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U.S. firm Genesis says it loaned more than $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cryptocurrency dealer Genesis Global Trading said on Thursday it loaned digital assets valued at $1.53 billion to institutional borrowers in...

Linking Cryptocurrency with Traditional Banking

Two relatively new services, PiixPay and AavePay, offer cryptocurrency users a way to use their coins to deposit money directly to the bank...

Samsung is working on its own blockchain and might launch its own cryptocurrency

Samsung Coin? According to a new report, it might be on its way. The news: First, the company is working on its own blockchain. There...

Yelp Adds “Accepts Cryptocurrency” Option As Dash and Bitcoin Cash Lead Merchant Listing Push

Popular user-driven merchant listing app Yelp has reportedly added an option to accept cryptocurrency. As reported recently by BreakerMag, popular merchant listing and...

The Fleeting Luxury of Political Business Decisions in Cryptocurrency

This month, the cryptocurrency community largely came together against one of its most controversial figures by delisting a coin which was largely viewed...

YouTuber Claims PewDiePie May Be Backing a Cryptocurrency SCAM

Stopping short of making actual accusations against the live streaming service, the vlogger warned that “there’s a lot of shady stuff” related to the...

Study: Cryptocurrency Adoption Increasing with Endowment 94% Adoption Rate

A new study conducted by Global Custodian, The Trade Crypto, and BitGo in Q4 2018 shows that 94% of endowments have either direct...

How the hell are cryptocurrency holders supposed to file their taxes?

America's cryptocurrency tax policy is confusing everyone—and it’s high time for the US Internal Revenue Service to sort it out and explain. That’s the...

Bank of America’s Latest Feature Advances Transition from Mainstream Banking to Cryptocurrency

Reddit user TheCryptomath recently posted an internal image from Bank of America’s systems showing a cryptocurrency training session. ...

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