Friendzone Set to Launch on Polygon Blockchain

A New Era for Social Media and Web3 Financial Integration

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Key Takeaways:

  • Friendzone is launching on the Polygon blockchain on February 26.
  • The platform plans to upgrade to Polygon zkEVM in the future.
  • It aims to combine social media’s emotional aspects with Web3 financial incentives.
  • Lessons from Friend.Tech’s initial success and subsequent activity decline are guiding Friendzone.
  • Friendzone introduces a unique rewards system and focuses on a social circular economy.

Friendzone is gearing up for its debut on the Polygon blockchain, marking a significant step in its journey. Scheduled for February 26, the launch is just the beginning, with plans to transition to Polygon zkEVM on the horizon.

Kevin Lu, the CEO, emphasized the strategic decision to select @0xPolygon PoS as the platform’s native chain.

This choice underscores Friendzone’s ambition to blend the emotional elements of social media with the financial incentives of Web3, offering a unique value proposition to its users.

Learning from the Past: Friend.Tech’s Experience

Drawing inspiration and lessons from the trajectory of Friend.Tech, which initially attracted 100,000 users but saw a decrease in activity over time, Friendzone is determined to carve out a different path.

By analyzing the increased trading activity in similar platforms like Post.Tech, Friendzone is keen on implementing a novel rewards system and a dynamic pricing curve to keep engagement high and sustain user interest.

A Revolutionary Rewards System

Friendzone’s rewards system stands out for its innovative approach to supporting creators and brands without allowing the market to be dominated by any single large holder.

This system includes customized access controls for user-generated content and supports a variety of content creation formats, developed by a team with members and advisors from leading companies.

This ensures a level playing field and fosters a diverse and vibrant community.

Championing a Social Circular Economy

At the heart of Friendzone’s vision is the establishment of the first on-chain social circular economy, aiming to create a unified layer for social identities, verification, and rewards.

With each new user, the network’s value increases, emphasizing the importance of engagement loops and circular economy principles.

Friendzone’s commitment to fairness and engagement sets it apart as a platform genuinely designed for all participants.

Building on Solid Foundations

The Friendzone team, comprising individuals and advisors from esteemed organizations like Synthetix and Band Protocol, is a testament to the platform’s solid foundation.

Collaborating with notable entities such as Spark Labs Korea, Immutable, and Pendle, Friendzone is not just building a platform; it’s striving to cultivate a vibrant, interactive social space.

At its core, the platform remains committed to decentralization and Web3 ideals, aiming to uphold the highest standards of engagement and community participation.

In summary, Friendzone is not merely launching a new product; it’s setting the stage for a transformative experience that marries the emotional connection of social media with the economic incentives of Web3.

With its strategic launch on Polygon, innovative rewards system, and focus on a social circular economy, Friendzone is poised to redefine what it means to participate in the digital social realm.


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