Top 10 Domain Registrars Who Accept Bitcoin

Many users who regularly buy something online, consider Bitcoin the most secure payment method. Indeed, it is becoming more and more popular and allows making purchases anonymously. In most cases, it is really more secure than traditional bank cards. You may prefer using Bitcoin if you do not want to share your bank card data online.

Now, you are here because you are looking for Domain Registrars that accept bitcoinRight?

My guess is that you want to start an online project. Well, the first step in any online business is to buy a domain name. Now, you can get a domain name from any of the thousand domain registrars that operate around the world.

But, which of them work with cryptocurrencies? Well, in this blog post, we present the Top 10 Domain registrars that accept Bitcoin and alternative coins.

Top 10 Domain Registrars That Accept Bitcoin



Cryptos Accepted

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1Hostinger Domain Registration
Website Builder
Bitcoin Visit Hostinger
2NameCheap Domain Registration
Website Builder
Bitcoin Visit NameCheap
3DirectNic Domain Registration
Ł Litecoin
Ð Dogecoin
Visit DirectNic
4Namesilo Domain Registration BitcoinVisit Namesilo
5Gandi Domain Registration
Website Builder
BitcoinVisit Gandi
6BitDomain Domain Registration
Website Builder
Bitcoin | Ł Litecoin
Bitcoin Cash | Ð Dogecoin
Ξ Ethereum | Ξ Eth Classic
BLK Black Coin | DCR Decred
DGB Digibyte | KMD Komodo
Potcoin | Vertcoin
Visit Bitdomain
7Alpnames Domain Registration
Website Builder
BitcoinVisit ALPNames
8HostWinds Domain Registration
Website Builder
Bitcoin | Ł Litecoin
Bitcoin Cash | Ð Dogecoin
Ξ Ethereum | Ξ Eth Classic
BLK Black Coin | DCR Decred
DGB Digibyte | KMD Komodo
Potcoin | Vertcoin
Visit HostWinds
9Netcetera Domain Registration
Website Builder
BitcoinVisit Netcetera
10HawkHost Domain Registration
Website Builder
Bitcoin Cash
Visit HawkHost

1. Hostinger

domain registrars that accept bitcoin-hostinger
source: Trustpilot

Hostinger is known primarily as a hosting provider. It offers services at a low price, giving sufficient performance. In addition, you can register a domain name and pay with bitcoin at a very low price.

Having received your own address, you can use their integrated site builder. Due to the full range of services and low cost, Hostinger is a very popular company among entrepreneurs.

The service began its work in 2004 when it started providing free hosting services. Today, it is one of the largest providers and domain registrars. According to various sources, about 29 million people use it to host their online projects. The service is available in almost 180 countries in many popular languages.

In addition to fast domain registration and website creation, the company’s services are of excellent quality. The average uptime is 99.9%, and sometimes it reaches 100%. Yes, some competitors provide the better performance, but the cost of their services is much higher than Hostinger’s.

In addition to traditional means of payment, like a bank card or PayPal, you can pay for Hostinger’s services with Bitcoin. This in many cases will help you to keep your anonymity when buying a domain name.

On top of that, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can return your funds within 30 days.

Another important feature is that they offer 24-hour technical support. In this regard, Hostinger is not ideal, because you can not communicate with them via chat or by phone. The only option is the contact form on their site.

Visit Hostinger

2. Namecheap

namecheap - Domain Registrars that accept bitcoin
source: HostAdvice

NameCheap provides domain registration services. In addition, you can purchase an inexpensive hosting package. The company has been operating on the market since 2001 and has gained an excellent reputation over this period.

Since the platform has been offering its domain registration services for 17 years, it has been able to create a very stable infrastructure. They have a excellent equipment for trouble-free operation including servers with SSDs, as well as very reliable own data centers.

Nevertheless, cheap tariff plans do not provide sufficient speed. Probably, it is implemented in order not to overload the servers.

NameCheap offers a full range of domain name registration services. You can register a new domain, move an existing one from another platform, and select any domain zone to choose from. In addition, if you want to register your own top-level domain, the company will easily help you with this.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will have the opportunity to contact them by phone, via the online chat, and also via a special form on the official website.

Prices for services are affordable. Regarding the registration of the domain name, the starting price is from $0.99 per year (WOW). The price depends on the purchase period, as well as the domain zone.

You can use Bitcoin as payment. NameCheap was the first company on the market that implemented Bitcoin as a payment option.

Visit NameCheap

3. Directnic

Directnic - Domain Registrars That Accept Bitcoin
source: HostAdvice

DirectNic is an American company that provides hosting and domain name registration services. Initially, it began its work as a domain registrar only, and then began to provide hosting, email, DNS and others services.

You can easily register a new domain, extend its registration term, and transfer it from another site. The list of available domain extensions is impressive.  This means that you will be able to choose a domain that fully meets your needs.

In addition to the domain service you can purchase a hosting package.

For any help you might need, there is a 24/7 hours support available through email, by phone, and online chat.

Prices for hosting are very competitive and domain registration, depends on the extension you’ll choose. The price also differs depending on whether you create a new domain, extend it, or transfer it from another platform.

Visit DirectNic

4. Namesilo

Namesilo - Domain registrars that accept bitcoin
source: Trustpilot

The company, established in 2010, is one of the few companies that provide only domain registration services. Namesilo, unlike the other companies in this list, does not offer Web hosting.

According to the official Facebook page, the company’s annual revenue exceeds $2 million. For 8 years of its work the provider has registered more than one million domains, and also got ICANN accreditation.

