How To Travel With Bitcoin: 9 Travel Companies Accepting Bitcoin

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Bitcoin travel is a reality, as several travel companies now accept payments in cryptocurrencies for their services.

Those who have opened a Bitcoin account on a cryptocurrency exchange or have their own bitcoin wallet can shop directly online, just like by credit or debit card.

It is noted, of course, that bitcoin retention carries risks, due to the very large variation in its price in recent months. However, if someone has invested in cryptocurrencies and wants to redeem them by planning their next trips, they can use one of the following businesses:

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  • Bitcoin.Travel – Special travel website created in 2011 that carries out all transactions for ticket and accommodation reservations in Bitcoin.
  • – Online store that sells gift cards to over 250 merchants and retailers. Here you can find gift cards for Southwest and American Airlines.
  • – And here you can buy gift cards for travel with American Airlines, Delta,¬†,¬†and Southwest Airlines.
  • Far Eastern Air – Taiwan-based airline that accepts Bitcoin for more than 20,000 flights
  • airBaltic – One of the most innovative airlines recently “opened” in cryptocurrencies. It flies in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.
  • FlyPeach – The first Japanese airline to accept Bitcoin and operate international flights.

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  • 9flats – This website provides you with all the information about vacation accommodation in flats and houses using cryptocurrency.

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  • Denver Airport – At Colorado Airport passengers can pay for parking with Bitcoin, in addition to debit or credit card
  • Brisbane Airport – It’s the world’s first cryptocurrency friendly airport. At this Australian airport, you can trade bitcoin to many traders.

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Do you know any other companies who operate in the travel industry and accept bitcoin or any other type of cryptocurreny. If you do, leave your comment below with a link back to your the company’s website.

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