10 Mistakes To Avoid When Developing a FinTech App

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When it comes to developing fintech applications for businesses or finance organizations, there is always high pressure on the financial software development services providers.

And the main reason behind this is that end-users prefer to have easy but fast and secure transactions, while they are using fintech applications. Because of the pressure, mistakes are bound to happen, and these mistakes lead to a bad customer experience, and eventually, companies lose millions of dollars.

So, to help you avoid such mistakes and make you aware of the type of mistakes that can happen while developing a fintech application, we will go through the top 10 mistakes that can happen by a developer. 


Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating a FinTech Application

Some of the mistakes that every financial software development service provider must avoid while developing a fintech app – 

  1. Data Filtration is Not Practiced

As fintech is a part of the financial field, it opens the doors for various unsensitized data. The data in financial apps are pulled from several sources, with undefined quantity or quality and variable formats. And as the financial sector is so deeply rooted in the IT field, it can pose various undefined and unidentified bugs for the financial software development company.

Besides, since data is so extensively networked, it becomes difficult for the developers to clean, filter, and use that data that has been pulled up for the application.

  1. Insufficient Testing

For any software solution, testing is a very crucial phase. And when it comes to creating a fintech app, testing becomes more important than it is for normal apps. With the help of the testing process, the financial software development services providers are able to test every stage of the app several times. And by doing so they fund bugs that can be fixed in advance. The fintech developers do this for every fintech application and this is a great habit as it allows them to offer the best product to their clients. 

Besides, another thing that developers must keep in mind while testing is that manual testing is never enough. The team must adopt automated testing, which includes success tests, failure tests, and more. If this is not done by the development firm, it will be a big mistake. 

  1. Fixing the UI

One of the biggest mistakes that financial software development companies make is User Interface (UI). This means that developers face issues with the app when they don’t decide to have a perfect design for the app from the very beginning. Once the developer has determined the services, the next thing he should do is decide the design of the fintech app. If this is not done at the right time, the development company won’t be able to deliver an intuitive design of the client’s application.

When any fintech app is poorly structured or designed, it will fall short of clients and can attract bad reviews.

  1. Keeping it Simple

When the app is understandable and simple, the customers get more attracted to it as they don’t have to take much effort in using the app. And especially when it is about a fintech app, the simpler, the better.

The main reason behind it is that when an app is finance-related, no customer wants to work hard at guessing things. This is why being a fintech developer is a difficult job. The developer must create a fintech app that gives a clear picture to the clients.

  1. Failing to Maintain Consistency

Any software solution is known as a representative of the brand. It is a brand speaking to its clients. So when it comes to creating a fintech application, the financial software development companies must consider many things and keep them in proportion. When the company fails at maintaining the consistency of the application, it becomes a nightmare for the brand.

This is why there must be a fixed color scheme, typography, and lucrative graphics in the app. If these are missing, it sends a direct message in the market that the app and its services are inconsistent. 

  1. Stay Away from Congestion

There are various apps where the developers congest too many things on one app page. And this is never appreciated by the users, especially when the app is from the financial industry. And if this is the case, the users might skip the important part of the application because of too many things going on a single page. Therefore, putting too many elements on the same page is a bad choice. 

Besides this, one other thing that the developer must keep in mind while creating a fintech app is that the app must not have disproportionate ratios between graphics and texts.

  1. Security Approaches

Fintech apps in general have to deal with sensitive data. It involves financial data, transaction details, and other important user data. So, if the security approach of financial apps or websites is not proper, hackers can easily break into the system and user data won’t be safe.

To avoid safety issues, the developer must enable the users to log in to the app with the use of biometric identification like face recognition, fingerprints, and much more. In addition to this, the developers must follow a security approach that secures the data very well.

  1. Not Using the Round Shapes

Many software developers have the habit of putting pointed shapes in their solutions. And this is known as a psychological aspect. But the users fail to process sharp-edged angles or images. Besides, the sharp-edged corners appear to be brighter. This brightness leads to mental fatigue. This is why it is always good for the developers to put round-shaped images in the application.

Basically, software developers make mistakes in adding round-edged elements and this can indirectly harm the app’s future. 

  1. Mapping the Target Audience

One of the biggest mistakes that software developers make while creating a fintech solution is that they don’t analyze and map the target audience of the app properly. So, if it is done correctly, the users can easily interact with the business as the app is exactly as per the needs and demands of the customers.

  1. Easy Accessibility

Accessibility is something that not only users but also developers consider to be an important element. Therefore, when fintech developers are creating applications for financial companies, easy accessibility is a very important factor. Accessibility is one of those fintech app features that can result in the best user experience. This enables the translation of more customers to the business.


To sum up, with all the mistakes that a developer must avoid while developing a fintech application, the software engineer must understand that a transaction-gaining and successful fintech application must be developed only after proper research.

Besides this, the developer must make sure that the application has a good UX/UI, excellent security, and an easy-to-understand approach. So, if you are a business or financial organization owner, make sure to hire a financial software development company that has experts who can avoid these mistakes and create an amazing fintech app.

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