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

The features presented in this table for each hosting provider are for their entry-level plans – usually for their Shared Hosting Plans. Higher plans include free SSL Certificates, Daily Backups, SSD Disks and even Free Domains with each hosting plan – on some occasions.

We recommend searching through all hosting plans of each hosting provider we recommend, before deciding what’s most suitable for you. One thing’s for sure though.. All web hosting providers below, accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies!

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 buy hosting with bitcoin - Hostingerbuy hosting with bitcoin - namecheapHostsailor - buy hosting with bitcoinwebhostingpad logoglowhost logo
Free SSL
Daily Backups
24/7 Support
Free Domain
Bitcoin & Litecoin
Start From






Visit HostingerVisit NamecheapVisit HostsailorVisit WebHostingPadVisit GlowHost



hostinger homepage
  • Accept’s Bitcoin
  • Raving Reviews
  • Over 30 Million Clients (!!)
  • Competitive Prices (start from $0.80)
  • Free Domain With all Hosting Plans (except on Single and Premium Shared Hosting)
  • Free SSL Certificate with all plans (except Single Shared Hosting Plan)
  • Hosting Price is locked for all the lifetime of the client

Visit Hostinger

Hostinger is the best option to buy hosting with Bitcoin. This hosting provider has a simple and intuitive user interface, while update settings run extremely quickly.

Besides that, Hostinger provides clients with highly responsive customer service, so you don’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes to talk to their agents. We suggest to Buy Hosting with Bitcoin from them.

Hostinger ensures free website migration, so you can easily switch to the new platform. Hostinger is so reliable that you can put all the focus into website development, while they take care of the server uptime and monitoring.



People are going crazy with Hostinger. Proof, their raving reviews all over the internet. Here are some that grabbed our attention.


You can pick one of several web hosting bitcoin products, from small websites to large scale projects. But if you are not sure about its potential, you can try Hostinger with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The platform is absurdly cheap as you can get bitcoin website hosting and domain names starting from $2.

  • Single shared hosting: It is basic but very cheap web hosting for one smaller project. For $2.15 a month, you get the package for one website and up to 10 GB of disk space. There is also a 100 GB bandwidth along with an easy website builder and powerful control panel.
  • Premium shared hosting: This is an almost unlimited web hosting plan for several medium and growing sites. It gives you an unlimited number of websites, as well as disk space and bandwidth. You also get a user-friendly access manager, two-time WordPress-optimized speed, and a free domain name with the annual plan. And the price is incredible: $3.49 per month.
  • Business shared hosting: Business shared hosting is Hostinger’s best solution for unlimited web hosting plan for multiple stable sites and businesses. It includes all features from single and premium packages, but it also adds more options such as daily backups or live support. The price of this plan starts at $7.95 a month.

Go to Hostinger


namecheap hosting homepage screenshot
  • Accept’s Bitcoin
  • Competitive Prices
  • Free SSL Certificate with all web hosting plans
  • Free Domain Name with all hosting plans
  • SSD Disks (faster websites)
  • Latest Server Technology from Dell. Guarantees 100% up-time (while others 99%)

Visit Namecheap

NameCheap is one of the most popular Bitcoin-driven hosting platforms because all of its products, from single-page websites to dedicated servers, come with powerful tools and rock-solid security.

The company uses only the latest, fastest web servers available from Dell, HP and Super micro. Each one of their servers has at least two processors, 16GB of RAM, and four hard drives with RAID protection.

Although NameCheap does not have the best ratings out there, we trust them and we also suggest to buy hosting with bitcoin from them.

Besides that, NameCheap owns the network infrastructure that delivers 99.9% uptime for every calendar month, excluding scheduled maintenance. They also use redundant bandwidth providers, routers, and switches to provide full redundancy at all levels within the network.

NameCheap utilizes the latest hardware and software firewalls to protect their infrastructure. At the same time, they constantly scan, probe, and test defense systems to ensure hosting security. And in case you experience any issues managing a website through this platform, you can contact their customer service any time you want.


