Bitcoin Cinema & A Halving Saga

This spring, on April 19th - 21st 2024 in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, two events will merge to bring together Bitcoin, creativity and heritage.

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This spring, on April 19th – 21st 2024 in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, two events will merge to bring together Bitcoin, creativity and heritage.

Attendees of this event will witness the Bitcoin network block reward for miners cut in half, and join unique celebrations that happen only once every 210,000 blocks mined or roughly every four years.

Without getting too technical, I’ll remind you of why the halving event matters in three quick points below:

1. Supply Reduction – The rate at which the Bitcoin supply is created is halved, to maintain its scarcity as there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins mined.

2. Inflation Control – Reducing the rate at which new coins are introduced to the network makes Bitcoin deflationary by nature. Meaning ‘things and stuff’ naturally becomes cheaper when denominated in Bitcoin. The Price of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth explains this emphatically.

3. Psychological Impact – As mentioned above, it’s known about well in advance, leading to increased market speculation, volatility and party planning to celebrate the change.

The halving event sparks enthusiasm among members of the Bitcoin community, and serves as a reminder of Bitcoins unique protocol, reinforcing its value proposition. 

From miners to consumers, everyone involved is impacted, making it a celebration-worthy occasion for the network.

Festival Frolicking in Abundance

If that isn’t enough, an interesting cinematic project, Bitcoin FilmFest, as they call themselves – ‘the heart of bitcoin cinema’, is rolling out the orange carpet for the halving, but together with their film festival, BFF.

During their two combined events, they will be showcasing a selection of Bitcoin-themed films along with titles related to individual sovereignty, autonomy and freedom of speech.

Longer and shorter screenings, spanning beyond the movie rooms, will also take place in various halls of the venue and outside the building area.

But goes beyond just the screenings of films. The event aims to create an experience that combines experiences on the big screen with interactive discussions, live sessions with creators, as well as an interesting range of cinematic workshops.

The program is diverse and brings several Bitcoin-only projects as well.

Joining will be for example:

European Halving Party & BFF24 by Bitcoin FilmFest & Frens. One Halving, two events, over three unforgettable days!

Bitcoin Cinema & A Halving Saga

Highlights of their agenda:

  • Trailers, shorter productions and feature films in rooms of the Warsaw Kinoteka Cinema. Including for example, BITCOINERS, DEATH ATHLETIC, GODS OF THEIR OWN RELIGION & the world’s premiere of DIRTY COIN.
  • Halving Games: Inspired by the Ancient Olympic Games, in a series of exciting competitions.
  • The main party, which is deliberately organized on 4/20 (date) at 4.20 (time), numerically fits into block 840,000 of this year’s halving.
  • Site events, such as Laser Tag, European Bowling Tournament, Walking Tours, and thematic workshops. To complement all of this, there will also be the DIRTY COIN Pre-Premiere Party, as well as an open-air Silent Disco.

Tickets are available at the official website directly or on the project’s active campaign on Geyser Fund. They can be purchased in a variety of options, and for now are still available at Early Bird price. 

The options for tickets are: E-pleb, Pleb & Superpleb, where the first one allows for remote access to certain parts of the programme, and the last gives the maximum access to all points of their program.

Let the saga continue. Follow #EuropeanHalvingParty and #BFF24


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