Pando Coin (PANDO) Becomes Live on Bittrex

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Pando Coin, regarded as one of the pioneers in establishing a rewarding culture to the browsing environment, was officially listed on the U.S. based exchange Bittrex. Now onwards, the coin will be officially available for trading on the exchange.

Pando Coin works in collaboration with the Pando browser, a web 3.0 browser available for android. 

Pando Browser Features

Pando Browser is a specially designed web 3.0 browser. It caters to the needs of IPFS and the mining system. IPFS stands for an interplanetary file system. It is a protocol and a p2p network for sharing and storing data in a distributed file system.

Advantages of the Pando browser include a free VPN, a robust referral program, and an ad-blocking application. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in three months from the Google play store. The browser also offers a browsing speed faster than chrome. 

Using the Pando VPN, users can choose to safeguard themselves from online surveillance without having to go to an incognito mode.

Pando also claims that its browser features can efficiently protect its users’ sensitive data from hackers and corrupt governments. While it provides an anonymous browsing experience for free and faster than many other browsers, Pando also offers a messenger service that is private and effectively retains user-anonymity. 

The ad-blocking features of the Pando browser allow users to display or block advertisements as per their preference. At the same time, the users may choose to gain rewards by watching advertisements on the browser. 

The larger vision of the Pando ecosystem is to work as an agent of “transparent internet.” To achieve its long-term objective, Pando has been expanding into a wide range of projects that would offer its users convenience and accessibility and reward them for their contribution to the ecosystem.

These projects will come under the banner of Pando Software and Pando Entertainment with footprints in wallets and exchanges as well as in music, pictures, and games. 

Promoters of Pando believe that the official listing of its coin in a premier cryptocurrency exchange in the United States will further accelerate its growth. 

What is Pando Coin?

The primary objective of the Pando coin is to offer its users financial benefits. At the same time, they don’t have to compromise with the transparency and privacy protection level they deserve.

To start earning Pando coins, users need to join Pando’s rewards system. A user can earn Pando coins by accumulating his/her usage time that he/she spends on the browser watching ads. 

At its core, the Pando coin is an ERC-20 coin backed by the Pando ecosystem that includes Pando World, Pando Market, etc. One can use it for all sorts of economic activities. Apart from browser software mining, one can also swap it with other major tokens. 

Pando coin has 2 billion tokens in total. Out of this 2 billion, 70% or 1.4 billion tokens, are reserved for Pando’s user pool. The rest of 30%, 600 million tokens in total, has been reserved in different proportions for a diverse range of activities that include R&D (5%), Team (5%), Airdrop (10%), Marketing (7.5%), and Reserve (2.5%). 

A Healthy Token Economy

The founders of Pando expect to build a healthy token economy where users would engage with it as a medium of exchange while participating in the games, ecosystem, and messenger.

Moreover, users will mine Pando coins according to their browser usage. They will subsequently use these tokens in the browser, messenger, and the DApp ecosystem. Overall, it will lower the barrier of entry to the blockchain.

As far as the wallet of the Pando ecosystem is concerned, the web 3.0 wallet processes transactions and rewards the users within the decentralized ecosystem. Since the Pando coin is its primary currency, it induces transactions of Ethereum or tokens based on the Ethereum protocol. 


With Pando intending to revolutionize the rewarding culture for browsing activities, it would be exciting to track its spread among entertainment and gaming use cases as well as its utility as a medium of trade and exchange fueling the entire Pando ecosystem.

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