Buy Hosting with Bitcoin from Top 5 Best Companies (December 2019)


  • Shared Hosting Stellar: Stellar shared hosting is available at €2.46 a month. It’s a convenient option if you want to build a personal website using a safe platform with the 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Shared Hosting Stellar Plus: In case you demand a more sophisticated hosting, you can choose the Stellar Plus version. This solution is great for more demanding websites with unmetered disk space and bandwidth. The price of this package is €4.17 per month.
  • Shared Hosting Stellar Business: As a large-scale business, you might consider buying a Stellar Business plan. This option is ideal for e-commerce with fewer users per server. The plan starts at €7.58 a month.

Go to Namecheap


hostsailor homepage screenshot
  • Accept’s Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • Raving Reviews
  • Very Competitive Prices
  • Free SSL Certificate with all plans
  • SSD Disk Servers (faster websites)
  • LiteSpeed Servers (faster websites)

Visit Hostsailor

HostSailor is a highly reliable hosting provider that offers high speed and quality hosting services since 2018. Although relatively new, their client base is growing very fast due to their low prices and robust hardware.

The company provides its clients with flawless experiences ever since. HostSailor promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee because they always try to “go the extra mile and stand apart in a sea of competitors.”

A set of features is included in all pricing plans. The company offers instant setup, free website transfers, newest cPanel, unlimited number of sub-domains, email and FTP accounts, and free dedicated IP address. They give you a 60-day money back guarantee in case you don’t like their products.

At the same time, you won’t have a problem with uptime because Hostsailor makes sure that your website stays fully operational around the clock. When Bitcoin earned the number one position among cryptocurrencies, HostSailor did not hesitate to accept it as the official payment method and allow users to pay hosting with bitcoin and become one of the first bitcoin web hosting companies.

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Buy Hosting with Bitcoin from Top 5 Best Companies (December 2019)


Hostsailor created a variety of different solutions, so it’s easy to find the option that suits your demands.

  • SSD Shared hosting: This is the cheapest option of shared hosting and it costs from only $0.99 up to $9.45 per month. All Hostsailor’s SSD Shared Hosting plans comes with SSD Disks (faster), Litespeed Web Servers and free SSL certificates.
  • VPS web hosting: You can buy VPS Hosting with bitcoin rom HostSailor. If your website starts to receive more traffic then it is time to jump to Hostsailor’s VPN Hosting Plans. It’s a solution with enterprise-level features for customers who demand more. The monthly price for VPN hosting ranges from $1.99 to $56.99. There are over 10 different VPN plans to choose from. Note that comparing the benefits you get with what you pay, this is the most value for money VPN plans we’ve found until now.
  • Dedicated Servers: HostSailor’s dedicated servers start at $68 per month. It is a great choice if your project is going to attract huge amounts of traffic. It is also the most expensive option since you are renting a server all by yourself.

Go to HostSailor


webhostingpad homepage screenshot
  • Accept’s Bitcoin
  • Offshore Hosting (8 Jurisdictions)
  • Its services are ISO9001:2008 accredited
  • NGINX Server Technology (faster websites)
  • SSD Disks (faster websites)
  • LiteSpeed Servers (faster websites)

Visit WebHostingPad

Webhostingpad operates 8 Data Centres worldwide (and growing). It is offering its hosting services since 2000 and they are headquartered in Kuala Lambur, Malaysia. The hosting company accepts Bitcoin as on of their payment methods to their hosting services.

Webhostingpad is perhaps the only offshore web hosting provider that is ISO9001:2008 accredited (learn more about the importance of this accreditation here).

Webhostingpad’s focus is on providing the best protection services to all their offshore customers giving top priority to identity, server and network protection – according to their official website. Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum for its services shows their commitment to their cause.

Thanks to the quality hardware, Webhostingpad guarantees a 99.9% uptime. They provide users with 24/7 premium customer service, while all design tools are intuitive and easy to use. Webhostingpad also conducts frequent backups, allows free site migrations, and ensures full compatibility with multiple platforms.


Here are some raving reviews from people who actually got to test webhostingpad’s services.

webhostingpad reviews


Webhostingpad provides Shared and VPS Hosting plans only.

