8 Hosting Providers To Buy Hosting With Monero (XMR)

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Have you ever considered the possibility of using anonymous cryptocurrencies for paying hosting services? If yes, you are in the right place because this article is all about Monero Hosting.

After our successful articles on hosting providers that accept bitcoin, hosting providers that accept Ethereum and hosting providers that offer offshore and anonymous hosting it’s time for a guide on the top companies to buy hosting with Monero.

In this article, we are giving away information about web hosting companies that accept Monero for payment. The best part is that these Monero hosting websites are some of the industry’s market leaders.

If you are in a hurry, here’s a quick comparison table of the Top 3 Hosting providers that accept Monero.

Snel LogoHostebox logoimpreza logo
Reviews4.8 ⭐4.5 ⭐4.4 ⭐
Hosting OptionsShared
Crypto Node Servers
GPU / AI Servers
24/7 Support
Pricingfrom $11.00 / mofrom $4.63 / mofrom $7.00 / mo
Accepts Monero

Why Monero For Online Transactions?

Monero – as you probably know – is an anonymous cryptocurrency that makes online transactions untraceable. According to Wikipedia it is based on the CryptoNote protocol, which was authored by Nicolas van Saberhagen in 2013 and launched in 2014.

According to Monero’s official website, Monero works by using ring signatures and stealth addresses to obfuscate the source, amount, and destination of transactions.

This makes it incredibly difficult to trace transactions back to their source, providing a high level of anonymity and privacy.

People use Monero for online transactions when they want to maintain their financial privacy and avoid potential surveillance or monitoring of their activities.

Its decentralized nature and strong privacy features make it an attractive option for those who value anonymity in their online dealings.

Best Hosting Providers That Accept Monero

Now, it’s not my business to even ask why you want to purchase a hosting service with Monero and stay completely anonymous. I’ve been reviewing hosting providers and writing hosting guides for years, and I can say with confidence that the following hosting providers that accept monero are the best of the best.

So, without further delays, here’s the best hosting providers that accept monero for their services.

1. Snel Hosting

snel hosting logo
  • Over 64GM memory
  • Customizable servers
  • User-friendly and 24/17 customer support service
  • Constant upgradeability

Snel Hosting (full review here) founded in 2010, is based in the Netherlands, albeit it’s a Dutch company. Firstly, it focuses on unmatched speed, hence the name “Snel” which softly translates to “fast” in the English language. The company is dedicated to actualizing its “customers first” mantra. This explains their effective and user-friendly mechanisms. 

All of Snel’s hosting VPS plans have an incredible 100% uptime. Snell offers reseller hosting and VPS hosting. It provides its customers with reliable servers. There is cloud VPS hosting, managed cloud VPS, dedicated servers, and managed dedicated servers. All of its hosting variants have 100 TB traffic capacity. Below are some of its important features you should know. 

One of the reasons Snel stands out is because of its forward-looking monitoring; this works by using security tools and other safety measures to safeguard all of its customers’ servers. Comparatively, the effect of this effort has been visible. 

Snel Pricing

By default, Snel offers a Linux plan. So it’s imperative that if you have a website or a webshop with a large number of visitors and use strong applications, opt for a bigger pan. If it’s a small website with limited visitors, then a small plan is ideal. 

Managed dedicated serversDedicated serversManaged cloud VPSCloud VPS
€159/month – €479/month€99/month – €429/month€69/month – €308/month€9.90/month – €259/month

Payment Options

Snel payment options include PayPal, Credit cards. Bitcoin and Monero are only possible via coinpayments. Other payment options are; Giropay, Belfius, ING HomePay, Przelewy24, etc.

Note: Credit cards and PayPal are declined for customers with high-risk profiles.

Pros & Cons

Snel Hosting’s selling point is its speed. Its integrity and good data privacy as shown by its record have added to this as well. Considering that these are the core hosting needs that have been met at a reasonable price, it’s a good option. 

2. Impreza host

impreza logo
  • Offshore hosting
  • GPU/AI Servers
  • Daily Backups
  • 24/7 Support

Impreza Host (full review here) is one of the leading offshore hosting companies. It dates back to 2013, but was officially launched in 2015, in Seychelles as its headquarters with the legal name, “Impreza Ltd.” Trust that offshore hostings like Impreza are the best as they keep your site away from prying government eyes with high-level confidentiality and top-notch anonymity. With this, they have maintained a zero data leak record. 

The company functions with more than 20 global data centers. They have different server types and specific plans and prices tagged to them to meet the different customers’ needs. Their many payment methods have made easy transactions possible. Impreza hosting aims to offer:

  • A good measure of hosting security through SSL certification, CodeGuard, and sitelock. 
  • Payment ease
  • Good customer rapport satisfaction
  • Anti-spam and e-mail marketing
  • Superior and robust offshore hosting

The hosting types Impreza offers are; website hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting (Linux and Windows), and WordPress hosting. They also offer domain registration services too. 

