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Ethereum Classic’s 51 Percent Attack a Lesson For Altcoins

Ethereum Classic’s 51 Percent Attack a Lesson For Altcoins The now confirmed 51 percent attack on Ethereum Classic has...

Distributed Digest: Friday, January 11, 2019

CoinGate will start a Litecoin Lightning Network trial, Decentraland has a new software development kit, and Decenter wonders whether the keyword “Ethereum” has been...

Earning Money on Bexplus During Bear Market

Senior Bitcoin Investor: Earning Money on Bexplus During Bear Market Declining from $20,000, in the second half of 2018...

Bitcoin Could Jump to $5,000 And Gather A Market Cap Of Over $7 Trillion,...

The latest predictions on Bitcoin are not that bad after all, especially following a bearish 2018 and a falling market which crushed enthusiasts’ dreams.BTC could...

Flaw Discovered in Lightning Network’s Cross-Chain Functionality

While the Lightning Network is mostly known as a way to make Bitcoin payments instant and practically free, another often-touted aspect of the layer-two...

Crypto Mining Malware Has Netted Nearly 5% of all Monero, Says Research

Monero (XMR) is by far the most popular cryptocurrency among criminals deploying...

Bitcoin Vs. Litecoin Prediction: Can LTC Overtake BTC In 2019? – Details On Speed,...

Voices in the cryptospace claim that as Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin, the two tokens have various similarities and this might even be...

New Bitrefill Service Aims to Make Lightning Payments Easy

Stockholm-based startup Bitrefill now offers a way to mitigate bitcoin’s expensive learning...

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