10 Best Crypto Audiobooks You Don’t Want to Miss

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So, you are getting tired of reading books and you want to switch to audiobooks that talk about cryptocurrencies. Well, today we are going to share the top 10 best crypto audiobooks that can increase your knowledge from beginner to expert.

Instead of having to carry a book around all the time you can just download the audiobook to your phone and listen to it while working or in a transition with your car, bus.

Audiobooks are becoming more accepted by people and to me, they represent a new form of entertainment. While listening to any of the best crypto audiobooks below it is very important to write down bullet points – at least that’s what I do.

One thing is that the audiobooks are narrated by top actors and industry professionals. They never bore you with the way they read the books.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and some people are still searching for ways to learn about crypto. Audiobooks might be the best way to get started with your journey into the cryptocurrency world.

By listening to the ones suggested below you can get to an expert level. We selected the most popular audiobooks suggested by industry experts to get you started. Let’s dive in and find out the best audiobooks on cryptocurrency.

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Best Crypto Audiobooks for 2022

Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies

Best Crypto AudioBook For New Investors

Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies Cover

This book will guide you on how to invest in over 200 top digital currencies, no matter what sentiments you have your mind will change after reading this.

You will find out how to steer through the new digital finance landscape searching for the right coins to invest in. there are real-world examples in the book on how to maximize your crypto wallet.

The book will also guide you on how the cryptocurrency market works. If you want to adopt a smart investment strategy in the crypto space then this is the right book to read.

The book was written by Kiana Daniel and she is the CEO of Invest Diva. She is also a wealth management and personal investing expert.

A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin

Best Crypto Audiobook For Complete Beginners

A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin

A beginner’s guide to bitcoin was written by Mathew R. Krater and it is one of the best crypto audiobooks especially for those interested in Bitcoin. The book will teach you everything you need to know about bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency and it is one of the biggest things to happen since the internet came into existence.

The book will help you understand why bitcoin is not a bubble or scam and why it is different from other coins.

You will also learn how to buy, store, and save your bitcoin. The book also highlights the approach of some professional Bitcoin investors. By listening to this audiobook, you will learn a lot of things about crypto in general.

Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of Blockchain Economy

Best Crypto Audiobook For Blockchain Economy

Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of Blockchain Economy

This audiobook is projecting the future and it is an interesting book that can convince you to embrace crypto and blockchain as the future. the google era was built on big data and machine intelligence and the writer believes there is a nervous breakdown with the current method.

He believes some crises like the security of personal data cannot be solved with the current computer and network architecture. The audiobook claims the future lies with crypto the new architecture of blockchain and its derivates.

He also states that Bitcoin and other digital assets will provide the internet with secure payment methods, ending the aggregate and advertise age of google.

Crypto Assets Investing in the Age of Autonomy: The Complete Handbook to Building Wealth in the Next digital Revolution

Best Crypto Audiobook on Trading Automations (AI, Bots)

Crypto Assets Investing in the Age of Autonomy: The Complete Handbook to Building Wealth in the Next digital Revolution

This is simply one of the best crypto audiobooks as it focuses on educating you about cryptocurrency and why it is the next big thing.

The writer of the book emphasized that crypto is a huge technological revolution that will change how transactions happen forever. He said cryptocurrency, robotics, the internet of things, and Artificial Intelligence will converge to deliver a new age.

A new wave of an economic cycle is here, and it’s the age of Autonomy. We have already started seeing them. the book also serves as a guide for those who wish to invest in cryptocurrency and also minimize risks.

Cryptocurrency Mining: A Complete Beginners Guide to Mining Cryptocurrencies

Best Crypto Audiobook on Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining: A Complete Beginners Guide to Mining Cryptocurrencies

If you are interested in knowing how crypto mining works then this is the right audiobook for that.

There are thousands of coins being mined every day and people make profits from mining. Most people think mining crypto is very difficult but it is easy to start. The audiobook will help guide you with your crypto mining journey.

The book will introduce you to software, hardware, and any other equipment you need to kickstart your mining journey.

There are also some bonus tips in the audiobook on how to invest in Bitcoin. You don’t need to be tech-inclined to be a miner. Listen to one of the best crypto audiobooks to find out all there is to know.

Internet of Money

Best Crypto Audiobook to help you understand Bitcoin

Internet of Money audiobook cover

This audiobook is one of the finest you can listen to if you want to understand how bitcoin works. It was written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos an acclaimed security expert and author of Mastering Bitcoin.

Throughout the audiobook, he talks about Bitcoin and how it is making people around the world financially free. He also talks about the potential of bitcoin beyond just being a digital currency.

The author also stated that it can lead to solving a lot of problems not just around finance but also political and social. He also believes that as a result of bitcoin how people interact has already changed.

Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World

Best Crypto Audiobook on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Revolution audiobook cover

This book was written by Dan Tapscott and his son Alex Tapscott who is a blockchain expert. The book is centered around blockchain and why it is the future of the world’s economy.

In the book, he touched on various aspects that Blockchain can revolutionize and some of them include art, finance, travel, and a lot of other things. Blockchain technology is one of the biggest things to happen since the coming of computers.

Blockchain Revolution is one of the best crypto audiobooks you can listen to. If you want a clear message on blockchain technology then you should listen to this book. It can also serve as a guide on how to survive and thrive in the new technology driving future.

Bitcoin Billionaires

Best Crypto Audiobook on the story of Winklevoss brothers

Bitcoin Billionaires audiobook cover

This book was written by Ben Mezrich and it is a story of the first two Bitcoin Billionaires who happen to be brothers. In the book, you will listen to how they stumbled on Bitcoin after fighting with Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook CEO.

They went in big on the digital asset because they believed no one will accept their money after the fight with Facebook CEO. This is an inspiring story that can serve as a guide on how to go about things in the Bitcoin world.

The Bitcoin Standard

Best Crypto Audiobook on Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Standard audiobook cover

This is no doubt one of the best crypto audiobooks especially because of how it paints the story of decentralization that we are already witnessing. He claims that Bitcoin and its software offer a better alternative to hard paper money. the book also claims that bitcoin is solving the problems of the old society.

This is a very interesting book that will guide listeners to understand how bitcoin works. If you have zero knowledge of BTC then this will be the right place for you to start. The book was written by Saifedean Ammos he is an independent economist and he also teaches courses on Bitcoin asides from being an author.

The Infinite Machine

Best Cryptocurrency Audio Book On Ethereum

The Infinite Machine audiobook cover

This book is centered on Ethereum and it is one of the best crypto assets you can own. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency and it was founded by Vitalik Buterin and a group coder. The books tell the story of the early days of ETH and the ideas behind it. if you wish to explore how Ethereum works then you will learn a lot by listening to this audiobook because it uncovers all there is to know.

Ethereum is more like the internet on its own because people can build a lot of decentralized apps on the platform. As a developer, you can also benefit from the Ethereum network without investing your money.

The audiobook will be made into a movie as well.

Rounding Up – Best Crypto Audiobooks

Listed above are some of the best cryptocurrency audiobooks that you can listen to especially if you are starting in the world of crypto.

The books cover various aspects and some explanations on how the crypto world works. Some books here are focused on the biggest assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency is a growing technology and there has never been a right time to embrace the technology than right now.  in case we missed any of your best crypto audiobooks that you feel should be here then you can mention it in the comment section.

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