The next distinctive feature was that in 2014 the company began to accept Bitcoin to pay for its services. It became the second after NameCheap. At the time, the Cryptocurrency was not yet so popular.

The company positions itself as the cheapest domain registrar who accept bitcoin on the market. Most registrars offer large discounts in the first year of use, and starting from the second year the prices increase significantly.

NameSilo offers cheap rates regardless of the additional conditions. In addition to the low pricing policy, you can use a large number of extra services at no additional cost. They include:

  • Free WHOIS confidentiality — most companies charge an additional fee for maintaining personal information confidential.
  • Free domain parking — you can advertise instead of paying.
  • Domain Defender is a free account protection with two-factor authentication.
  • The registry blocking — preventing fraudulent activities with your domain.

The cost of each domain registration package starts at just $ 1.89 per year.

Visit Namesilo

5. Gandi - Domain Registrars that accept bitcoin
source: Trustpilot

A French company that provides hosting and domain registration services. Gandi works with a large number of small and large enterprises. Gandi was one of the first companies in the European market, starting its work in 1999.  Also, the company was one of the first to receive ICANN approval.

One of the main Gandi advantages is their no-bullshit (that’s their trademark btw) 100% human support. The support team consists of hundreds of people so that any question could be solved in a few minutes. Support is available via e-mail or through a form on the site, as well as by telephone.

Gandi allows you to register a domain name in other languages than the Latin alphabet.

Except for the traditional bank card and PayPal, you can buy domains from them using Bitcoin.

Visit Gandi

6. Bitdomain - Domain Registrars That Accept Bitcoin

The uniqueness of Bitdomain is that it is the only which accepts exclusively the cryptocurrencies. Yes, you can see the prices in dollars, euros, rubles and other currencies but you only buy domains with Bitcoin and other altcoins like blackcoin, potcoin, dogecoin, ethereum classic and many other.

Thanks to the CoinPayments platform, you can use almost any alternative currency.

It is noteworthy that on the official website all prices are quoted in Bitcoins. If this is uncomfortable for you, choose one of the popular traditional currencies from the list.

This service is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to remain anonymous and confidential when buying a domain and making transactions. This allows you not to specify too much personal data.

Another advantage of the service is that you do not receive advertising messages. Since you do not specify an email address, this allows you to protect your domain from fraudulent activities. Often this allows you to bypass the government restrictions.

Besides the domain registration, Bitdomain provides web hosting services and email hosting. In addition to registering a new address, you can easily transfer the domain from another platform, as well as extend its validity.

The prices are quite democratic. The minimum price for domain registration is BTC 0.0009. There is an opportunity to buy a domain for a period of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 years. The longer the subscription period, the cheaper is the price for each year.

Visit Bitdomain

7. ALPNames

alpnames - Domain Registrars That Accept Bitcoin
source: Trustpilot

A company is quite little known about publicly. At the same time, it is one of the largest domain registrars. ALPNames was established in 2013 in Gibraltar. In 2014, it began to provide domain registration services at a low price. Moreover, the company offers hosting services, corporate email, SSL security certificates, and Website Builder.

Despite a short period of time, the company was able to establish itself as a reliable partner. It manages more than 3 million domain names, and every day 2000 new ones are registered. More and more companies prefer ALPNames to register top-level domains.

An additional company advantage is taking the Bitcoin as a payment method. This greatly expands the platform’s capabilities. Thanks to this, it is used by more and more people.

If for some reason you can not solve a problem, contact the support team. You can write them by email, through the website form, and also through the online chat system. Unfortunately, the support is not round 24/7. It works on working days 9 am — 6 pm GMT.

Visit ALPNames

8. HostWinds

hostwinds - Domain Registrars That accept Bitcoin
source: Trustpilot

An excellent hosting provider offering services to any company. It has been operating on the market since 2010. During this time, it has proved itself as a reliable partner.

HostWinds gives a wide range of services from hosting and dedicated servers to domain registration and management. With it, you can both purchase a new domain, and extend or transfer existing ones.

All data is stored in a very reliable data center with constant power and reliable Internet connection. Also, you can rely on quick and friendly technical support.

Among the various available payment methods, HostWinds accepts Bitcoin. You can use it to purchase any of their services.

Customer support is available around the clock, 24/7. You can contact them by email, via online chat or by phone. In general, support responds promptly, usually, in a few minutes.

Visit HostWinds

9. Netcetera

netcetera - domain registrars that accept bitcoin
source: Trustpilot

Netcetera is a company registered in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1996. For more than 20 years, the company has been able to become one of the leaders not only in Britain but throughout Europe. Their Data centers are located on the Isle of Man and provide uninterrupted work with 100% uptime.

The company provides a full range of services for creating a website. Of course, you can register, renew or transfer domain names.

As for payment methods, you can use a bank card, PayPal, bank transfer, and Bitcoin.

Visit Netcetera

10. HawkHost

hawkhost - Domain Registrars that accept bitcoin
source: HostAdvice

HawkHost began offering its services in 2004. For 14 years it has become one of the largest domain registrars and hosting providers.

To pay for services, you can use bank cards, as well as buy domain name with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

HawkHost offers its customers an uptime of 99.9%. If the indicator falls lower, you will be paid a refund. The longer is the downtime, the greater is the compensation. Is this a good deal or what?

Visit HawkHost

There are much more domain registrars that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the world wide web. However, not all of them provide high-quality services and – honestly – we can list them all here.

Nevertheless, we are sure you’ll find a domain registrar to start your new project. By the way, if you know other Domain Registrars That Accept Bitcoin feel free to add them via the comments section below and we will evaluate them. Maybe we will add them to the list.


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