  • Shared hosting: Webhostingpad’s Shared Hosting Plans start from $1.99/month to $4.99/month and you can choose to host your website on one of their 8 hosting data centers (Malaysia, Bulgaria, Holland, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Russia or Singapore. All their Shared plans include 24/7 support, Litespeed Servers and Cpanel access.
  • VPS hosting: You can buy VPS with bitcoin from Webhostingpad. Webhostingpad’s VPS Hosting Plans start from $29.95/month to $99.95/month and again, you can choose to host your website on one of their 8 hosting data centers (Malaysia, Bulgaria, Holland, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Russia or Singapore. All their VPS Hosting plans include 24/7 support, 1Gbps DDoS Protection and Daily Backups.

Go to Webhostingpad 


glowhost homepage
  • Accept’s Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Litecoin, OmiseGO, Tron & Ripple.
  • Free Domain Registrations with each hosting plan
  • 18 Datacenters Around the World
  • McFee Secure Websites with all plans
  • Daily Backups (Super Important)
  • Free SSL certificate with all plans
  • GlowHost is 100% Green Web Hosting Provider

Visit GlowHost

GlowHost has 18 datacenters around the world. This way, they can deliver high speeds to websites from all around the world. GlowHost also pride themselves of their 100% Wind Powered Green Hosting Services they provide.

Since the foundation of their organization in 2002, GlowHost has been putting forth high caliber and secure website hosting services for its clients around the world.


GlowHost is one of the best hosting companies out there (who accept bitcoin as well). People are super excited about their uptime, features and support. Check these GlowHost reviews from popular reviews website Sitejabber.

glowhost reviews


GlowHost provides clients with a vanilla Apache Tomcat installation, ensuring that Java development on your desktop can safely be deployed to the cloud hosting platform. On the other side, its next-gen PHP hosting (LAMP) is combined with the power and convenience of Cloud servers to provide complete control, easy management, and redundancy.

Both services are cryptocurrency-friendly, so you can buy hosting with Bitcoin. Here are the Java pricing plans:

  • Shared Hosting: GlowHost’s shared hosting plans start from $4.95/month up to $17.95/month. All Shared Hosting plans comes with Daily Backups and Free SSL certificates and Advanced DDOS Protection.
  • VPS Hosting: You can buy VPS with bitcoin. They’re VPS Hosting Plans span into 3 different Levels. Entry level for the VPS Hosting is $13.49/month and goes up to $54.99/month.
  • Dedicated Hosting: They’re Dedicated Hosting Plans start from $129.00/month and goes up to $299.00/month.

Go To GlowHost

List With Hosting Companies Who Accept Bitcoin

Below we have prepared a list with ALL the Hosting Providers who accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

🚨 If you know hosting companies that accept bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and it is NOT listed in this post, please send us a message here.

You can still visit their websites if you like. Who knows.. maybe you’ll find better bitcoin hosting deals than the ones we recommend. 😁

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*TrustScore is based on TrustPilot's user submitted Reviews. Learn more about the rating system here




1Namesilo Accepts Bitcoin
24x7 Support
From $2.99/mo
2Hostwinds× Free Domain
× SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $3.74/mo
3Heficed× Free Domain
SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $15.00/mo
4Webhostingpad Free Domain
SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $1.99/mo
5Qhoster Free Domain
SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $1.95/mo
6Glowhost Free Domain
SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $4.95/mo
7BitcoinWebHosting Free Domain
× SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $6.00/mo
8Hawkhost× Free Domain
SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $2.99/mo
9NameCheap× Free Domain
SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $2.88/mo
10Hosterbox Free Domain
× SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $3.95/mo
11JavaPipe× Free Domain
SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $1.56/mo
12Hostinger Free Domain
SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
× 24x7 Support
From $2.39/mo
13MonsterMegs Free Domain
SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
× 24x7 Support
From $4.95/mo
14OrangeWebsite× Free Domain
× SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $3.94/mo
15ITitch Anonymous HostingFrom $5.66/mo
16AwardSpace× Free SSL Certificate
Free Domain
Weekly Backups
24x7 Support
From $1.24/mo
17Shinjiru Privacy Centric
Nginx Technology
Weekly Backups
24x7 Support
From $3.95/mo
18CherryServers Pay after 48 hours
DDOS protection
24x7 Support
Bare Metal Servers
From $66/mo
19THCServers× Free Domain
Free SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $1.95/mo
20Vodahost× Free Domain
× SSL Certificate
× Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $7.95/mo
21Simplenode Value for Money
Specialized in VPS
24x7 Support
From $3.00/mo
22HostSailor DDOS Protection
SSL Certificate
Instant Setup
24x7 Support
From $1.00/mo Fast Servers
Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $3.00/mo
24SimafriAnonymous HostingFrom $3.00/mo
25GeekHostedAccepts Bitcoin
Free Daily Backups
SSD Disks
From $1.99/mo
26CoinHostAccepts Bitcoin, Litecoin
Accepts Dash and NextCoin
VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Hosting.
From $86.00/mo
27XtraOrbitAccepts Bitcoin
Free SSL
Free Domain
From $1.99/mo
28Evolution HostAccepts Bitcoin
VPS Hosting
Europe/USA Hosting Locations
From $7.00/mo
29Host.agAccepts Bitcoin
Dedicated Hosting
German Quality
From $65.00/mo
30Altushost LiteSpeed Web Server
Free SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
24x7 Support
From $6.44/mo

