8 Must-Join Cryptocurrency Airdrops of 2024

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In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, airdrops have emerged as a crucial strategy for blockchain initiatives seeking to increase community engagement and reward participation.

As we navigate through 2024, we’ve spotlighted seven exceptional airdrop campaigns that stand out for their innovative approaches and valuable offerings.

These airdrops not only provide participants with the chance to earn substantial rewards but also offer a gateway into becoming vital contributors within growing blockchain communities.

Here, we explore these exciting opportunities, highlighting the benefits of joining airdrops for crypto enthusiasts.

Discover the Leading Crypto Airdrops of 2024

1. Partisia Blockchain’s Monumental 25 Million MPC Token Airdrop

Jumpstart your crypto collection with the remarkable airdrop from Partisia Blockchain, delivering a massive 25 million $MPC tokens to participants.

This event is a landmark in the evolution of airdrops, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to dive into an ecosystem rich with potential.

The Partisia Blockchain airdrop stands apart by not only rewarding participants but by inviting them into the core of MPC technology and its extensive blockchain network.

With an impending governance decision about the $MPC token’s transferability, this airdrop is a golden chance to deepen your engagement with blockchain technology and secure a stake in Partisia’s bright future.

Why You Should Join Partisia Blockchain’s Airdrop:

  • Exclusive Blockchain Insights: Acquire deep knowledge of MPC and blockchain technologies through direct involvement.
  • Enhance Network Security: Play a key role in strengthening the blockchain’s security infrastructure.
  • Access Revolutionary dApps: Engage with innovative decentralized applications, pushing the boundaries of what blockchain can achieve.

Airdrop Participation Essentials

  • Substantial Token Allocation: Be part of the distribution of 25 million $MPC tokens.
  • Key Distribution Date: Save the date for February 1, 2024.
  • Entry Procedure: Follow detailed instructions for participation on the official airdrop page.
  • Community Engagement and Support: Have your questions answered via the dedicated Discord channel.

How to Participate:

  • Go to the project’s website and connect your wallet to the Ethereum network.
  • Bridge $ETH or other tokens.
  • Interact with various contracts by clicking on “Contracts.”We will also deploy a smart contract in the same section.
  • The multipliers will be based on daily activity and the amount of money spent on gas.

Dive into the blockchain revolution and claim your position in the Partisia Blockchain Airdrop now. For further details and to participate, head to the Partisia Blockchain Airdrop portal at https://partisiablockchain.com/airdrop/

2. LayerZero

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol that facilitates connections between blockchains (50+ at present), allowing you to develop seamless omnichain applications, tokens, and experiences.

It will enable dApps to function across blockchains, a critical aspect and a highly valued innovation in the present day.

LayerZero provides developers with complete control and allows them to configure security and efficiency as per the project’s demand.

It’s all easy to set up, and LayerZero offers a wide array of necessary tools to get things going seamlessly.

Having transferred over $50 billion, LayerZero is a pioneer in the blockchain space and holds a lot of potential, as per market experts.

3. Mode Network’s Airdrop

Following a triumphant testnet phase, Mode Network launches the Mode Sunrise Mainnet and its inaugural airdrop, offering a staggering 550 million $MODE tokens, which accounts for 5.5% of its total supply, ready for claiming by April 2024.

Mode Network distinguishes itself with a sophisticated points system designed in collaboration with leading economists, ensuring fair reward distribution.

As a Layer-2 Ethereum solution, it promotes collaboration and supports a new era of applications, making transactions significantly more cost-effective through innovative features like Sequencer Fee Sharing and Optimism’s Bedrock upgrade integration.

4. StarkNet

StarkNet operates as a layer 2 blockchain for Ethereum, meaning it’s a supplementary network where developers get to derive benefits from both Ethereum and StarkNet.

It validates off-chain transactions with cryptography and advanced maths, thus bypassing the scalability limitations of Ethereum.

Also, StarkNet is known to be a developer-friendly ecosystem, where the developer makes the final call while the protocol level supplements the decision.

It allows higher control over the critical aspects, offers advanced network security, boosts resilience, and provides maximum transparency.

Besides, with StarkNet, developers can break free of preconceived notions and boundaries. They can code any kind of business logic using Cairo, the native smart contract language, and explore unchartered territories.

5. Telos

Telos is branded as a fast, reliable and cost-efficient blockchain. It can process as many as 15,200 transactions per second (TPS) while charging a miniscule $0.001 per transaction.

The low transaction fee makes it an ideal choice for developers and users new to the space and for projects that promote/facilitate trading. And the low transaction processing time offers an efficient system for dApp deployment.

Telos already has 100+ dApps in a wide range of domains, including NFT platforms, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and GameFi.

Its airdrop of the native coin, $TLOS, has already attracted many and could be your first step towards becoming a part of the community.

6. Presearch

Presearch aims to overhaul the search engine landscape with its emphasis on privacy, decentralization, and user rewards.

Through a significant Loyalty Airdrop and an improved Referral Program, it offers both new and existing users the opportunity to earn $PRE tokens, leveraging decentralized nodes and the Keyword Staking Ads feature to redefine online search and user engagement with a privacy-centric internet ecosystem.

7. Scroll

Created by Ethereum developers and for Ethereum developers, Scroll is a layer 2 network that enhances Ethereum’s capabilities.

The best part, it’s open-source, easy to use and doesn’t require an advanced understanding of the intricate concepts and ideas.

To put it simply, Scroll is scalable, reliable, and swift. It allows developers to seamlessly migrate Ethereum apps at a low cost.

Besides, by employing the most sophisticated security protocols and rigorous regular audits, Scroll strives to deliver unparalleled security and reliability!

8. Blaster

Blaster’s Early Access Airdrop Phase One presents a unique chance to earn native $BLSTR Pre-Token rewards and receive gas refunds.

As the inaugural platform for token trading, earning, and launching on Blast Layer 2, Blaster introduces a dedicated DEX, a memecoin launchpad, daily lotteries, and an exclusive NFT collection, redefining engagement and rewards on this cutting-edge layer.

Benefits of Airdrop Participation

Engaging in airdrops offers more than free tokens; it’s an entrance to new blockchain technologies, providing hands-on experience that’s both educational and potentially lucrative. Here are several compelling reasons to participate in airdrops:

  • Educational Opportunities: Airdrops present a risk-free way for newcomers to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain, offering practical experience with digital assets and crypto ecosystems.
  • Early Project Access: Airdrops grant early exposure to new blockchain projects and technologies, allowing participants to be among the first adopters and benefit as these projects grow.
  • Community and Engagement: Joining airdrops builds community, offering a platform to connect, share insights, and contribute to new blockchain ecosystems’ growth. Early involvement can lead to significant roles in project governance or development.


The 2024 crypto airdrop scene is vibrant and varied, catering to a wide range of interests—from gaming and development to trading and early adoption.

Each highlighted campaign not only enriches your digital asset collection but also invites you to contribute to the next wave of blockchain innovation.

By participating in these airdrops, you’re supporting the crypto ecosystem’s expansion, gaining invaluable knowledge, and potentially influencing the future of decentralized technology.

Take advantage of these opportunities to engage with the blockchain revolution and unlock the immense potential of the cryptocurrency domain.


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