I love that while other offshore hostings are always plagued with unending hurdles and compromises, that cuts across not being able to find a matched location, or privacy loss, Impreza Host faced none of these. A great thing also is its intentional design to be SEO-friendly and adequately responsive. 

I particularly pay utmost importance to the relevance of a good theme in a website as it plays a key role in the design, overall website look, and user experience. Impreza did an impressive thing with its WordPress theme — because they understand that not all themes are great for all website purposes, they made WordPress multipurpose themes to meet many demands. These themes are equipped with important features such that custom designs are easily translated by developers into a WordPress website. 

Plans & Pricing

Domain typeDurationRegistrationRenewTransfer
.com1 year$15.48$15.98$15.48
.org1 year$17.98$18.48$17.98
.net1 year$17.48$18.13$17.48
.store1 year$11.92$46.98$71.38
.host1 year$12.32$114.88$118.88
.online1 year$9.76$31.48$46.38
.tech1 year$12.32$41.98$62.63
.site1 year $8.05$26.48$36.38
.website1 year$8.05$20.98$26.88

Payment Methods

For all of these plans, you could pay through any of the means as convenient to you that ranging from Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfers, MercadoPago, Boleto, Bancario, or Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Monero, etc.

Pros & Cons

If you’re big on SEO, then you want to choose Impreza Host because of its lightning-fast performance and incredible loading speed which are important search engine ranking factors. Look somewhere else though if you want a free domain. The security measures in place here are top-tier as well, so it makes sense if your intended website type needs a good privacy and anonymity level.

3. Abaco Hosting

Abaco Hosting Logo
  • High Reliability: 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Scalable Resources: Customizable Plans
  • Enhanced Security: Advanced Firewall Protection
  • Expert Support: 24/7 Customer Service

Abaco Hosting is pretty good for medium to small-sized websites and businesses. At least, for the affordability of their shared hosting zone. It’s great for professionals too. They also offer site security services, email hosting, and domain registration with a good dose of scalability. Their other services border on reseller hostings, WordPress, Geo hosting, cloud, etc. 

It’s headquartered in Switzerland, I marvel at the achievements and growth of the 2007 company. Abaco hosting and pricing is pretty fair too — right to say it’s cost-effective. Then again, they give room to many payment options, welcoming the vicissitudes of recent transaction forms that involve the use of Monero and other cryptocurrencies. 

I’d admit, two things I do not like with Abaco hosting. Firstly, it’s its live chat that goes offline at intervals. So it leaves you with their support ticket system and email as the other contact choices. 

Secondly, there’s no room to switch plans. It’s supposed to be flexible to meet the possible impromptu change of budget. 

However, there is free expert support here. You also get an SSL certificate as well. 

Abaco hosting has dedicated servers that are great for CPU-incentive applications, websites of high traffic, and complex databases. 

The security features here are; SiteLock, Comodo, and CodeGuard. The savers are safe too as they have STP and SSL encryption.  

Plans & Pricing

If you are faced with the need of hosting more than one domain, multiple domain plans run from $6.20 to $8.03. The reseller plans are more expensive though, selling for $23.59 to $52.77.

The normal Deluxe plans cost as low as $4.33 while the beginner hosting plan goes for $1.85/month. There are good window plans as well, the lowest costs $2.47 while the Deluxe is $4.33 

VPS $28.00 – $88.00
Shared hosting$1.58 – $11.00
Resellers$23.20 – $67.00

Payment Methods

For Abaco hosting, you can pay with Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, or Cryptocurrencies like such as Bitcoin, Vertcoin, Ethereum, Qtum, Potcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Gamecredits, Monero, Dogecoin, Ether Classic, Komodo, etc.

Pros & Cons

Choose Abaco hosting because its infrastructure is built on solid architecture by web hosting experts. This cuts across security and relevance. It’s relatively easy to navigate through, even by starters. My testing and other reviews unveil Abaco’s SEO tools for visibility on search engine result pages. Trust that you’re getting value for your money regardless of the plan you opt for.

4. Abelohost

abelohost logo
  • Vesta Control Panel for management
  • ProFTPd for flexible FTP configurations
  • Exim + Dovecot + SpamAssassin for mail handling
  • Cloudflare’s DNS servers for domain
  • Iptables + Fail2Ban for security

Abelohost (read review) launched in 2012, has two main missions; to provide users with high-level anonymity and an efficient and well-working hosting service.

