HostSailor Review – A Hosting Provider That Accepts Crypto

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HostSailor, as you may already know, is one of the most reliable hosting service providers out there, at the moment. With more than a decade of experience in the hosting industry, the hosting provider has grown to an unbeatable level when it comes to the quality of services, efficiency, and support it offers. Through our HostSailor Review, you will learn its top-notch features and why you should consider using them in your next project.

☝️ What is more worth-mentioning for us people in the crypto-community is that HostSailor accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin as well as over 50 other cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Tron, Zcash, and more via CoinGate’s payment platform.

HostSailor Review - A Hosting Provider That Accepts Crypto
Some of the Cryptocurrencies HostSailor is accepting. In total HostSailor accepts over 50 cryptos via CoinGate’s payment platform.

HostSailor Review

Hosting Plans

As of now, they offer three different types of web hosting services to clients: VPS, dedicated server and shared web hosting.

Along with hosting, they also offer domain name registration and SSL certificates to make it possible for clients to easily run their business online. With their registered office located in Dubai, they provide services to customers worldwide. They have their servers located at their state-of-the-art data centers in Romania and the Netherlands.

Unbeatable Customer Support

HostSailor, as a service provider, serves its clients with personalized attention through their dedicated team of professionals. The web host focuses on giving customers the service and support they require to attain online success, and they are proud of serving their clientele.

For businesses that avail HostSailor’s services, such as dedicated servers, VPS hosting and SSDs, prompt service is a must and HostSailor offers just that.

These web hosting solutions confirm that businesses have more than enough space to operate their site and confirm complete security. Every single HostSailor web hosting service is offered at competitive prices.

They ensure that the hosting servers have a backup and contingency plan in the event of a network failure. This also contributes to the company being able to give clients the best possible service.

HostSailor Review - A Hosting Provider That Accepts Crypto
Some of HostSailor’s Awards that they accumulated throughout the years.

HostSailor’s Main Web Hosting Solutions

HostSailor is one of the best web hosting service providers that accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (It is even featured in our list with the best hosting providers who accept bitcoin).

The company provides dedicated server hosting, VPS and shared web hosting services along with with best in class technical support.

Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Their top of the line solution is dedicated hosting, which involves the use of a high-performance web server to host your website, game server or anything you want. In this premium service, customers get free DDoS protection, 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

What’s more, HostSailor has powerful servers in their data centers that offer maximum efficient website hosting and functioning.

Another good part about HostSailor’s dedicated server hosting is that they offer managed and unmanaged plans. This, in addition to customizable options, helps you pick a server that best suits your requirements.

☝️ We find HostSailor’s unmanaged services appropriate for businesses that have internal IT personnel to manage the server. The managed hosting service shifts the responsibility to take care of the server to the web host, so it is a good fit for businesses that lack the said IT resources.

HostSailor’s dedicated service is more flexible and efficient than other solutions, but cost-wise the latter still cater to more web hosting clients.

In our experience with HostSailor, we found that businesses that fall in the SMB bracket mostly go for shared SSD hosting and VPS packages. Of course, those plans are more affordable than a dedicated server and help meet the needs of small and medium-scaled businesses.

So by having these three different solutions to offer to customers, HostSailor is able to serve a large customer base with different needs.

Features of HostSailor’s Web Hosting Services

HostSailor, as a top-class web hosting provider, focuses on delivering hosting services of the highest quality with personalized customer attention. Thanks in part to that agenda; the company has a global client base.

As we said earlier, their main services are VPS hosting, dedicated servers and shared web hosting, but they also offer domains, SSL certificates and so forth. It is easy to understand why several businesses insist on HostSailor when it comes to choosing a hosting service provider for their website. This web host leaves no stone unturned in ensuring service quality.

HostSailor Review
Some of HostSailor’s most important features.

IPv4 & IPv6 Support

There are many hosting services out there who offer support just for IPv4 connections, but HostSailor is an exception. In addition to IPv4, the company supports IPv6 as well. This simply means that users will be able to connect to the hosting servers through IPv4 or IPv6-enabled networks.

There is also the ability to scale your web hosting plan as per your requirements. HostSailor is one of the few web hosts that offer scalable services. They stand apart from several competitors in case of server uptime as well.

Not many web hosts offer the same level of 99.9% uptime which HostSailor guarantees. This uptime is backed by service level agreement and the uptime guarantee ensures that their client’s websites stay up all throughout the service period.

There is no need to sign a contract with the hosting provider, so you can cancel the service any time just like the way you start it. This is ideal for those businesses that do not prefer to have commitments yet want a topnotch service provider for their online business.

We hope our Hostsailor Review told you everything you need to know about this hosting provider. If you felt that our Hostsailor Review is useful, share it with your peers. We are sure that they will appreciate the fact that you are sharing awesome content with them.


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HostSailor, as you may already know, is one of the most reliable hosting service providers out there, at the moment. With more than a decade of experience in the hosting industry, the hosting provider has grown to an unbeatable level when it comes to...HostSailor Review - A Hosting Provider That Accepts Crypto