3 Of The Most Interesting Crypto Tokens of the Month

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The world of cryptocurrencies has been gaining momentum over the past few months, like never before. Within the first few days of 2021, the market gained more than 100 million dollars in capitalization. Resultantly, both institutional and individual investors are joining the crypto bandwagon in volumes. 

On the flip side of this astounding growth story, there are newly initiated investors who suffer from the problem of plenty. As per the latest available count, there are more than 8,100 cryptocurrencies listed on the global charts. That’s not all, as they are being traded in one market or another. In such a scenario, investors must get their information sorted on what currencies to invest in and which trading platform they should opt for.

In this article, we provide you with the three most interesting crypto tokens of the month. You can invest in them for a robust return and long-term value.

Bitcoin – The Dominant Name in the Crypto World

The supremacy of Bitcoin in the world of crypto goes unchallenged by a big fat margin. With prices currently hovering around $32,500, the currency occupies nearly 68% of the market in terms of capitalization. Its fierce bull run over the past few months has compelled analysts to re-estimate its growth potential and reset its projected price to newer heights.

Multiple reasons drive the growth of Bitcoin. In a covid-stricken economy, the purchasing power of the dollar has gone down. With increased stimulus spending, investors expect the rate of inflation to go up even further. 

Such a dwindling economic scenario prompts investors to hedge their assets against inflation. That’s why investors bet on assets that have high chances of appreciating.

As an investor, you can rely on their collective wisdom to put your money on BTC. Large scale insurance companies like MassMutual, payment facilitators as large as PayPal are associating themselves with BTC.

These decisions add to the credence of BTC. The expectations are so high that some analysts expect BTC to reach anywhere between $100,000 and $288,000 by the end of 2021.

Ethereum – Leading From Front to Increase Crypto Adoption

The bull run of BTC has frequently overshadowed the growth story of one of the most credible cryptocurrencies in the market: Ethereum.

The ETH coin had ended 2019 with a price of little more than $130. It ended the year 2020 with prices above $700. One of the major reasons that orchestrated this more than five times growth in the prices of Ethereum was the news of the Eth 2.0 launch

The major difference between the existing Ethereum protocol and Ethereum 2.0 lies in their consensus mechanism. While the Ethereum network follows the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, Eth2.0 will follow the Proof of Stake mechanism.

As a result, the new network will become more scalable, secure, and sustainable. The merging of the mainnet Ethereum with the upgrades of Eth 2.0 will complete by 2022.

This year, the protocol will introduce its capacity-expanding shard chains. As a result, the market of Ethereum will continue to grow, and investments in Ethereum will be rewarded, in the long run.

EGG – Emerging & Promising Name in the Crypto Token Scene Today

While BTC and ETH are trusted old-timers of the game, EGG is emerging as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of this month.

EGG is the native token of the platform Cocoricos. Cocoricos is a platform that empowers crypto investors to leverage the benefits of curated yield farming by allowing them to deploy robust data-driven strategies aimed at profit maximization.

The platform has, to date, boosted the wealth of more than 90,000 customers who have earned more than US$50 Million through listed companies. 

The platform offers a wide variety of liquidity mining pools. Out of these pools, the one with the maximum percentage of annual percentage yield is the EGG-ETH pool that will commence with an Uniswap listing on 15th January 2021.

To make it convenient for users to join the protocol, Cocoricos has been hosting an EGG presale. The users can participate in the EGG presale with a minimum amount of 0.1 ETH and the maximum amount of 100 Eth.

The offer comes with an exclusive bonus, and the APY estimates for the EGG-ETH mining pool at present are hovering above the mark of 1,200%. 


The crypto space will see a lot more action in 2021, and this is evident from the performance of Bitcoin and the altcoins.

With Bitcoin, Ethereum, EGG leading the crypto market, everyone can rest assured that 2021 will prove to be a turning point in the entire history of cryptocurrencies.

2021 will make its mark as the year that sped up the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. From where we can see, the future of cryptocurrencies looks bright and shiny, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EGG leading the pack. 

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