The fact that it’s Dutch and has its data centers and headquarters in the Netherlands (which are big on privacy laws), gives the company an edge on privacy.

While you might want to use their years of existence to judge them low, their track record shows quality service delivery.

This is seen in their shared hosting, web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. Currently, abelo hosting has registered more than 5000 domains.  

All the Abelo hosting types have a cPanel installation that gives users the luxury of hosting adjustment, and some needed settings as and when required. 

There’s also a DDoS safety feature that protects against malware, as well as the installation of a control panel (without additional fees) for new users.

There’s also a data safeguard feature as well. 

For non-techy and simple people, there is the auto-deployment feature that makes room for a content management system and web panel to function without necessarily needing human intervention or presence.

Plans & Pricing

Depending on your preferred hosting plan, AbeloHost prices go from $7 – $33. When I checked, AbeloHost is in-between being pricey and cheap, the discount offers on their dedicated servers make them very popular. Whereas their VPS hosting plans don’t accept Bitcoin, it still comes with a 30 money-back guarantee.

Payment Options

AbeloHost accepts Monero via coinpayments. It also accepts credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Bitcoin, AltCoins, iDeal, AliPay, WeChatPay, and WebMoney.

Pros & Cons

Abelohost is a great option for offshore and anonymous hosting because of its low pricing and the variety of hosting options it offers.

5. Hosterbox

Hostebox logo
  • Comprehensive solutions at best prices
  • Feature-packed hosting plans
  • No hidden costs
  • Multi-Domains and Multi-Sites support
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts

Hosterbox is one of the web hosting providers that accepts monero. The company is situated in Ottawa, Canada, and was founded in 2005, even though its hosting history dates back to 1998. From my research and other reviews, I would say Hostersnox has succeeded to a good extent in bridging the divide between customers and excellent hosting experience. 

Hosterbox is the first and only hosting service provider I know that offers free SEO services where web owners enjoy well-marketed and optimized websites.

It uses adequate bandwidth presence, the newest generation servers, website templates for newbies, and other facilities for performance robustness in its quest to maintain its position among the few elite hosting service providers.

The cool thing about Hosterbox is that it offers a variety of hosting services that you can choose from.

They include; an e-commerce hosting plan, 3 resellers hosting plans, 4 shared hosting plans, and  5 VPS hosting plans, with 7 servers. 

Plans & Pricing

Domain TypeInitial PriceRenewal PriceTransfer Price

Payment Options

For all of the plans here, Hosterbox not just accepts Monero, they accept Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies as well. Other functioning payment options include; Mastercard, PayPal, and Visa.

This is to create transaction option variety and ease of business. However, one of the disservices Hosterbox does is its customer care service is not always superb and that’s pretty bad. In all, it’s a really good hosting provider. Albeit, not without a few downsides. 

Pros & Cons

Getting on board with Hosterbox means you’re choosing a hosting service provider with a good dose of experience that can provide you with an optimized website, access to website templates, robust functionality, and an overall excellent hosting experience.

Although, I don’t like the not-too-good human-human relationship flaw at the end of its customer service sometimes. If weighing the pros and cons gives you a strong favorable dose of reality, and this looks like what you’d want, then jump on it. For me, it’s a great choice. 

6. Superbit Host

Superbit Host Logo
  • Reliable uptime and performance.
  • Secure and robust data centers.
  • Scalable hosting solutions for growth.
  • Excellent customer support services.
  • Competitive pricing and value.

The Superbit host is one of the best anonymous host providers that accept Moreno and has servers in over 30 locations worldwide. They have one of the best cutting-edge offshore servers with the support of their reliable hardware.

With this, they can offer you a limitless operating system with complete server root access. Their services cut across reseller hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Bitcoin VPS hosting, and domain registration. All at a relatively fair price. 

Superbit host pricing

Domain typeNew priceRenewalTransfer

Payment Options

For payment, Superbit accepts Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and a few other cryptocurrencies. They’re not very many, but I think they suffice nevertheless. 

Pros & Cons

You should consider this because an ideal and effective domain has delivered half your victory. The Superbit host is one of such. Although it’s pricey, it’s worth it. If this would be Pocket draining, then I’ll suggest that you look up other cheap hosting companies that accept monero. 

7. MonoVMBest Hosting Provider That Accepts Monero in Europe

MonoVM logo
  • Local DNS lookup table for custom IP-address-to-domain-name mappings
  • Control and customization over network communication
  • Website blocking, local development, and testing capabilities
  • Robust security features, such as firewalls and data encryption
  • 24/7 support for quick issue resolution

MonoVM is one of the few top-tier hosting service providers that accept Monero. Its headwquarters are in Europe, Lithuania specifically. It was founded in 2012 and currently has 35 servers across different countries for better service distribution. So far, the company has succeeded in making a friendly user interface in its quest to gain global appeal. 

