Hawk Host Review: Here’s what you need to know

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This article reviews Hawk Host – one of the less popular hosting providers who accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. In this Hawk Host Review you will learn about their pricing plans, the benefits of using them for your web hosting needs as well as some pros and cons about this web hosting provider.

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Hawk Host provides general web hosting services to many businesses and professionals across the globe. Over the years, they gained a positive reputation for their responsive customer support, easy to setup solutions, cloud-based hosting options, and a whole load of widely used features in affordable packages.

While they mainly target demographics of small business, many medium-sized businesses have also started joining them over these past few years for their flexible and robust features in relatively cheaper market prices.

They have received many positive reviews by hundreds of users with detailed feedbacks to back them up. However, due to lack of popularity, they weren’t faring well against their competitors, but that changed when people started flocking towards this gem of a hosting company for their budget-friendly packages without compromising on any of the standard hosting features.

Hawk Host Review

Hawk Host Review

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Hawk Host is a not so known hosting provider that accepts bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payments for their web hosting services. It offers cheap hosting plans and has great customer support. On thing that it lacks is dedicated servers, so, if you are looking for dedicated servers you will not find any here. Overall though, is a great hosting provider that accepts crypto.


What is Hawk Host?

Hawk Host is a hosting company that accepts crypto based in Canada. They are providing top-notch features in a fraction of the price offered by its competitors.

Since its inception in 2004, the company has paved its way through a highly competitive market of hosting providers around the world with multiple data centers located around the globe.

They believe in serving their customers with only the best of the best, and to that end, they provide 24/7 support services with a detailed and lengthy blog documenting all the issues that you could face for facilitating timely resolutions.

The extremely intuitive user interface and beginner-friendly design helps in choosing the best options and getting things started right away. The website also has a surprisingly well-designed chat system to help you with your needs by connecting you with a professional right on the site.

The most exciting way in which they differ from the solutions available on the market is their cloud hosting technologies that provides its customers with high-performance servers and scalable plans in very cheap costs to accommodate all kinds of businesses.

Plans & Pricing

Hawk Host has 4 different kinds of hosting packages, including shared web hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

Their shared web hosting packages come in 2 offerings, one named Primary, and the other Professional. The primary package is priced at only $2.99 which is as cheap as it gets and the professional at $7.99 which gives unlimited SSD disk space to make it worth your while. Both packages have a lot of freebies that come with them, including unlimited SSL certificates, migrations, Memcached server, and Weebly site builder.

Hawk Host Review: Here's what you need to know
Hawk Host’s Shared Hosting plans

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Much like their shared web hosting options, the semi-dedicated hosting also comes with 2 different packages, Nestling and Talon. Nestling comes in $15.99 and Talon comes in $39.99. The reason for such a significant difference in the costs of both packages is the unlimited SSD disk space of the Talon as compared to the limited 20GB SSD of the Nestling.

Hawk Host Review: Here's what you need to know
Hawk Host’s Semi-dedicated hosting plans

Reseller Hosting

Resellers have been making quite a lot of money through Hawk Host’s reseller hosting plans just by spending $12.99 on the starter bronze package with 25 cPanel accounts. You can also go for $25.99 silver and $45.99 platinum package if business is booming with 50 and 100 cPanel accounts respectively. Disk space also increases with each package upgrade with the platinum package also giving a dedicated IP which makes it a pretty sweet deal.

Hawk Host Review: Here's what you need to know
Hawk Host’s Reseller hosting plans

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting packages separate Hawk Host from traditional hosting providers. You can choose your preferred location and then select the most basic package for a low price of $5.00. The increased amount of efficiency and improved server uptime offered with these packages really makes the deal worth it. The redundant environment makes sure that your website keeps functioning even through serious disasters. The packages are very flexible and can accommodate huge amounts of traffic without breaking a sweat.

Hawk Host Review: Here's what you need to know
Hawk Host’s cloud hosting plans

Hawk Host Features

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – The company gives all the customers the power to get a refund if they are unhappy with the provided services under a 30 day period without any hassles.
  • Free Migration – Migrating from an old host can be an overwhelming task, but fortunately Hawk Host makes the experience easier by offering free migration services to relieve you of your worries.
  • One-Click Installation – They offer one-click installation for the most popular applications out there to integrate and make use of, including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • Automated Backups – Fully automated backups are offered to all the customer to protect their data in case of unavoidable disasters. These backups ensure your peace of mind at all times because your data is safe and secure from any kind of loss.
  • Free Unlimited SSL Certificates – You can prevent cases of eavesdropping by adding SSL certificates to secure your users against malicious activities where attackers can steal sensitive information, including credit card and account login details.
  • Cloudflare Optimization – This helps in improving load times by a significant margin and enables you to deliver lightning fast web experiences with maximum speeds and minimum latency while also adding a layer of extra protection.
  • Free Website Builder – Customizable websites can be built by utilizing a free website builder to launch your businesses. Thanks to its drag and drop features, it is easy for anyone to design a professional website in a matter of hours or even minutes in some cases.
  • 99.99% Uptimes – With guaranteed 99.9% uptimes, you can rest assured that your website will keep functioning without any hassles or issues with minimum downtimes of a few minutes in between.
  • Accepts Cryptocurrency – Hawk Host provides its customer with Bitcoin and Ethereum payments which is a huge deal for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there and serves as a measure of anonymity and privacy.
  • Cloud Hosting Services – Single server environments can put a lot of strain on the available resources, but Hawk Host provides blazing fast speeds with its cloud hosting packages and multiple server environments that aren’t offered by many other competitors.
  • 24/7 Support Staff – Cooperative staff makes sure that your customer experiences are stellar and unforgettable. The staff is fully committed to their jobs and are available at your beck and call every time of the day.

Hawk Host Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited bandwidth with traditional hosting options
  • Cheap prices
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Accepts Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Unlimited database support
  • Beginner-friendly cPanel
  • Instant setups
  • 99.99% Uptimes
  • Cloudflare Optimization


  • No free Domain registration
  • Lack of fully dedicated servers

Hawk Host Reviews

hawk host reviews
Hawk host reviews

Final Take

Hawk Host is a great beginner hosting option if you want cheap and affordable packages without dealing with a lot of technical intricacies. A lot of freebies make their packages all the more enticing and attract a big chunk of customers. Their cloud hosting option is where they really shine along with their cheap and affordable prices.

The staff is also super-friendly and helpful with strong work ethics and commitment which makes the customer service experiences really great. There really isn’t anything that can be nitpicked in terms of features, services, and performance.

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