My 5 favorite free crypto tools & sites I use daily

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So I often get asked by friends, or people visiting my site about new tips for exciting cryptos to invest in, how and where you buy Bitcoin and trading tips

And I’ve shared my lists and articles on those topics before but something I haven’t talked much about is my list of cool crypto tools and sites that I think everyone should check out right now!

So these five free crypto tools and sites are ones that I visit more or less daily.

My top 5 free crypto tools & sites right now!

1 ) Reddit

Ok, so not perhaps a traditional type of tool. But in many ways Reddit can be your greatest source of information and inspiration, or just silly fun.

Reddit is an online community for broad and very specific interests. Here people can join to share pictures of cats, share recipes, talk about retirement plans, and of course talk about cryptocurrencies.

There are what is called subreddits, which are specific subforums on Reddit to discuss these things I mentioned above, plus a thousand other topics.

So I use Reddit for fun. But I also use it talk with other crypto enthusiast. To learn about news stories, price discussions, trading tips, new altcoins, scams, memes, what have you.

It will be the first app you open every day after you learn to use Reddit!

Search for your favorite crypto + Reddit and you’ll find some communities. Or check out the most popular general ones, CryptoCurrency, CryptoCurrencies, CryptoMarkets

2 ) Go CryptoMarket

Go CryptoMarket

This is price comparison site for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there. I use it to check and compare the prices for cryptos that I am holding or interested in buying. Here you can see if there are any price differences between different exchanges.

So that if you wanted to buy Bitcoin, Ether or XRP then simply search for that cryptocurrency and you will see what current USD prices there are for that crypto at the connected exchanges.

What more you can do is to compare exchanges and cryptocurrencies against each other in common stats, to find out more about them. And then set price alerts, so that you will be the first to act when the price drops or increased.

If you find the overwhelming amount of connected cryptocurrency exchanges too many, find some helpful reviews of popular ones here.

3 ) Coinpaprika

free crypto tools - coinpaprika

This is a site that lets you explore the cryptocurrency exchanges and the data they provide us with some more insightful eyes. 

Unfortunately there is a common problem in the cryptocurrency space with fake trading volume, wash trading, and bot trading. That makes the actual trading volumes a lot less than what is reported.

So Coinpaprika mission to create a more trustworthy and honest crypto space is something I can stand behind. Check it out as an alternative to Coinmarketcap.

4 ) The crypto fear and greed index

crypto fear and greed index

This is a simple but cool feature and site that shows in a diagram/tool what the current greed or fear is amongst investors.

With lots of greed the interest is high and a potential fall could happen at some point when the greed diminishes.

Similar with the fear side, here people are afraid of buying and perhaps overselling. Which means it could be a good opportunity to buy!

It uses a few different factors for its tool. And it has taken inspiration from the famous CNN Fear and Greed tool but made one for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space.

5 ) Blockfolio

blockfolio cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

This is my go-to portfolio tool to keep track of my holdings and see how they fall or rise in value over the day, week, and years. 

It is an iOS or Android app that is simple to use and looks very good. You can set price alerts and follow some news stories for your favourite blockchain projects. But I mostly use it to check prices and my portfolio value.

I can also see what prices I bought in at, or sold at some point. And compare what eventual gains or losses I’ve made.

There are some others like Delta and Gem. But I’ve been a Blockfolio person from the start and don’t see me switching at any point soon!

So, do you have any free crypto tools and websites in mind you think should be mentioned? Add them via the comments section below and let other people learn more about them.

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