Also, in a bid to better its security measures, it offers backups, unminifyAV, SSL certificate, and a few other features. With all of these, MonoVM has a free set-up as well as unlimited data transfer.

    The types of hosting services MonoVM offers include; email hosting, and VPS hosting, (including VPS SSD hosting). Shared and reseller hosting services are available for Windows and Linux (free R1Soft server backup) in different variants.

    Plans & Pricing  

    MonoVM offers various hosting types, including Managed Hosting, VPS, RDP, and dedicated servers.

    Here’s a table summarizing the lowest prices for each hosting type:

    Hosting TypeLowest Price (from)
    WordPress Hosting$2.99 /mo
    Managed Hosting$8.33 /mo
    Forex VPS$42.99 /mo
    Linux VPS$5.99 /mo
    Windows VPS$16.99 /mo
    RDP$14.99 /mo
    Dedicated Server$ 66.16 /mo

    Payment Options

    MonoVM.com accepts a wide variety of payment methods, including:

    1. Credit Cards: They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other credit cards.
    2. Bank Transfer: They offer an option to pay via direct bank transaction from anywhere around the globe.
    3. E-Wallet: They accept payments through PayPal, Webmoney, Skrill, and other e-wallet platforms.
    4. Cryptocurrency: They accept almost any cryptocurrency, including Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple XPR, Stellar, and more.

    Pros & Cons 

    😔 CONS

    • Some users have reported issues with customer service
    • Allegations of scamming and not releasing services

    😊 PROS

    • Affordable pricing for VPS hosting
    • User-friendly control panel
    • 24/7 customer support
    • High uptime guarantee
    • Variety of VPS plans available
    • Offers both Linux and Windows VPS

    8. Cloudzy 

    8 Hosting Providers To Buy Hosting With Monero (XMR)
    • Highly customizable with root access
    • Reliable and high-performance environment
    • Scalable resources for growing needs
    • Strong security features for data protection
    • 24/7 customer support for assistance and guidance

    Cloudzy, originally known as RouterHosting, is a VPN and cloud hosting provider. Like others of its kind, it started small and has grown to have more than 15 global data centers in 15 locations.

    It was founded in 2008 and has had incredible growth recently. Cloudzy was founded to seal the loopholes through which the common hurdles experienced by many hosting websites, from their hosts, surface. Currently, it’s headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, United States. 

    Whether you want an RDP server, Forex VPS, or any of the VPS services like Windows or Linux, Cloudzy can handle it. 

    Cloudzy gives you access to unique packages so that your website’s personal needs, according to its peculiarity, are met. 

    I see that SSD storage is used in RAID 10 configuration in all of Cloudzy’s VPS plans, leading to lesser susceptibility of data leak or loss and speed increment in disk read. 

    Cloudzy has a feature that gives you the luxury of deciding your preferred data center regardless of location. It’s so flexible that you can choose this for either Linux or Windows. 

    Plans & Pricing

    There are different plans and prices for the different Cloudzy domain hosting. They go for as low as $5, as high as $300, and others in between, depending on your preferred hosting type. 

    Payment Options

    A better user experience also includes payment ease. In this regard, Cloudzy has many payment methods like; Credit cards, PerfectMoney, and PayPal. Cryptocurrencies include; Monero, Zcash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

    Pros and cons

    Cloudzy has an amazing service diversity. Although setting up cPanel on one’s VPS can be a tad difficult, especially for newbies. I think Cloudzy should make it beginner-friendly. Of course, many newbies are coming and they need some soft landing before gathering experiences. The security here is applaudable, and the effort the company puts into its services too is great. 

    People Also Ask (FAQ)

    Where to get Monero Wallet?

    You can get Monero Wallet from its official website, www.getmonero.org, it is that simple. 

    Where to buy Monero

    You can buy Monero from Binance, ChangeNow, Changelly, Huobi, Gate.io, or Bitfinex, depending on your preferred platform. They all sell at a fair rate. Create an account with any of those and buy. 

    Is Monero legal?

    Legality most times is defined by the jurisdiction. So, I’d say it depends on one’s country because, in some countries, cryptocurrencies are illegal. But for the most part, Monero is legal. It’s only privacy-oriented to provide user anonymity. 

    Final words

    Getting a good hosting company that’s pretty big on the rudiments of hosting, is very pivotal. However, getting one that accepts Monero in its payment methods is great.

    This is because it widens your anonymity scale as Moreno is one of the best cryptocurrencies in this regard.

    This is why I have made a list of the top 8 companies to buy hosting with Monero so that potential users can pick the ones that suit their demands and meet their budgets.

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