The Degen Express Platform; Simplifying Crypto Investments

Degen Express is live on the Base Network

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Per a recent press release, Degen Express, a permission less decentralized fair launch platform, is live on the Base Network.

Designed to enable upcoming tokens and creators to get acquainted with the decentralized finance (DeFi) market, Degen Express is a comprehensive, one-stop shop for degens looking to get into new projects earlier.

It supports its incubated projects and offers greater flexibility to potential buyers by presenting their exposure to emerging tokens and allowing degens the earliest opportunity to buy/sell new tokens without expensive liquidity pools and outrageous gas costs. 

Degen Express promotes accessibility and fairness by providing early access to nascent projects and simplifying the trading process.

Unlike similar projects, this platform takes a straightforward approach to investments, granting users unlimited access to fair launched tokens.

The team introduces high-security features to guarantee protection against scams, snipers, and other fraudulent activities. 

Features of Degen Express 

Degen express featured image-min

Degen Express is one standout platform that incorporates an array of advanced features and security measures. Some of these include: 

  • The Custom vAMM: it allows post-launch pools to be sent back to token creators. 
  • Token security: to minimize risks and promote a genuinely fair launch, the Degen Express team introduces 30-minute pool launches with whitelists. 
  • Social interaction; in addition to providing a sustainable haven for creators and users alike, this platform incorporates an engagement layer where you can earn experience points, unlock hidden perks, and level up on the platform. 
  • No pre-sale, only a fair launch. 
  • Linear bonding curve: it is a straightforward feature that further demystifies the token buying/selling process by eliminating traditional liquidity pools. It ensures that liquidity is maintained by strategic deployments once market cap thresholds are met. 

Benefits of Degen Express to Users and Creators 

Screenshot from Degen Express Platform's homepage
Screenshot from Degen Express Platform’s homepage

Degen Express adopts a simple and remarkably easy-to-understand system. As a potential user, you only need to find a coin you like, buy on the linear bonding curve, and sell at any time.

You will also benefit from the in-house exchange feature that enables lightning-fast transactions per second (TPS).

Additionally, users will enjoy unlimited access to emerging meme coin projects, getting in on coins in their pre-launch phases. 

Creators will benefit from the platform’s simplified token creation experience. They only need to come up with a token idea, create social media accounts, list the token on the “Start a New Coin” tab, select token name/symbol/ticker, link social media accounts, and select a token distribution formula.

Once a token is created and the market cap exceeds the $55k mark, $12k of liquidity is immediately deposited into the Degen Express AMM and burned for perpetual liquidity. 

Project Roadmap 

The team introduces an ambitious yet extremely realistic roadmap that will see the permissionless fair launch platform run on the BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Cronos, AVAX, and Blast networks in Q2 of 2024.

Degen Express is currently live on the Base Network and is now compatible with $FTM and $BASE tokens. 


Degen Express is more than just a launchpad that provides support to token creators; it is a sustainable and comprehensive one-stop shop platform designed to make DeFi investments more rewarding and simple.

Its unique features, advanced security measures, and user-friendly approach to upcoming token investments solidify Degen Express’ stance as a revolutionary project in the crypto market. It is an ideal platform for users and creators alike.

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