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Line’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitbox Begins Operations

Line Corporation, a Japanese Internet firm and the operator of the country’s most popular messaging app, have today launched their new cryptocurrency exchange platform,...

What Crypto Really Thinks About Litecoin’s Banking Ambitions

It was news that was perhaps too strange for crypto's typically divided reactions. First revealed Wednesday, the Litecoin Foundation, the non-profit that develops the software that...

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Expanding Into Foreign Markets

As cryptocurrency investment gains popularity, many exchanges are looking into expanding their operations. In fact, this week, two of the world's largest announced plans...

The fact that we want blockchain to solve every problem is a problem

Blockchain technology came part and parcel with cryptocurrencies, and no matter how hard the institutionalized investors, bankers, and regulators try, there is no...

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Described in 10 Words or Less

#CoinSymbolDescription1BitcoinBTCDigital value storage — buy it and hodl forever.2EthereumETHSmart contracts, decentralized apps, and lots of hype.3RippleXRPFast transactions built for enterprises.4Bitcoin CashBCHBitcoin spin-off with larger...

Monfils Sponsorship With Etoro – Coinjournal

  Gaël Monfils, the 31-year-old French tennis star, is known as “Sliderman” for his on-court showmanship. He may take chances when trying to win Grand...

Why Litecoin’s Creator Is Buying Into A Bank (And How It Could Go Wrong)

One of the most unusual and potentially transformative deals in the cryptocurrency space started as an argument on social media. Back in April, Charlie Lee,...

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