Cherry Servers Review: Fully dedicated and customizable cloud servers

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In this article we review Cherry Servers – a hosting provider that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment method. In our Cherry Servers review you will learn about their hosting plans, pricing and the features that make this hosting provider unique.

Cherry Servers is a company offering on-demand access to cloud computing server resources as an infrastructure model. They provide scalable solutions to support maximum workloads without any compromises on performance.

The main target demographic of the company is smart developers that want full control over their server management needs.

With fully dedicated and customizable cloud servers that outperform many competitors, the company has rapidly gained one of the top positions in the hosting market by garnering a positive reputation.

Cherry Servers Review

Cherry Servers Review

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Cherry Servers is a company offering on-demand access to cloud computing server resources as an infrastructure model. Setting up your own customized servers has never been easier than before. The website’s easy to use and simple design enables customers to select the right package in accordance with their needs.


What is Cherry Servers?

Cherry Servers is a hosting provider based in Lithuania which has now become a popular choice amongst customers since its humble beginnings almost 2 full decades ago. They have earned a reputation for their reliable hosting services with full cloud integration to enable a multiple server environment which ensures maximum performance and speed.

Their flexible budgeting options are a lifesaver if you want to make the most out of your selected packages. What makes their payment system even better is their cryptocurrency options. They fully support payments through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, XRP, and 80+ crypto coins with Coingate.

They also have detailed documentation available with easy to understand How-To guides for educating their users and guiding them through the basics in very straightforward way. Their 24/7 support staff will be troubleshooting all technical issues for you which will makes setting up your server environment a piece of cake.

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Plans & Pricing

Cherry Servers offer a wide range of hosting solutions, including dedicated servers, virtual servers, and spot servers.

They have discounts going on their most popular packages, so it’s always good to skim through those deals before making a decision.

Their packages offer additional options for customization depending upon your needs where you can configure the package until you’re satisfied.

Dedicated Servers

They have 3 different tiers for their dedicated server packages where the price starts from as low as $95 but can ramp up to hundreds of dollars with increased specifications.

Their dedicated private servers utilize robust networking principles to provide a fast and secure hosting experience.

The great thing about their dedicated server offerings is their full automation model which monitors and keeps track of all your resources for you. Additionally, they also give their customers full access of the hardware through remote software as well.

Cherry Servers Review: Fully dedicated and customizable cloud servers

Premium Virtual Servers

These virtual servers are relatively cheap when compared to the dedicated server offerings. They come in 4 categories, Cloud VPS, Storage VPS, Cloud VDS, and Smart VDS.

The starting prices for all these categories begin at $11.16, $22.33, $63.26, and $66.98 respectively. These dedicated virtual servers certainly provide all that additional bang for your buck and make them worth your while.

Cherry Servers Review: Fully dedicated and customizable cloud servers

Spot Servers

Their spot servers can be used for a variety of different use cases, including Machine Learning, Graphical Rendering, Stateless Microservices, and High Performance Computing, which would cost you a fraction of the cost of traditional hosting options. The starting price for their most basic spot server begins in just $0.1 per hour.

Cherry Servers Review: Fully dedicated and customizable cloud servers


  • Fast Server Deployment – Their pre-built and already configured dedicated servers can be deployed in under 3 minutes from the ground up.
  • Easy to Use Client Portal – Managing your server becomes as easy as pie by utilizing their advanced Client Portals with the option to support server management automation through RESTful API.
  • Hourly & Fixed Billing Options – Some of us may require using servers for a short period of time, but with other providers we have to purchase a monthly or yearly package and have no other options. But Cherry Servers gives you the option to purchase their servers on an hourly basis due to which you’re not bound by any constraints at all and can save a huge amount of expenses.
  • Fully Dedicated Servers with Cloud Automationc-cTheir servers provide you with lightning fast performance with full cloud automation and hardware control through their remote programs to give their customers all the control.
  • Accepts Cryptocurrency – You can avail their anonymous hosting options by paying through 80+ cryptocurrencies with Coingate to ensure maximum privacy and anonymity. Check more hosting providers who accept crypto.
  • 24/7 Technical Support – The super-friendly and helpful staff is always there to assist you with your technical needs and concerns through Email, Live Chat, and Phone.
  • Backups – They offer complete daily and hourly backups to put your minds at ease and ensure prevention of data loss at all times.
  • Spot Servers in Low Prices – Their spot servers offer the ability to fulfill your hosting needs for some of the cheapest prices available in the market. These low-cost servers can be used for a variety of short-lived use cases.
  • GPU Servers for mining – One of the best features – unique to Cherry servers – in their option to rent a GPU miner, hosted and configured, ready to start mining cryptocurrencies.

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Cherry Servers Pros & Cons


  • Fast Server Deployment
  • Easy to Use Client Portal
  • Hourly & Fixed Billing Options
  • Fully Dedicated Servers with Cloud Automation
  • Accepts Cryptocurrency
  • DDoS Protection
  • Full Daily & Hourly Backups
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Spot Servers in Low Prices
  • GPU Servers for crypto mining


  • No Free Domain Registration
  • No Money Back Guarantee

Final Take

While Cherry Servers dedicated hosting options can be a bit more on the pricey side, they more than make up for it with high speed performance and integrated cloud infrastructures along with fast deployment times and 100% backups.

Moreover, they ensure maximum uptimes with full customer privacy, security, and safety with DDoS protection against various kinds of cybersecurity threats. Their spot servers especially are really neat because of how inexpensive and easy to setup they are. These high-performance spot servers can be real lifesaver for limited time constraints and can help you save a fortune.

With extremely fast, secure, and private dedicated servers and a whole slew of amazing features, Cherry Servers should be on the top of your list as one of the best hosting providers out there.

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Just read this Cherry Servers review. Great crypto-accepting hosting provider for GPU mining, dedicated hosting VPS and streaming servers with pay-as-you-go option.

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