Meet the first multichain explorer with functionality for AML checks

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Explorer is one of the most important tools for crypto enthusiasts. It can be used to check the status of transactions and obtain data about crypto wallets. Previously, the crypto community members had to use several sites at once to access all the necessary tools to control transactions and verify cryptocurrencies. This approach is time-consuming. To work efficiently, you have to keep many tabs open in your browser and constantly switch between different platforms. 

The team of the project has offered a solution to the problem. The developers have combined a full-featured multichain explorer with anti-money laundering (AML) tools in a single platform. Below you can find out how Getblock works. We also recommend bookmarking the platform for all crypto enthusiasts who value security.

What is GetBlock is the first multichain explorer on the market with functionality for AML checks. Here’s what the platform can do:

  • Track blockchain transactions of six cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ZEC, and DASH. You no longer need to switch between multiple explorers to check transactions in different networks. The developers promise to expand the list of blockchains that the platform supports in the future.
  • Check blockchain addresses and coins themselves for compliance with AML rules. Each check is accompanied by a detailed report.

How GetBlock works

To check the purity of addresses and coins, Explorer sends a request for analysis to Bitfury Crystal, a major AML data operator. The service helps determine if crypto addresses or digital assets are associated with any illegal transactions. 

Bitfury Crystal’s working scheme is based on the clustering of data sets. The platform categorizes addresses and transactions. For example, Bitfury Crystal clusters the addresses that belong to the same organization. The scheme speeds up transaction analysis and allows visualizing the crypto’s connection to illegal transactions, if necessary. 

Here’s what information you can get at

TransactionBlockchain address
Assessing the level of risk of the operationAssessing the risk of interaction with an address
Data on the sources of coinsData on the sources of coins in the cryptocurrency wallet
Technical information about the transactionInformation about the address operations
Information about previous senders and recipients of coins from a transaction

The explorer also determines the share of “clean” and “dirty” coins in transactions and crypto-wallets. Detailed analysis helps to filter out safe options. gives the risk level of a transaction or cryptocurrency address as a percentage. An estimate of up to 60% is considered safe. From 60% to 90% is already a suspicious address/transaction. Above 90% are dangerous sources, it is highly recommended not to accept transactions from them into your address. The general assessment is supplemented by a detailed report indicating the sources of funds. 

Why every member of the cryptocurrency community needs an AML explorer

Market participants who neglect digital hygiene are at risk of being caught by law enforcement and even losing cryptocurrency. Let’s look at an example:

2 bitcoins were transferred to Bob. With an explorer, he verified that the transaction was completed and sent the coins to a cold cryptocurrency wallet. The user had not checked the purity of the coins beforehand. Four years later, bitcoin went up. Bob decided to sell his coins. To do so, he transferred the bitcoin to a cryptocurrency exchange. 

The next day, Bob received a message from the security service of the trading platform asking him to confirm the origin of the funds. During an AML analysis, the crypto exchange found out that the user’s coins were associated with a fraudulent project. To avoid breaking the law, representatives of the trading platform froze the suspicious assets. As a result, Bob lost his bitcoins.

The user will be able to get access to the cryptocurrency only if he proves his innocence. Problems could have been avoided if Bob had previously checked the purity of the cryptocurrency through a service such as

AML checks for cryptocurrencies today are a necessary measure to help preserve assets.

Why GetBlock has a user-friendly interface that even a beginner can handle. Also, unlike most competitors, the platform offers additional functionality:

  • provides verified check results that you can share. For this, all you have to do is send a static link to the check to another user. In the near future, the developers plan to add functionality that will allow you to download the results in pdf format.
  • In Explorer, you can add addresses to favorites to receive prompt data on new operations on them.
  • On, you can perform a check in two clicks. 
  • The platform saves the history of checks in the personal account. You can quickly access the results, even from your smartphone.
  • Explorer users can perform AML checks in one of three ways: in the Explorer itself, in the personal account, or via a Telegram bot.

In addition, is the only explorer that produces a detailed report on AML checks with full data visualization. 

Offer for crypto projects has an API for program integration with other services such as exchange offices and exchanges. The API is implemented according to the JSON-RPC standard and can be easily integrated into any project. Thereby the project will get quick access to AML analytics. 

For corporate customers, offers favorable terms of cooperation: 

  • a free package for 100 checks to test the service and set up API integration.
  • referral program – 20% of referrals’ payments attracted via affiliate links
  • promo codes for free checks to increase the loyalty of your customers
  • free checks in exchange for traffic to the blockchain explorer, one check for 5 targeted clicks. 

The price of security

You can test for free. The platform gives one test for both registering on the site and subscribing to the newsletter. Also, the developers of the project have shared the PROMO22 promo code. With it, you can get 3 free checks. To search for other promo codes, you should go to the sites of the project partners.

The bonus program is constantly expanding. You can get free checks for subscribing to the Telegram channel of the project and other activities on social media. Follow news and promotions via social networks, such as Twitter.

Also, has a referral program. Its members can earn 20% of the payments made by the users they attract. 

The team offers three tariff plans. With the flex plan, the price per check is $1. The tariff allows the user to choose the desired number of checks (from 5 to 100). Competitors charge $50 for a minimum package of checks. 

It’s most advantageous to buy large check packages. For example, with the “Maximum” package you will save 70% because the price for one check is reduced to $0,3.

Important! There are no hidden fees at

The validity period of paid packages is not limited. The free check, which is given when you register, is valid for one month. The validity period of checks with promo codes is up to 3 months.

Important! has also launched GetBlock Magazine. The editorial team publishes the latest news from the world of digital assets, as well as various exclusive materials on a daily basis. With GetBlock Magazine, it’s easy to keep your finger on the pulse of events.

Get your free checks at and start following a digital hygiene routine to help keep your cryptocurrency safe by following this link>>>

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