ICONOMI Acquires Triaconta to Expand in European Market

Acquisition Marks a Significant Step for Both Companies

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  • ICONOMI has acquired Triaconta to expand its presence in The Netherlands and the EU.
  • The acquisition helps ICONOMI meet strict regulatory requirements in both the UK and The Netherlands.
  • ICONOMI plans to obtain a licence under the new MiCA directive in the EU.
  • Dutch users can now invest by copying crypto strategies or creating their own portfolios on ICONOMI.
  • The company is shifting focus towards institutional investors with new B2B solutions.

ICONOMI, a leading cryptocurrency trading platform based in the UK, has announced its acquisition of Triaconta. This move will allow Triaconta to grow further within The Netherlands and across wider EU markets.

With this acquisition, ICONOMI becomes one of the few platforms that comply with stringent regulations both in the UK and The Netherlands.

Future Plans and Statements

ICONOMI aims to secure a license under the MiCA directive, which will establish unified regulations across EU markets.

Don Molenaar, co-founder of Triaconta, expressed excitement about this growth opportunity. He believes that being part of an ambitious company like ICONOMI will help them develop innovative solutions.

Peter Curk, CEO of ICONOMI, noted that as the global crypto market matures, more institutional investors are entering this space. He highlighted that even large private pension funds are starting to include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) as part of their investment policies.

Platform Features and Security Measures

Dutch users can now use ICONOMI’s platform to copy existing crypto investment strategies or create their own portfolios.

They can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using various payment methods including Euros, other cryptocurrencies via bank deposits or instant deposits through iDeal.

ICONOMI initially focused on individual investors but is now developing solutions for institutional investors such as brokerage firms and fund managers.

Their B2B platform allows these professionals to manage cryptocurrency portfolios under their own brand while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Security is also a priority for ICONOMI. They use proprietary hot wallets connected online for easy access along with cold wallets stored offline for higher security levels. A multi-signature structure ensures assets are protected by requiring multiple approvals before any transaction is completed.

Compliance History

Founded in 2017, by 2019, ICOONMI had over 40,000 users on its platform. In 2021, they achieved registration with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), meeting the high regulatory standards set by one of Europe’s toughest regulators.

Only about ten percent of the more than three hundred applicants were successful during the same time period, demonstrating a strong commitment to compliance and transparency practices within the industry framework.

Christiaan Jimmink from the Dutch team sees great potential due to the ease-of-use features offered to both individual and institutional clients alike.

Peter Curk emphasized the importance of expertise brought onboard through a recent acquisition, aiding expansion efforts into new territories with harmonized regulation frameworks in the upcoming years.


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