🚨 The web hosting bitcoin providers below are listed here for your convenience and to make this page more complete. If you know a hosting provider who accepts bitcoin or crypto and it is not listed here contact us here.

Top 5 Features to Look for When Buying a New Hosting Plan

The 5 Types of Hosting: Learn About Them Before Starting a Site!

Ok, so you are going to buy hosting with bitcoin from one of the reputable hosting companies mentioned above. If so, you’ve got to know what to buy. It’s necessary to understand the different hosting packages. Plus, you must pick what works for your needs.

We’ll help you with that. We’ll discuss the 5 types of hosting. Read the list, and select what works best!

Buy Hosting with Bitcoin from Top 5 Best Companies (December 2019)

#1 – Shared Hosting.

The most basic of packages. Here, your website is stored on the same server as many others. Depending on the hosting service, there may be 100s or 1000s on the same server.

Now, this means that the server’s RAM is split across those sites. This may lead to slower loading, lag issues, and occasional downtime.


This package is mostly used by startups. Its low costs allow for quick “trial and error” projects that come with low risk.

We recommend this package to low content sites. After all, it is cheap (costing only a few dollars/month)!

What if I Need Better Bitcoin Hosting?

You might need it in the future. In that situation, you shouldn’t worry. Most hosting services give you the ability to upgrade into higher hosting packages – such as…

#2 – Dedicated Hosting.

The opposite of shared hosting.

Here, owners gain maximum control over the servers that store their site. That is, the server is rented exclusively by the site owner.

This means root and admin access – allowing for better operational capacities and security.

However, note that such servers are expensive. So we only recommend them to sites that post mass content, while receiving much traffic.

Those include news sites, extremely popular blogs, sites that emphasize video content – and highly visited wikis.

Also, note that this option is expensive. Dedicated hosting can cost up to $200/month. For many individuals, this can nullify the cost advantages of starting an online business!

#3 – VPS Hosting.

Short for “virtual private server,” they’re hybrids between “shared” and “dedicated” servers.

VPS networks operate in shared hosting environments. But, they provide services similar to dedicated servers. That is, they provide privileges and additional control to certain owners – without the price tags of dedicated servers.

You see, VPS hosting isn’t too expensive. You may have to pay an extra $10 to $15 per month.

Compare that to dedicated hosting – which costs anywhere from $75 to $200 per month.

In a sense, VPS hosting is a “premium shared hosting.” You gain an edge while keeping costs low!


Now, while this type of hosting provides additional control, it still lacks the quality of dedicated servers. Thus, a website is still affected by others in its server. So it’s prone to problems from traffic spikes, lags, etc.


This hosting package works best for advanced website owners lacking programming expertise. That is, it’s for long-time content creators (with years of experience), who need an upgrade beyond normal hosting measures.

You can use this for better security measures – as the performance upgrades aren’t too lucrative.

💡 You can buy vps with bitcoin from all the above hosting providers.

#4 – Cloud Hosting.

It’s a new trend in the hosting world. Cloud hosting is a form of “network hosting.” It involves many computers working together, pooling resources to run a site.

