Looking for a Bitcoin Mixer? Just Give BitMix a Try!

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Cryptocurrencies are a superb addition to the world of finance.

But you know what they lack? They lack anonymity.

That is, anyone with basic programming skills can find your transaction address.

And depending on how you use cryptocurrencies, this may be good or bad…

How So?

You’re probably using cryptocurrencies as a way to save and invest. It’s where much of your money is…

So, do you really want people to know the addresses of your transaction? Do you really want people knowing who you buy/sell at?

Of course you don’t.

And this is where a Bitcoin Mixer comes in. It gives you the necessary anonymity, by breaking the connection between buyers and sellers!

Don’t Worry – They’re Easy to Use.

They’re actually tools provided by highly trusted financial services.

All you have to do is place an order. You simply send over the coins you want “cleared,” and they’ll do the rest!

BitMix – The Service You Need.

When it comes to your money, you always need high quality services. And BitMix offers just that.

Below, we’ll break down the features of this tool. We’ll discuss what makes it amazing, and why you should give it a try!

To Start: The Market

This tool is designed for all kinds of users – both businesses and private consumers.

As a private consumer, all you need is the order page. And as a business, you can get a special API that cleans up all transactions you do with your clients!

Plus, this tool is accessible worldwide.

It’s available in multiple languages. This includes English, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, German, Dutch, and Polish!

Feature #1 – Operates With Major Currencies.

As a guarantee of authenticity, BitMix only works with the most popular currencies – specifically Bitcoin and Litecoin.

This ensures a large enough pool of applicants that allows coin mixing. 

Also, it ensures that your orders are fulfilled quickly. And this allows you to receive an instant transfer after ordering!

Feature #2 – Low Entry Barriers.

The threshold of mixing isn’t high. Per order, you’ll need a minimum of…

  • 0.005 Bitcoin (about $53).
  • 0.015 Litecoin (about $1.1).

As you can see, the entry barriers are quite low. And you can clean up your cryptocurrencies with minimal savings!

There’s also a randomization option. This allows you to receive a transfer to your wallet over more than one output.

This feature makes tracking your crypto-transactions harder – but it does come with a higher entry barrier of…

  • 0.1 Bitcoin (about $1042).
  • 1 Litecoin (about $75.20).

Do note, the randomization option is perfect for large transactions. So if you’re a thrifty spend (or heavy earner) using cryptocurrencies, this option works well!

Feature #3 – Maximum Anonymity.

The information you provide to BitMix is cleared within 72 hours of ordering. That is, if you don’t select that option on the spot.

After all, you can choose to clear all your entries instantly on your order page!

This feature is amazing. You can now clear your coins, and without worrying about logs that 3rd parties will access!

And speaking of anonymity…

Supported Use of Anonymous Web Tools

Do you prefer to open your wallets on incognito browsers, while hiding your IP address and location?

If so, BitMix supports you. After all, it works with the everyday Clearnet, and anonymity tools like Tor!

Plus, it works with all browsers that operate with (and without) JavaScript!

They’re extra layers of defense that protect your transactions. And it ensures that attackers never find your destination account!

But that’s not all for anonymity tools…

Custom Fee Setup

If an attacker knows the mixing service fee, they can use that to track down your transaction, thus finding your account.

BitMix provides the option to set a customizable fee (between 0.4% and 4%). This ensures that no attacker can use that value against you!

Code Locks

Each transaction comes with a special code that marks your coins. It’s a measure to ensure that the same coin isn’t given twice to an account.

It ensures that all clearances you do are untraceable!

Get The Tool Now

There’s nothing more to wait for.

Simply head to the BitMix site, and protect your crypto wallets from malicious trackers!

Feature image by MasterTux from Pixabay

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