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blockchain disruptions industries

16 Industries Experiencing Blockchain Disruptions (Infographic)

What makes the blockchain technology so appealing is that it records, validates, and safeguards online transactions using a decentralized network all over the world....

Bitcoin Fund Manager on Bear Market After He Bet His Mom’s Money on Bitcoin

Christopher Matta is a bitcoin fund manager. Last time he was on CNBC, he said he'd bet his mom's money on bitcoin. Now, the...
blockchain R3

Wall Street-Backed Blockchain Company Weighs IPO, Sale

R3, a blockchain-software company that works with more than 200 heavyweights such as Intel Corp., Microsoft Corp., US Bancorp and Wells Fargo & Co.,...
Snapparazzi ico

Snapparazzi Pre-ICO Sale Goes Live – Starting 27th August 2018

Snapparazzi has announced 26th August 2018 as the starting date for its pre-sale ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Snapparazzi is a revolutionary and decentralized independent...
bitcoin cash news

4 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Cash

When you are becoming interested in cryptocurrency investing, there are a lot of different currencies that you can choose from. Some are more established...

The wait is finally over; ABBC Foundation releases the much anticipated MultiCrypto wallet

The ABBC Foundation has released a complete user guide for its brand new Multi-Crypto (MC) wallet to make it easy for users to access...
How to Participate in the MILC Token Sale

How to Participate in the MILC Token Sale

The much hyped Welt der Wunder ICO, which tokenizes the media industry, is here. The MILC token is a licensing coin that facilitates the...
cryptocurrencies, monero, zcash, bitcoin

Are Bitcoin’s Lack of Privacy Features a Problem?

Bitcoin has proven to be the first viable digital currency that has brought along with it the innovation of blockchain technology as we know...
Bitfair Looks to Plug a Gaping Hole in Crypto Trading ico press release

Bitfair looks to plug a gaping hole in Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency has captured international attention. The number of tokens is increasing everyday and the way we trade them is constantly evolving. The revolution is...

South Korea and Japan Will Grow to Dominate Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency economy saw an astronomical rise in value in 2017, with much of the demand originating from countries in Asia. China was the biggest...

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