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Is Pied Piper Serious? How HBO Inspired Crypto’s Most Confounding Coin

"Hey … this is Craig Wright." It wasn't, but that was far from the strangest part of the conversation. Thus began CoinDesk's attempts to determine the...

American Express Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Proof-of-Payments System

American Express Travel Related Services (Amex), the credit card and traveller’s cheque arm of American Express, is looking to use blockchain to for a...

Bitcoin jumps after report says BlackRock exploring cryptocurrencies

The price of bitcoin surged Monday after a report said that BlackRock has set up a working group to explore ways of taking advantage...
Mark Toner

Whistling Past the ICO Graveyard

How many initial coin offerings have failed to date? Depends on whom you ask. According to Dead Coins, a curated list of blockchain failures, the...

TRON Price Analysis: TRX Witnesses A Much Needed Appreciation Over the Past 24 Hours

Tron has experienced a brief period of bullish momentum as the cryptocurrency rises by a total of 4.35% over the past 24 hours. TRX,...

AmEx Applies For Patent To Put Proof Of Payment On Blockchain

The credit card giant’s newly published blockchain patent application proposes a different way to obtain proof of payment.On Thursday, the US Patent and Trademark...

The fact that we want blockchain to solve every problem is a problem

Blockchain technology came part and parcel with cryptocurrencies, and no matter how hard the institutionalized investors, bankers, and regulators try, there is no...

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