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The Top 10 Best Bitcoin Debit Cards to Keep an Eye on 2020


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You are reading this post because you want to get your hands on the best bitcoin debit card – right? Well, we got you covered. We have compiled a list with the Top 10 Bitcoin Debit Cards (plus one bonus) that are currently available in the market.

The advent of cryptocurrencies simultaneously brought along with it the financial freedom which nobody thought of in the past. Bitcoin has exceeded its 8 years of existence, bringing a revolutionary change in the digital currency space, building people’s trust and soaring as a valuable investment mode.

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Presently, even though there are a lot of individuals holding Bitcoin, it is not used swiftly to convert it into fiat or spend it on goods and services.

The early scenario was, if you had a vendor accepting cryptocurrencies, it is well and good, but if you can’t find any, the proceedings would go long in exchanging, depositing into bank and then using it.

However, as changes are permanent and persistent, merchants have now found a way to liquidate the use of the cryptocurrency by releasing Bitcoin Debit Cards into the market that can be used in person or online at various places – anywhere, anytime.

The Blockchain Certification and its whole ecosystem made enormous companies to join hands with Bitcoin payment gateways in a bid to provide masses with trustworthy cards known as the Crypto/Bitcoin Debit Cards.

Bitcoin is synonymous with internet of money that has the power to compete with present e-cards (credit/debit) thus offering 95% of the services a bank provides right now. Now, one can start trading by issuing a bitcoin debit card and connecting it to their Bitcoin balance, thereby, making it as easy to use it as any ATM debit or credit card.

Bitcoin debit cards fall under two categories – plastic and virtual that can be owned as per the requirement and comfort of its owner, enabling purchases to be made at shopping stores, restaurants, petrol pumps and many other places of use.

Best Bitcoin Debit Card for 2018: Review, Pros, and Cons

The future of finance with digital alliances can have better control and flow of cash, accelerating the revenue and turnover of a firm giving optimists outcomes of world economy as a whole. The venture into the provision of digital e-cards keeps the capability of empowering merchants and service providers over centralized banks and proves to be fruitful from the perspective of offers they promise.

Advantages of using a Bitcoin debit card

The advantages are obvious: with Bitcoin you can buy almost everything at any place where credit or debit cards are accepted and of which your Bitcoin debit card will also be accepted. The debit company pays the merchant in its own currency and the fees are deducted from their Bitcoin balance. This allows you to live only on Bitcoin. For example, when traveling abroad, I always use my Bitcoin debit card as a backup card in case my money is stolen. It’s like controlling the traveler in the digital age.

Disadvantages of using a Bitcoin debit card

The main disadvantage of a Bitcoin debit card is its centralization. To use the card, you must deposit money into your account with the debit card company, which means that you transfer control of your coins to a third party. This risk is reduced by not depositing too many bitcoins in your account. Basically, only deposit an amount that you can lose in case of an attack. Since you use the service of these companies, it also has a price: As you will see below, you cannot ignore the fees charged by these Bitcoin debit card companies.

How to pick the best out of the pool of options?

The appealing cryptocurrencies showcasing their exclusive features is truly responsible for the growth of digitization, keeping an ability to replace the 90% of all the services used on daily basis. To ease the process and handling, tech giants have started serving the masses with the analogous of money cards that we have been using till date. The Bitcoin debits cards are available in a pool displaying different options as per the market norms and user needs. To choose the apt one is something considerable that calls for an action to choose one.

To make a choice out of the visually identical cards offering nearly the similar facilities seems to be a hard nut to crack but surely is possible. Few questions need to be pen down that are obligatory and will help get you clear insight before making a final cal. Take a glance underneath if you missed anything while making your research to get a suitable Bitcoin Debit Card.

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  • is the provider real or is associated with any scams?
  • does it hold any criticism regarding its product?
  • is the fee structure reasonable and accepted by all?
  • whether it is endorsed by Visa or Mastercard?
  • does it requires any  verification or detail ?
  • is your country listed in its service domain?
  • has the company its own e-wallet or makes use of third-party services?
  • is the organization well established with clear background?
  • does the company enjoys high customer ratings?is it able to stand solely on financial grounds in the long run?
  • has the company speedy delivery options to serve?


