How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

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Most traders are concerned about how to buy bitcoin anonymously – without verification. We can both agree that nothing is as confusing as buying Bitcoin. People in the past used to believe that Bitcoin was anonymous.

Well turns out that’s not the case.

The blockchain records all transactions on a global ledger which is publically available. So if you leave a digital trail like purchasing Bitcoin with an ID, your dealings with time and resources will be de-anonymized on the blockchain.

It creates the idea of people wanting to enhance their anonymity and hence find ways to buy Bitcoins without verification. If privacy is the main concern for you, lucky for you, I got you covered because, in this blog post, I’ll share ways to buy bitcoin without proof or ID.

How to buy bitcoin anonymously

Local Cryptos

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If you are curious about how you can get Bitcoin anonymously, we have the answers for you. Local Cryptos is the original peer-to-peer crypto marketplace. The platform does not require one to have an ID or any verification to transact.

It makes peer-to-peer trading easy with just four steps. This platform is highly secure and used in over 130 countries. Local Cryptos also has over 40 different payment methods that they are using. 

  1. Create an Account – First, you need to create an account for free to generate a secure wallet or sign up with Web3.
  2. Find A Seller or Buyer – After creating an account, you need to familiarize yourself with buyers and sellers, depending on your preferences. The platform also allows you to filter offers by currency, price, or location.
  3. Open A Trade – Once you find an ad and are fully satisfied with it, you can open a trade. All you need is to choose the amount to sell or buy and then lock the exchange rate. Within 120 seconds, the other party will receive a notification and respond to you.
  4. Conduct the Exchange – You can conduct the trading exchange once the seller puts the crypto in an escrow account and you, the buyer, pay outside the platform.

The platform offers encrypted messages for users as they discuss payment. The decentralized escrow account is a form of a trust account to hold the crypto until payment. The buyer can access the crypto after payment.

The platform also has buyers and sellers located in about 15,000 different cities globally. Payment can be made through cash or wire the amount through PayPal or SEPA. In case of any payment disputes, Local Cryptos review the evidence and determine whether the buyer authorized the payment.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the best ways to buy Bitcoin without ID or verification. It resembles a traditional ATM that allows you to purchase bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency like USD, INR, or EUR.

Unlike these conventional ATMs, some Bitcoin ATMs allow you to withdraw bitcoins and even go to the extent of helping you convert these bitcoins to fiat currencies.

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Impressive right? That’s not all; others can help you with both!

To locate these bitcoin ATMs, you need the Coin ATM Radar Service, which allows you to search nearby ATMs using the live worldwide Bitcoin Map.

It helps you locate a bitcoin ATM map, locate bitcoin ATMs near you, provide necessary details about that ATM, and as if that’s not enough, it provides directions to the ATM of your choice. You can visit coin ATM radar to locate a Bitcoin ATM near you.

a bitcoin atm
– A Bitcoin ATM

You can only use these Bitcoin ATMs to buy bitcoin, provided there’s one close to you. These bitcoin ATMs are very few globally, and most of them offer one option between buying bitcoin and selling bitcoin.

Some of these bitcoin ATMs don’t even require disclosure of your identity. They are an excellent option for purchasing bitcoin without verification because they don’t need facial or fingerprint identification.

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Bitsquare, also known as BISQ, is another peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptocurrencies. The platform changed its name to BISQ due to copyright issues. BISQ exchange is decentralized from order placement, matching the order and order execution.

By using the peer-to-peer network with zero registration, buying and selling bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies is private.


The platform requires no identification or verification, meaning you can get started in minutes without waiting for any approval.

The platform is also secure and private, meaning your data is locally stored and never sent to a central server.

It’s also safe in that BISQ never gets hold of your funds, and it’s elementary to use, so you can get started and make your first trade in minutes. BISQ is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux and currently supports 126 cryptocurrencies.

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Wall of Coins

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Wall of Coin is another transparent peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling bitcoin without disclosing your identity. The Bitcoin exchange service owned by Genitrust, Inc. operates in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Poland, Philippines, Latvia, and Germany. The platform directly connects buyers and sellers trustworthy, intelligent, and secure.

It is a cash-based system requiring a cash deposit in a bank by the buyer. You, as the buyer, obtain the bank account details of a Bitcoin seller who has a bank branch close to you. You then visit and deposit the cash into the seller’s account. Once the platform confirms the deposit, the coins held in an escrow account get released to you.

Again the platform uses an escrow account as a trust between the buyer and the seller. The platform will temporarily hold the seller’s coins in escrow awaiting payment from the buyer. After payment and verification, the buyer can access the bitcoins. Wall of Coins offers both secure live and fixed exchange for its users.

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👉 Visit Website is a USA-registered platform that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins without verification. It offers a wide variety of deposit options, including Visa or credit card, Skrill, Domestic Wire Transfer, Epay, and Advcash. The platform supports about 109 cryptocurrencies and allows users to purchase crypto worth $100 every day without verification.

Cex offers low deposit fees for credit and debit cards and allows wire transfers for free., as a result of the rampant cryptocurrency growth, has added more features to its platform, which are more efficient and user-friendly. It also provides a savings account with fixed and flexible savings accounts.

Person to Person Purchasing

It is the easiest way of purchasing bitcoin without any verification but one of the most underused tricks. With the rampant increase in the adoption of bitcoin, you might come across many people who have bitcoins and can ask them to sell bitcoin directly to you. The process is straightforward.

businessman holding a cellphone and checking trading
– Sendinf crypto to one another

Don’t be surprised to find they are willing to sell you the bitcoin at the current exchange price or even lower! Selling at a lower cost helps them save on taxation. The person-to-person transaction might be convenient if you’re not that into complex processes when purchasing bitcoin.

It offers more trust as you interact face to face with the seller in real-time, and transactions are instant. The disadvantage is that the seller may track you down from your mobile number or vehicle number after the face-to-face bitcoin deal.


Another popular peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling bitcoin without disclosure of identity is Paxful. It is easy to use, especially for beginners and offers more than 350 payment methods.

With over 350 payment methods, you don’t necessarily need a bank account to join Paxful. Cash, PayPal, pioneer, credit, and debit cards can act as payment methods.

The platform allows you to trade in hundreds of digital currencies. It is also secure, offering safety and security to all traders.

The platform offers zero fees for buyers and only a 1% transaction fee for sellers. With Paxful, you can withdraw money directly to your bank account and send money to your PayPal or bank account.


If you were concerned about purchasing bitcoin anonymously, the above 8 methods offer a convenient way to buy bitcoins without ID verification. Try one of those methods, and I hope you find them helpful.

Remember, people can still track you with more agile techniques, but the above ways will cover you as you purchase your bitcoin.

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