Fintech Experts Predict That Cardano’s Price Will Trade At $2.79 By 2025

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A panel of 53 fintech experts in the cryptocurrency and Web3 industry predict that Cardano’s price will trade at $0.63 by the end of 2022, in a survey contacted by product comparison web portal – a prediction that is clearly down from the original prediction they made last January, which was $2.79.

Going a step further, the committee estimates that the ADA will close in 2025 at $2.93 and in 2030 at $6.54.

Before the market drop in January, the expert panel predicted that the ADA would end in 2022 at $2.79, a price they now believe it will have in 2025. Even bigger is theā€¦ shrinking of their prediction of the price ADA will have in 2030, as in January 2022 they had predicted it would reach $58.04 and now predict $6.54.

Expert opinion

Paul Levy, a senior professor at the University of Brighton, predicts that the value of the ADA will be at $0.5 by the end of the year and $5 by the end of 2025:

“There is still a lot of potential for Cardano to even challenge or even surpass Ethereum. Proof of participation is likely the future of most, if not all cryptocurrencies. Cardano, despite the current volatility, is in a good position,” Paul Levy pointed out.

Meanwhile, 26% of 58 experts believe the time has come to sell their ADA, while another 26%, including the creator of PLAYN, believe the time has come to buy ADA. “Strong adoption, scalable features and a careful management team that takes a quality first approach” are the reasons the creator of PLAYN believes it will hit $1.50 in December.

According to 51% of the panel, Cardano’s utility will increase due to the Vasil hard fork upgrade, while 37% of the panel expects this to drive up the price of ADA. However, one in five (20%) of the panelists believe this will lead to a long-term increase in price, while the remaining 17% believe this would just be a short-term increase.

Fintech experts split on Cardano

Dr Dimitrios Salampsis, director of Swinburne University of Technology, believes that the Vasil Hard Fork will bring about efficiency and optimization due to the increased amount of data that can fit into each smart contract transaction:

“This is expected to improve transaction speed and settlements and reduce transaction fees (compared to the high fees on Ethereum). In addition, I believe that Vasil Hard Fork will increase utility and boost more innovative projects using smart contracts.”

However, Kevin He, the Chief Operating Officer of Cloudtech Group, believes that Vasil Hard Fork will lead to a price drop in the near future based on observations of the price of other currencies after such an upgrade.

In addition, he is part of the minority of 17% of those who believe that the competitive advantage of Cardano, gained from Vasil Hard Fork, will not give any advantage if Ethereum’s sharding is carried out:

“Cardano’s advantage for fast transactions will no longer exist after the release of ETH 2.0. And due to the efficiency problem of Cardano’s development team, it makes it significantly lag behind other competitors in smart contracts and dapp compatibility. These, combined with the hit from the bear market, do not make us optimistic about Cardano’s value going forward.”

However, one third of the panelists, or 37%, disagree with the above assessment, while the remaining panelists are unsure whether Cardano will maintain its competitive advantage in the future (46%).

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