Having acknowledged you to digital debit cards in brief, lets rundown to few crypto cards that companies intend to offer a user, having varied features inclusive of some drawbacks:

Best Bitcoin Debit Card for 2018: Review, Pros, and Cons

3CRYPTOPAYBTC, LTC, XRP, ETHUK, Europe, Singapore, Russia, Latin America fees
4BONPAYBTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC + ERC-20 TokensEurope, Turkey, other- No fees -
6BITWALABTCUK, EuropeBitwala fees
7UQUID Over 40 cryptosRestricted CountriesUquid Fees
8PAYCENT- No Info -- No info -Paycent fees
9COINSBANK BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH- No info -CoinsBank fees
10TENXBTC, LTC, ETHList of Supported CountriesTenX fees

  1. Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card Review

wirex_bitcoin debit cards

Formerly known as E-Corner, the company was renamed Wirex in 2016. The company offers a debit card with a chip & pin visa, which can be charged via its Wirex application (desktop or mobile). Pricing is pretty similar to other cards, with charges of 3% for international transactions, $2.5 for ATM withdrawals and $17 for physical shipments. The company also offers a virtual card in case you do not need plastic. Like Bonpay, Wirex charges a service fee, which is calculated monthly, not annually ($ 1.50 / month).


  • Smart and physical card, virtual cards available. An established business.
  • A well-established firm, previously known as E-coin now rebranded to Wirex
  • Available on desktop and mobile (both Android and IOs apps)
  • Supported by all major currencies- USD, EUR, GBP
  • Comes in Physical as well as Virtual forms
  • Charges monthly service fees ($1.50 approx.)
  • Free use of Wirex app or wallet to send/receive/control currency globally
  • Card type available: Visa card


  • Redundant prices (IMO), relatively expensive card.
  • Served to only Europe and UK users (at the moment of writing this guide)

Visit Wirex

  1. Bitpay Bitcoin debit card Review

bitpay best bitcoin debit card

Bitpay is a well-known Bitcoin ecosystem company offering payment solutions to businesses and individuals. This allows you to receive a prepaid Visa card, which will be billed through your Bitpay account. The BitPay Prepaid Visa® Card is available to residents of 50 US states. You must have a personal address (no P.O Box address), a piece of government ID and a social security number to apply. The card costs a flat rate of $ 9.95 and it takes about 7 days to arrive by mail. If traveling outside the United States, you must pay a 3% fee to cover the cost of the currency conversion. There is a $2.00 charge per ATM or cash withdrawals in the United States and $3.00 fee for any ATM or cash withdrawals abroad. There is no transaction fee for the Bitpay card.


  • Safe wallet
  • Well-known company. Cards are accepted around the world.
  • It has payment solutions for businesses and individuals
  • Prepaid Visa Card
  • Renowned company and has universal card acceptance.
  • Prepaid visa card asks for verification, includes home address, legal ID proof and social security number
  • Card cost accounts to $9.95 that is affordable
  • Domestic and International ATM withdrawals are $2 and $3 respectively.
  • Provision of Virtual and physical card forms
  • Accepted worldwide, nevertheless, available only to US residents


  • Not available around the world, only for US citizens.
  • It does not have a chip and a pin.
  • Verification is mandatory: address (excluding postal sections), government issued identification and social security number.

Visit BitPay

  1. Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card Review

cryptopay best bitcoin debit card

Cryptopay provides a Bitcoin debit card availability worldwide. You can buy a physical card with a chip and a virtual debit card only if you buy online. Another great benefit of Cryptopay is that you do not need to provide a full credential verification if you do not need high card limits.

The physical card costs $15 and is shipped free worldwide. The ticket machine costs $2.5 and the conversion of international currencies adds an additional 3% to each transaction.

The downside about this card is that it has a monthly maintenance fee of $1 and a commission of 1% to charge the money. If it is not verified, you can charge up to $2500 on your card, but not anymore.


  • Available around the world, it offers physical and virtual cards.
  • All authorized currencies supported (USD, EUR, GBP)
  • Available globally,both chip and pin physical card and virtual card
  • Card delivered worldwide free of cost within a time span of 2-10 days
  • No verification required but one needs to mention details for registration
  • Accepted anywhere where Visa card is run


  • Has high maintenance and billing fees.
  • Services available to EU, UK, Singapore and Russia only.

Visit Cryptopay

  1. Bonpay Bitcoin Debit Card Review

bonpay best bitcoin debit card

Bonpay was one of the first companies to deliver a Bitcoin debit card. Like Bitpay, it offers a “simple” credit card without a chip and pin mechanism (editing: some users have a smart card and a chip, not me personally). The cost of the card is $20 and the annual fee is $12 per year after the first year. According to their website, Bonpay presence maps around the world. In addition, cards have “change” rates that seem pretty strange (IMO). You can use the card without a thorough review, but it will be limited to $2,500.


