The Transformational Role of NFTs for the Gaming Scene

NFTs: Empowering Gamers with Ownership and Monetization Opportunities

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The gaming industry has undergone tremendous advances in the past two decades. A combination of better graphics, global smartphone reach, and internet connectivity have contributed to the industry ballooning in recent times.

Now, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are elevating the landscape even further with innovative ways to add value to gamers.

NFTs are part of the broader transformation brought about by the blockchain. The idea of community participants having more ownership of the platforms they belong to is a common theme across such platforms. 

The Crypto revolution and its impact on gaming 

A central tenet of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain is decentralization. It essentially means that the crypto community governs the network and can exchange the coins/tokens among themselves in a permissionless network.

This empowerment is transformational both in the financial and gaming sectors. 

Cryptocurrency took off in the mid-to-late 2010s, with Bitcoin taking the financial sector by storm. It has had its ups and downs, but the industry is now more established than ever.

Some of the uses of the blockchain transcend finance only, and this technology continues to gain interest globally.

For gaming specifically, gamers had long been accustomed to all-powerful gaming studios that released games on their terms. Players have for long had issues with the limited control of in-game items and their ability to monetize gaming items and time. 

These are the issues that blockchain games aim to alleviate. Creating games that give players greater autonomy over their in-game items, creating gaming communities that rely on user participation, and improving monetization opportunities for all participants. 

NFTs are uniquely beneficial for gamers

Regular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are fungible. This quality means that one Bitcoin is freely interchangeable with another. Similarly, a $20 note is exchangeable with another $20 note. Five twenty-dollar notes are exchangeable for a $100 note. 

A non-fungible unit of currency is unique and cannot be exchanged with another. The coding standard for these unique cryptocurrencies means that each is unique and can be identified from the next.

Accordingly, NFTs have found applicability in areas that need unique identification, such as rare art and memorabilia. The NFT scene had an explosive rise in 2021 with several NFT auctions fetching millions before the craze subsided somehow as the sector matured further.

The Transformational Role of NFTs for the Gaming Scene

NFTs are uniquely applicable to gaming where gaming items like Pokemons, gaming weapons and skins, and much more require unique identification.

For instance, NFT gaming platform Appxplore (Icandy)  is unveiling an NFT collection for its blockchain game CryptantCrab Prime to elevate the gaming experience beyond mere gaming. 

The game is a spinoff of the successful CrabWars game, with the introduction of Primordials NFTs. These NFTs are prized possessions within the game, with players able to utilize and monetize them freely beyond what was possible with traditional in-game items.

Such is the vitality of gaming NFTs. Players participate in a blockchain ecosystem that allows them to collect and enjoy the privileges of rare NFTs, participate in game governance, earn real rewards for gameplay, and play to earn more tokens available on such platforms. 

The big picture 

NFTs are a growing fixture in the gaming landscape. This tool ensures players can gain more than what was available under legacy gaming systems.

Players spend billions of dollars each year, and their efforts, both economically and in terms of gaming hours, need better appreciation. 

This leap in gaming allows innovators like Crab DAO to issue gaming items with unique attributes and tokens as a community to further enhance community integration into gaming ecosystems.

Decentralized gaming and digital ownership of gaming items will play an increasingly vital role in this sector in the future.


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