Shinjiru Hosting Review: Powerful Offshore Hosting Solution

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In this article we are reviewing Shinjiru Hosting – one of the most powerful and popular offshore hosting providers in the world. In this Shinjiru Hosting Review you will learn who this company is, what makes them so special and what are their pricing plans.

Shinjiru is one of the oldest and most popular offshore hosting solution providers on the internet since the 2000s and has been consistently focusing their efforts on offshore web hosting solutions for the last 2 decades with continuous enhancements and improvements to improve user experience and upgrade performance levels.

If you are someone who wants access to remarkable Anti-DDoS Attack network which prevents security threats and attacks from damaging your websites coupled with entirely dedicated servers with minimum downtimes and unmatched performance along with safe and secure IP addresses, then look no further than Shinjiru’s optimal solutions and services.

Shinjiru Hosting Review (Summary)

Shinjiru Review

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If you are looking for Offshore hosting there’s no reason to search elsewhere than Shinjiru. These guys are focusing on their offshore hosting business model and they are doing this since 2000.


What is Shinjiru?

Shinjiru is an offshore hosting provider that is based in Malaysia with 8 offshore locations in total. They provide flexible and configurable hosting services with competitive market prices that are very enticing for its customers. They have established a solid reputation in the years that they have been functioning and have been doing a commendable job at that by delivering exceptional offshore hosting services.

They are currently serving more than 45,000+ customers which is a very huge chunk of market. They offer both easy-to-use individual oriented packages along with enterprise-level plans to fulfill extensive hosting needs of many booming businesses with continuously high levels of traffic.

For maintaining full anonymity and privacy, you can even pay through Bitcoin and Ethereum on the platform. This provides an extra layer of safety over the existing data security measures of the provider.

Plans & Pricing

Shinjiru has different payment options which can be availed on their website, including offshore budget shared hosting, Strongbolt shared hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated server. The prices are relatively cheaper in the budget options but the performance is considerably better in the higher price tier.

Budget Offshore Shared Hosting Packages

Their basic pricing plan in this tier begins for as low as $3.95 to as high as $6.95. You can choose a location from a total of 8 different countries and all 3 of the available offerings come with the standard features that can be expected from any popular offshore hosting provider. However, there isn’t any DDoS protection in these packages so you may have to move up a tier for it and pay a bit more if you’re someone that needs maximum security.

Shinjiru Hosting Review: Powerful Offshore Hosting Solution

Strongbolt Offshore Shared Hosting Packages

The starter package in this tier starts off with $8.95 and goes as high as $19.95. It comes with all the features from the basic budget packages but also includes unmatched and unparalleled Advanced DDoS Protection security along with a private hidden IP address and DNS to ensure maximum privacy of the customer. Automatic migration service with 100% uptime is included in this package to make your switching experience even smoother.

Shinjiru Hosting Review: Powerful Offshore Hosting Solution

Offshore Virtual Private Server

The basic packages begin from as low as $11.90 but can go as high as $31.90. These packages can be configured even further with more parameters depending upon your needs with higher prices, but for a basic functioning website the starter packages should suffice. These virtual private servers are optimized to give you high speed performance with stellar experiences. The loading times are minimized and it only takes microseconds to load and display the website. These packages include performance which is on par with dedicated servers in relatively cheaper and affordable prices.

Shinjiru Hosting Review: Powerful Offshore Hosting Solution

Offshore Dedicated Servers Packages

The starter package in this tier comes in as low as $49.90 and goes up to $79.90. There are also higher priced options that upgrade your CPU with each new offering but become increasingly costly which are used by enterprises and business professionals. The dedicated servers offer lightning fast speeds with the ultimate performance. All the packages come with maximum speeds of 300Mbps which exceed the speeds offered by many other competitors in their base package.

Shinjiru Hosting Review: Powerful Offshore Hosting Solution


  • Accepts Popular Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum payment options are available for all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there for the all the available packages to ensure complete anonymity and security without compromising on any advanced services.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee For All Packages – Most companies only provide money back guarantee for their annual packages, but Shinjiru believes in delivering exceptional customer service experiences and to fulfill that obligation, they let anyone cancel any of their package in the 30 day period at any time.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – A number of members from an extensive team of engineers in Shinjiru are dedicated for  providing customer support services. All your technical issues are resolved within days without any hassle through their ticket-based and live chat support platforms which are convenient for all the customers.
  • Maximum Security & Safety – Servers can be selected from a total of 8 different countries to ensure full security along with anti-hacking measures and other protection strategies in order. Strong security tactics make sure that your data is never vulnerable to any kind of cybersecurity breaches or attacks.
  • New Generation of Hardware – The servers use cutting-edge technology to give you some of the best web hosting experience out there with incomparable speeds and performance to support enterprise-level requirements.
  • Website Builder Services – You can easily create websites by using this website builder without any prior technical background or programming knowledge through basic drag and drop elements with a totally responsive and customizable design.
  • Free Migration Services – Customers can migrate to Shinjiru for free with almost 100% uptime to make the transition seamless. Personalized support for migration is also available to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible by resolving any issues that may arise during the whole procedure.

Shinjiru Pros & Cons


  • Fast Speeds with SSD
  • Latest Intel CPU Technology options
  • Free Website Migration services
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Website Builder with 354+ Templates
  • Impenetrable Privacy & Security
  • Pleasant Customer Service Experience with 24/7 support


  • Paid Domains
  • Paid SSL Certificates
  • No DDoS protection in basic shared web hosting packages

Shinjiru Reviews

Check out some Shinjiru reviews from around the web.

Shinjiru hosting review
Shinjiru Hosting Review: Powerful Offshore Hosting Solution
Shinjiru Hosting Review: Powerful Offshore Hosting Solution
Shinjiru Hosting Review: Powerful Offshore Hosting Solution

Final Take

The services and features offered by Shinjiru are unrivaled. They certainly provide the best offshore hosting performance out there with flexible packages to suit your requirements with instant and hassle-free server setups.

All of their services can be availed through a very easy to navigate website. Their latest Intel CPU options and fast SSD speeds coupled with high levels of privacy and security definitely earns them a spot on the list of best hosting providers.

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