  • Available in many countries
  • One of the first suppliers of Bitcoin debit card
  • Offers high level of security
  • Non chip and pin cards, shipped to most of the countries
  • Benefits an individual by its first year annual fee waiver


  • Redundant rates (IMO), without chip and PIN.
  • Not Available in USA
  • Has Usability fees

Visit Bonpay

  1. Shift Bitcoin Debit Card Review

shift best bitcoin debit card

Coinbase is limited to certain countries and Shift is also positioned as the “first Bitcoin US debit card“. The company delivers a debit card associated with your Coinbase account. Although, this US debit card is currently only available in 45 of the 50 states. The card costs $10 reasonable and there are no ongoing charges. There is, of course, the standard transaction fee of 3% for international transactions and the withdrawal fee of US $2.5 for ATMs.


  • Totally safe.
  • Instant release notifications.
  • Connect with Coinbase and Dwolla.
  • No Bitcoin conversion rate.
  • Easily connects to Coinbase account
  • Limited access- only present in 45 US states
  • Reasonable issuance cost of the card($10)
  • Both Physical and Virtual card types available


  • Does not have his own wallet
  • Available only in the 45 US states.
  • Coinbase is limited to certain countries.
  • Imposed fee structure: 3% on foreign transactions, $2.50 on domestic ATM withdraws and $3.50 on international ATM transactions.

Visit Shift

  1. Bitwala Bitcoin Debit Card Review

bitwala best bitcoin debit card

Bitwala is a “Made in Germany” online bank that issues it’s own MasterCard for Bitcoin Trading, Buying and Selling and storing fiat currencies.


  • Really Low Fees
  • Made in Germany
  • Plastic & Virtual Card


  • Not available in USA
  • Accepts only BTC

Visit Bitwala

  1. Uquid Bitcoin Debit Card Review

uquid_best bitcoin debit card

Uquid is a multi-crypto credit card issued by a British company. It accepts are more than 40 cryptocurrencies (including bitcoin). You can top up your debit card with common currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Augur, MaidSafeCoin, Steem and Dogecoin. Uquid card sends to more than 178 countries free of charge. It happens in 2-3 business days, which is faster than its colleagues.

The card is both virtually and physically available and gives the highest market price for Bitcoin when you convert BTC to GBP, EUR or USD.


  • UK-based company supporting more than 40 Cryptos (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero Dash, Steem, Ripple, Augur, MaidSafeCoin, Dogecoin)
  • Offers Bitcoin’s highest market price when converting your BTCs to GBP, EUR or USD
  • Does not require users to reveal their identities
  • Unlimited purchases for life
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals
  • It has a mobile application
  • Supported currencies are USD, EUR, GBP
  • Visa card type provided both virtually and physically
  • Free shipping of the crypto card over 178+ countries


  • Has High Transaction fees
  • Does not operate in the US

Visit Uquid

  1. Paycent Bitcoin Debit Card Review

paycent best bitcoin debit card

Paycent is a Taiwanese company that has been offering Blockchain payment solutions since 2014. The company has joined Hong Kong and also provides its registration number on the website. Paycent offers Bitcoin debit cards for freelancers, international workers and cryptocurrency miners for all nationalities around the world.


  • Founded with a strong technological background
  • Available in USD, EUR, GBP
  • Founded by IT experts possessing strong tech knowledge
  • Present in USA and many EU countries
  • No credit checks done
  • Top-up and referrals credits available
  • Comparatively expensive while issuing a card
  • Free usage with 2.5% charges on ATM transactions
  • Plastic/Virtual card availability


  • Very expensive bitcoin debit card to order
  • Very high usability and transactional fees in general
  • Asks for identity verification

Visit Paycent

  1. Coinsbank Bitcoin Debit Card Review

coinsbank best bitcoin debit card

CoinsBank is an all-in-one gateway for blockchain services. With Wallet, prepaid Bitcoin debit card and Bitcoin Exchange, CoinsBank offers its Bitcoin customers complex services for both sellers and buyers. Whether shopping online or at a local store, it’s so easy to send money at the push of a button or by e-mail with the CoinsBank Bitcoin debit card.

CoinsBank offers an all-in-one encryption solution with wallet, encryption sharing and multiple versions of debit cards. In addition to the major currencies, services are also available to other companies such as RUB, CHF, AUD and JPY. Depending on the verification level, there are six different options. Although this is a good option for users and the service structure can be tailored to all needs, the fee structure is very complex and the overall price is above average.


