SafePal Unveils In-App Banking Gateway and Visa Card in Collaboration with Swiss Bank Fiat24

The India-based cryptocurrency wallet company expands its services to include traditional banking features and a Visa card, aiming to bridge the gap between crypto and real-world transactions.

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  • SafePal invests in Swiss bank Fiat24, launching an in-app banking gateway and a virtual crypto Visa card to enhance Web3 user experience.
  • New services aim for seamless integration of cryptocurrencies into daily expenses, supported by compliance with Swiss FINMA regulations.
  • Initial launch targets select European regions, with plans for expansion across Europe and globally, excluding the USA and sanctioned nations.
  • Features include no annual fees for Swiss bank accounts, compatibility with major payment platforms, transaction tracking via NFT minting on Arbitrum, and USDC as the default deposit currency.
  • Users can earn points through a banking gateway account for additional benefits; staking SFP tokens enhances account tiers and privileges.

In a significant move towards integrating cryptocurrency usage into everyday financial activities, India-based SafePal has announced the introduction of an in-app banking gateway along with a linked virtual crypto Visa card.

This development follows SafePal’s strategic investment in Swiss bank Fiat24. The partnership aims to address some of the main accessibility challenges faced by users within the cryptocurrency space by offering practical solutions that facilitate easier adoption of digital currencies.

The newly launched services are designed not only to attract more individuals towards Web3 technologies but also to make it simpler for users to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their regular transactions.

By ensuring these services comply with the stringent regulations set forth by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in Switzerland, SafePal reinforces its commitment to security and regulatory adherence.

All registration data pertinent to these new offerings will be securely managed by Fiat24.

SafePal Unveils In-App Banking Gateway and Visa Card in Collaboration with Swiss Bank Fiat24

For starters, these innovative financial tools will be made available in selected areas across Europe.

Thereafter, there is an intention for broader coverage throughout the continent followed by eventual global availability—albeit certain restrictions apply such as exclusions involving the USA or countries under US sanctions.

Additionally, both companies have disclosed plans regarding future expansions which include introducing Mastercard services later this year.

One notable aspect of this initiative is its user-friendly approach; there are no annual fees required for opening or managing accounts within Swiss banks through this service.

Moreover, it supports smooth transitions between cryptocurrencies like USDC (used as the default deposit currency) for various expenditures while ensuring compatibility with popular third-party payment systems including PayPal and Google Pay among others.

An intriguing feature involves transparent transaction tracking facilitated through NFT minting on Arbitrum—a recognized Ethereum Layer 2 solution.

To further incentivize use among potential customers, SafePal introduces a point system associated with their banking gateway accounts where users can accrue points through specific actions leading up to unlocking additional perks based on their accumulated total over three months.

Account holders have opportunities not just for earning referral commissions but also fee rebates contingent upon their account tier—which can be enhanced via staking SFP tokens albeit subject to a 90-day lock-in period without options for early redemption.

This venture marks another milestone in SafePal’s journey toward providing viable crypto-centric solutions aimed at enhancing overall utility value around SFP tokens while simultaneously supporting end-users navigating their way through digital currency landscapes.

Eligible individuals seeking access or more information about these services may find relevant details within the ‘Bank’ tab after logging into their respective SafePal app interfaces.


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