Porkbun Review – A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar

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You are probably wondering if Porkbun – the bitcoin-accepting domain registrar is any good and worth dealing with. The short answer is Yes. I’ve been personally registering my domains with them for the past year and I have to say that I’m glad I’ve used them in the first place. This is my honest Porkbun Review where you can learn more about this ”one of a kind” domain registrar.

Porkbun is one of the many websites out there that offers domain name registration and hosting. It is a uniquely built registrar that allows users tο quickly search for a domain name and register it with a couple of clicks.

It is one of the few domain registrars that accept different types of cryptocurrency as a form of payment for their services. Porkbun accepts ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin in addition to the usual methods of online payment.

The fact that Porkbun accepts cryptos is driving a lot of people from the crypto-community to use their services – and as it seems they are quite excited.

At least their reviews show like it.

What Others Say about Porkbun

Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar
Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar
Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar

In this post, we are reviewing Porkbun and it’s features to see why a lot of website owners prefer working with them instead of other more “traditional” domain registrars.

Porkbun Review

The Oregon based company provides an easy domain registration process in a fun set-up and a seamless user experience environment. In addition to their domain registration process, they differentiate themselves from the competition by accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Below are in detail Porkbun’s Pros & Cons as they’ve picked by our review experts.

Porkbun PROS & CONS


  • Accepts Bitcoin and Crypto
  • Easy Domain Management
  • Huge Variety of TLDs
  • Low Prices
  • Fantastic Customer Support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Easy Domain Transfer
  • Cool and Fun User Interface


  • No Bulk Registration Discount

Porkbun Pros

Accepts Crypto

Porkbun allows to register a domain using crypto.

This is the reason I’ve decided to give them a chance in the first place. Porkbun accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and USDCoin – among the other ”traditional” payment methods (Cards, PayPal, etc). This feature is by far my favorite.

Easy Domain Management

Moving on with our Porkbun Review we have another worth-mentioning-PRO called Easy Domain Management (ok, I made the name myself). Whether you have one domain registered with them or one thousand, their domain management consult is the simplest I have ever seen.

Porkbun also offers a wide variety of tools that are easily accessible from your account section such as ”Quick Connect” which allows you to connect to popular blogging platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace with the click of a button and Easy Domain Forwarding.

Huge List of TLDs

If you want .com, .net, .org, .gov, .biz whatever the TLD is, Porkbun has got you covered. With their wide libraries of top-level domain endings, you are sure not going to lack any domain be it generic or category-specific. Some of my favorite TLDs I have found in Porkbun are “.love”, “.baby”, “.dog”, and “.business”.

Great Customer Support

Having dealt with online customer support on a different website that offers different goods and services I am sure I haven’t come across one as effective as what was offered by the customer services officials on Porkbun. Quick response and turnaround time is the word. They were always ready to help with full knowledge of the packages and intricacies of what the registrar offers.

Free SSL Certificate

Super Important feature. We all know why it is important… right? If don’t, read this. Porkbun gives you a free SSL certificate with every domain registration. They will even renew it for you for free. Usually this ”gift” is given by hosting companies. This means all your connections are secure from the main domain down to all the free ten sub-domains that come with it.


When it comes to pricing, I think they outdid themselves. Their domain name registration service is one of the cheapest in the domain name registration sector. You get the best prices for the best TLDs. Also, when the renewal time comes you will not pay more than you paid the first time. In general, using Porkbun will save you a lot of money.


porkbun review - freebies screenshot

For the skeptics and newcomers, Porkbun offers freebies to allow you to test their platform before you dole out some money to them. Yes, you have free WHOIS privacy (read why Whois Privacy is important) that helps you keep your private contact information hidden (other registrars charge for this service), free hosting trial that allows you get your website running to see and feel how the site works before spending money and also a free 3 months email hosting trial that gives your email that professional feel. Hence, it’s a world of free things.

Easy and Simple User Interface

The graphic user interface (GUI) of Porkbun is very easy to navigate. Its main menu and buttons are clearly visible. The website is also mobile compatible and easily scales to any device it is being used on be it a mobile phone or tablet.

The registration process is straightforward and can be completed within minutes from the point you click register now up until the pint you make the domain name purchase.

Seamless Domain Transfer

If you would like to transfer your domain from where it is registered to Porkbun, the process is easy and seamless to effect. With all the tools provided and you can get your site up and running again within minutes of transfer. This is absolutely a great feature that other domain providers have failed to accomplish.

Porkbun Cons

No Bulk Discounts

Though the prices are one of the lowest in the market however on the purchase of large quantities, buyers do not get a discount. So whenever you buy bulk order, you get it at the same price. But notwithstanding, the price covers for this.

How to Register a Domain With Prokbun

Step #1: Register an Account

Visit porkbun.com and click the sign-in button. If you have never registered before then you will have to register first. You provide your basic information at the point of registration. After registering and confirming your email address, you can then sign in.

Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar
Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar

Step #2: Search for a Domain Name

This is where the trick is. That domain name that you have been so careful to pick might have been used by someone else. Yeah true! So you would have to search using their domain name searcher to be sure someone else isn’t using that name. Chances are that the name might also be in use but not with the same domain extension. So, search confirm and then choose the one you wish to use.

Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar

Step #3: Add to Cart and Checkout

Ok, things are straightforward after this. Add the domain to your cart and then click on checkout to go to the billing page to see how much you will be charged. You can add as many extensions (or TLD) to cart for easy and quick buy so that it does not warrant you coming back to buy each domain extension one after the other.

On the billing page, you would see how much it costs, how much it costs to renew every year and other free stuff you get by buying from Porkbun.

Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar

Step #4: Pay and you are done

After clicking on “continue to billing”, the site redirects you to the payment page where you have to choose the method of payment. The payment method can be any of Card (Visa, MasterCard, credit card), PayPal or cryptocurrency of which they accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Once you choose a payment method and click on continue, the platform would take you to the payment page design for the payment method you chose and then you can make payment.

Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar

And that’s it, you have registered a domain name with Porkbun, you can then go-ahead to start building your site or if you have an already built site, park it in the domain and customize.


With the emergence of technology and with a lot of companies and even small businesses going online, the need to satisfy customers’ various needs has arisen. Domain registrars have started have gone from cutting down prices to beat competition all the way down to giving freebies but with new payment methods springing up, domain registrars had to adapt. And a lot have adapted in so many different ways but the adaptability of Porkbun has drawn our attention to it in a lovely way.

Porkbun has filled that need that most domain registrars have failed to fill and that is the option to pay with cryptocurrency. Porkbun is a site that offers domain registration and website hosting with quite a lot of perks and incentives to its users.

Form offering a wide variety of TLD (some of which are yet to be offered by other domain registrars) to giving free SSL certificates for 90 days to its subscribers, offering end to end encryption on websites and ultimately giving the best in customer service, I think they have done it all.

So, this is my Porkbun Review. I hoped it covered all the important topics and features of it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.

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Form offering a wide variety of TLD (some of which are yet to be offered by other domain registrars) to giving free SSL certificates for 90 days to its subscribers, offering end to end encryption on websites and ultimately giving the best in customer service, I think Porkbun is worth a shot.Porkbun Review - A Bitcoin Accepting Domain Registrar