  • All-in-One crypto provider with debit card Wallet and Bitcoin
  • Additional security configurations are available
  • The card is available in USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF, AUD, JPY and Litecoins
  • Immediate conversion between all supported currencies
  • It has a mobile application (Android and iOS)
  • Card also available in RUB, AUD, CHF beside major fiat currencies(USD, EUR, GBP)
  • Services dispensed over apps(both Android and IOs)
  • Complex and firm structures enables high authentication
  • Usage comparatively is expensive and free shipping is restricted to premium users


  • Complex and non-transparent property and fixed structures
  • Free shipping is only available for premium users
  • High rates at the point of sale and ATM
  • Cards Currently unavailable

Visit CoinsBank

  1. TenX Bitcoin Debit Card Review

tenx_best bitcoin debit card

TenX does not offer virtual prepaid cards, but VISA plastic cards with activated chip. You can have up to five cards per TenX account, a perfect solution for the whole family. You can change access to each card through the TenX website and/or the mobile application (iOS/ Android). There is an option to block cards, enable/disable POS transactions, ATMs or Internet. You can also set spending limits and receive notifications by SMS or email for each transaction.

Because TenX cards are VISAS, they are accepted almost everywhere. TenX has excellent transfer options. They allow SEPA transfers (and have good rates), SWIFT (allows you to make international payments), allow you to make transfers with other TenX users or make transfers between your accounts. A little about opening accounts, it’s a free and easy process. You get an account number with IBAN and BIC code, which is very convenient, right? They also provide you with a certified letter (PDF) that contains all the relevant information for the transfer.

Whether you shop online or in the store, you do not spend money on TenX. Charging money to a TenX account or card is free for the EU and 2% of the others. It was the point of sale for me. You can also top-up your mobile balance through the TenX account or any other mobile phone (in the world), but I still have to try this feature.


  • Has wallet, Mobile Application and Visa Card


  • Not yet available
  • $15 order fee + $10 per year fee

Visit TenX

BONUS: Revolut Bitcoin Debit Card Review

revolut_best bitcoin debit card

Revolut is a fintech company offering a variety of non-bank-based, application-based financial products, including a cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2015, UK-based Revolut has made significant investments in private equity and venture capital from some of Europe’s best-known investors. In its relatively short history, Revolut has attracted more than one million customers and handled over 50 million transactions worth more than $7 billion.

In addition to traditional financial services such as insurance and money transfers, the Revolut app offers a cryptocurrency exchange service. Another advantage of Revolut’s Cryptocurrency Exchange product is that MasterCard contactless debit cardholders can make payments anywhere in cryptocurrency fund. The card will automatically convert Cryptocurrency in local currency at the current exchange rate.


  • 5% lowest commission rate of all cryptocurrency shops
  • Direct exchange between cryptocurrencies and 26 fiduciary coins.
  • Debit card that converts cryptocurrency into local currency to pay for goods and services.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.


  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are the only supported crypto currencies.
  • The lack of advanced crypto-currencies.
  • Margin negotiation is not supported.

Visit Revolut

Which card to choose?

Most of these letters are more or less the same. Probably everyone uses the same card provider to manage his or her business, and the only difference is in his or her brand strategy. Personally, I would recommend that you make sure that the provider you selected is available in your country and then use the one with the lowest rates. Definitely try to avoid the cards with operating costs (for example, Wirex, Bonpay). For example, if you live in the United States, using Shift is a good option.

Bottom line

Conclusively, some reputed Crypto cards have been detailed above with their pros and cons that can clear the doubts of an enthusiast investor dealing into digital currencies.Also, the aforementioned queries would certainly act as a reference to a wise choice to make over look alike debit cards provided by the mushrooming service providers. Most importantly, you pay for a secured service and long lasting profits that a company promises, so its better to dig deep into the available alternatives to reap the benefits and keep up with the worldly evolving technical advancements.

Debit cards are valuable assets for anyone who wants to pay for goods or services. They are easy to obtain and use, they eliminate cash and prevent you from becoming indebted. Because this payment method is so popular, almost all merchants accept debit cards. Although debit cancellations are more difficult and credit cards are above loyalty points and credit notes, debit cards are still a very appropriate and desirable solution for daily purchases.

Making a wise decision is to analyze and compare all the key factors and traits of a crypto debit card. Before pulling the trigger, Bitcoin investors should widen their range of knowledge from all aspects of fee structure, exchange rate and delivery options to benefit the most out of the offered deal and make it a worthwhile investment. The new payment mode is one of its kind, coming up with an innovative solution to make global trade suge over web.


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