Opera Launched A New Crypto Web Browser

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Opera has officially announced a new version of its eponymous web browser that is being developed based on blockchain technology and includes a built-in wallet for users’ cryptocurrencies, eyeing the Internet’s next “generation” – Web 3.0.

Opera’s Crypto Browser Project is already available in beta for some operating systems, and the company explains in detail on its blog how it wants to align with the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Users will be able to either use the built-in wallet or add popular services like Coinbase and Binance to manage their cryptocurrencies.

This “management” includes the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies with other users (send-receive) and balance control.

At the same time, it claims to have provided for security and privacy issues by preventing other applications from accessing the wallet chosen by the user.

There is also the Crypto Corner that displays price information, news about cryptocurrencies, and NFTs you can buy. Finally, the Crypto Pinboard has tutorials that can help the user take full advantage of the Crypto Browser Project’s features.

The question, of course, is whether it will convince users to trust their wallet to a web browser or if they are willing to use Opera’s new crypto browser when Brave has established itself as the first and most popular crypto browser?

Opera’s rival, Mozilla, recently announced that it would accept cryptocurrency donations, but received backlash from users, including co-founder Jamie Zawinski over the environmental impact of the blockchain.

Perhaps anticipating a similar reaction, Opera said it was working to implement the more energy-efficient Etherium Layer 2 standard “as soon as possible”.

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