iGaming Platform BC.GAME Signs $40 Million Deal to Become Principal Partner of Leicester City

One of of the most significant partnerships in Leicester City's history

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The iGaming platform BC.GAME has signed a landmark $40 million deal to become the “Official Principal Partner” of English football club Leicester City, according to an announcement from Leicester City on July 5.

This partnership marks one of the most significant in Leicester City’s history, with BC.GAME’s branding set to prominently feature on the shirt-fronts of Leicester City’s Men’s First Team and adult replica shirts starting from the 2024/25 season.

As part of the expansion, BC.GAME will introduce its proprietary cryptocurrency, $BC, a native token of the BC.GAME platform designed to provide unique value to both token holders and platform users through a variety of incentives and practical features.

$BC serves not only as the governance token but also as the utility token for the game products on BC.GAME.

iGaming Platform BC.GAME Signs $40 Million Deal to Become Principal Partner of Leicester City

Introducing $BC: Elevating the iGaming Experience

BC.GAME has introduced $BC, a new cryptocurrency designed to elevate the player experience on its platform. Responding to extensive community feedback, $BC aims to provide users with a more integrated and rewarding experience.

This token will be at the heart of the gaming ecosystem, enabling transactions for in-game purchases, access to exclusive features, and more.

The launch of $BC marks a significant step forward in the platform’s development. The cryptocurrency will not only enhance the gaming experience but also foster a sense of community among players.

By integrating $BC into the platform, BC.GAME ensures that users can enjoy seamless transactions and exclusive benefits that were previously unavailable.

BC.GAME has been a significant supporter of the Bitcoin Lightning Network since 2019, demonstrating its commitment to advancing the crypto space. Reflecting this support, BC.GAME has innovatively transformed the ‘B’ in its logo on the jerseys to ‘₿’.

According to the rankings on 1ml.com, BC.GAME’s node is positioned at 16th, further showcasing its prominent role in the crypto community.

Robust Tokenomics and Growth Strategies

To support the growth of $BC, BC.GAME plans to implement community airdrops, liquidity mining, and comprehensive marketing strategies. These initiatives, underpinned by a robust tokenomics framework, are expected to create a vibrant market and deliver consistent value to users.

The community airdrop will reward early supporters and active participants, while liquidity mining will ensure that $BC remains a stable and valuable asset.

BC.GAME’s comprehensive marketing strategy includes collaborations with influencers, partnerships with other platforms, and targeted advertising campaigns. These efforts aim to increase the visibility and adoption of $BC, ensuring its success in the competitive crypto market.

Strategic Partnership with Leicester City Football Club

BC.GAME has also entered a notable partnership with Leicester City Football Club, running from August 2024 to May 2026. As part of this agreement, BC.GAME’s logo will be featured on Leicester City’s team jerseys, significantly enhancing the platform’s global visibility.

Leicester City celebrated for its unexpected Premier League victory in 2016 and its FA Cup win in 2021, is a club with a rich history and a passionate fan base. This partnership aligns with BC.GAME’s strategy to connect with prestigious sports entities and leverage the club’s international appeal.

The collaboration will not only boost brand recognition for BC.GAME but also provide Leicester City fans with exciting new opportunities to engage with the team.


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