This allows them to run multiple applications that would otherwise require massive processing power.

This form of hosting isn’t common. It’s mainly used by websites that are “extremely sensitive” to downtime. They include exclusively online shops, trendy news websites, and premium membership networks.

Partially Solves Downtime.

Cloud hosting shares resources from multiple computers. In effect, if one computer collapses, the website can still remain active.

And while this might hurt the site’s loading speed and traffic capabilities – it still allows it to stay online.

#5 – WordPress Hosting.

This is a type of managed hosting.

WordPress is a content management system. Technically, it’s supposed to be installed after renting a hosting service.

Yet, WordPress does provide hosting services. This includes hardware management, dealing with operating systems, and software setup…


Let’s assume you’re already signed up with a bitcoin hosting service. This may be Namecheap, Hostinger, or other popular networks.

With WordPress, you gain the option of accessing their dashboard from your WP panel!

This ensures you don’t need to open multiple tabs to manage your website!

This is a convenient option for private content publishers. After all, WordPress is geared towards simplicity. So it works well for the “everyday inexperienced” website owner!

BONUS: What is LiteSpeed Web Server?

LiteSpeed Web Server is up to 9 times faster than Apache Web Server, processes PHP 50% faster, and is 3 times faster at processing SSL than Apache Web Server. LiteSpeed Web Server fully supports .htaccess, mod_rewrite, and everything else that Apache is well known for – if your site works on an Apache host it will work even better and faster on a LiteSpeed based server!

What is Bitcoin

Before we start talking about the best Bitcoin-driven hosting solutions, we need to explain the background and mechanism of the largest digital currency. The creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, a virtual figure whose goal was to invent a new electronic cash system.

The currency is based on the blockchain technology, which forms a never-ending transaction record also known as the digital ledger. This gives Bitcoin numerous advantages that we will describe in the next chapter of our post.

According to finance advisers the average investor is always curious about one thing- what determines the value of a Bitcoin: “But the answer is surprisingly simple. Same as all other currencies, both traditional and digital, Bitcoin also derives its value from people who believe in it.”

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Why Buy Hosting with Bitcoin?

As a digital currency, Bitcoin offers users a series of advantages. First of all, the cryptocurrency is not subject to any kind of centralized national or international authority. This means you can complete transactions securely and anonymously.

Bitcoin transactions don’t involve technical procedures such as invoices or credit cards, so the whole procedure is much simpler and faster. Another reason to buy hosting with Bitcoin is obvious – organizations or individuals who make the majority of income in digital currencies want to pay for this service in the same way.

You should keep in mind, however, that virtual currencies do come with a few shortcomings as well. Value fluctuations are the biggest problem since you can’t predict the short or long-term price of your property.

How to Get Your Bitcoins

Mining Bitcoins requires some heavy machinery with incredible computational power, so it’s much more reasonable to presume that you would like to buy them. New methods are emerging as the industry is evolving, but here are the purchasing methods currently available:

  • Directly via Exchanges: You can buy Bitcoins directly through exchanges. Trustworthy networks often require thorough verification process and take higher fees.
  • Peer-to-Peer: Escrow services such as LocalBitcoins allow you to buy digital currencies directly from a peer.
  • Cash Buy: You can pay Bitcoins with cash, but this is the riskiest purchasing method.
  • Bitcoin ATM: Globally, there are more than 2.6 thousand Bitcoin ATMs.
  • Exchange other Cryptocurrencies: If you already own other cryptocurrencies, you can exchange them for Bitcoins and save a lot on transaction fees.

As a brand new technology, cryptocurrencies used to raise people’s eyebrows and make them suspicious about the potential of digital money. However, Bitcoin quickly proved financial reliability and became a legit payment method in some fields of work.

In this post, we showed you how the main cryptocurrency works and made a list of top 5 companies to buy hosting with Bitcoin. Feel free to check them out and let us know in comments if you need additional explanations about any of these providers – we will be glad to answer you!

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  1. There’s an issue when using bitcoin, cause you cant get a refund, but that does not impact my choices a lot. I have been paying at hostinger with bitcoins for a while now, the payments go through pretty fast and I still get the discounts, so this method of payment has been my fav so far.


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