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We’re looking for well-written articles that are at least 1000 words long, and that are unique to our site. We accept articles related to the cryptocurrency industry (Bitcoin, altcoins, DeFi, FinTech, Metaverse, NFTs), but we don’t accept any that have been previously published elsewhere.

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As a cryptocurrency news site, and we’re always looking for guest posts that are going to help us improve the quality of our content. We know that there are a lot of benefits when submitting a guest post to, and we want to share them with you.

Here are some of the benefits:

โœ… You get an opportunity to reach an audience of over 100,000 readers per month.

โœ… Your work will be promoted on social media and other channels.

โœ… We’ll also link back to your work from our site, so it’s great for driving traffic back to your own website or blog.

โœ… By being part of our writer’s community you can request an authors profile. This will help you build your reputation in the cryptocurrency industry.

When you submit your guest post, here are some things we need you to consider (Read Carefully):

  • It needs to be at least 1000 words long; this is the minimum requirement but feel free to go longer if you have something important to say.
  • It needs to be uniqueโ€”that means not published elsewhere! We want fresh content that reflects what’s happening in the industry right now and what people want to read about most right now (and hopefully later).
  • It needs to be related specifically to cryptocurrency. If you write about a topic that’s not related to the world of digital currencies, it will be rejected.
  • It needs to be free from grammatical and spelling errors. We will be checking for these and if you submit something that has them, it will be rejected.
  • It needs a title that grabs the reader’s attentionโ€”this is an important part of SEO and will help people find your article when they search for keywords related to cryptocurrency.
  • It needs to be written in English . We will not accept any other language, so be sure that you can write in English before submitting.
  • If any statements made in the article, they need to be accompanied with the relevant resources. It is important to provide sources to back up your claims and for people to be able to verify the information for themselves.

If you have a great idea for an article and think it would be a good fit for Bitnewsbot, please contact us at [email protected] with the subject “Guest Post Submission”. We’ll be happy to take a look at your submission and let you know if it’s something we’d like to publish on our site!

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