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Bitcoin, Gold, & The Battle For Sound Money

Authored by Doug French via The Mises Institute, Here in the U.S. the financial markets are focusing on Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s herky-jerky monetary messages...

Bitcoin Fees Remain High As ChainLocks Weaken “Pay for Security” Proposition

Bitcoin’s fees have once again risen to the several-dollar range, with Dash’s ChainLocks upgrade lessening the value of paying more for security. ...

Bitcoin Is Legal in China as per BCLRA Council Member

While a large portion of Asia is blasting, China keeps to remain on fruitless land for cryptocurrencies. The world’s second-biggest economy has kept its...

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Bitcoin

If you have avoided it thus far, maybe you should really stay away Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash The bitcoin bull is back. Of course, it’s...

Bitcoin is About to Become Unusable… Again

Bitcoin is directly on course for crippling network bottlenecks and insane transaction fees. SegWit did not fix the problem. Lightning Network is not ready...

Ian Freeman on Bitcoin Cash Japan vs. New Hampshire Dash Adoption

I got to catch up with Ian Freeman of popular radio show Free Talk Live, known as “the show that launched Bitcoin”...

Can Billionaires Use Bitcoin to Shield Their Fortunes During Divorce?

Jeff Bezos couldn’t have hidden his $140 billion net worth from his wife MacKenzie even if he had wanted to. As much of his...

WhatsApp Enables Bitcoin Transactions but Still Vulnerable

In a tweet distributed by Zulu Republic yesterday, the computerized stage reported that its cryptographic money called stage Lite.Im had acquainted a straightforward route...

What 60 Minutes got wrong about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is having itself a moment. Again. Bouncing back from the depths of crypto winter, and now hovering around nearly $8,000 per coin, the...

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