Andrew Tate Claims He’ll Invest Millions in GameStop Amid Stock Hype

Controversial Influencer Says It's a 'Spiritual Battle' Against Wall Street

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  • Andrew Tate claims to have invested up to $6 million in GameStop stock.
  • The investment was inspired by Roaring Kitty’s return to social media.
  • GameStop’s stock price doubled following Kitty’s post.
  • Nasdaq halted trading of GameStop 18 times due to price swings.
  • Tate describes the investment as a fight against the financial system.

Andrew Tate, the controversial social media personality, has announced a significant investment in GameStop, a stock known for its wild price swings.

Tate initially mentioned investing $50,000 but later claimed he had put $6 million into GameStop.

He said his goal was to disrupt Wall Street hedge funds.

The hype around GameStop’s recent price surge was sparked by Roaring Kitty, an influential figure in the stock’s dramatic rise in 2021.

Kitty, who had been quiet for three years, posted on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), causing GameStop’s price to double.

This sudden activity led Nasdaq to halt trading of the stock 18 times in one day due to the volatile movements.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

Tate’s Motivations and Statements

Tate stated that his investment is more than just financial. He referred to it as a “spiritual battle” against the financial system, aiming to “upset” Wall Street insiders.

He used “colorful” language to emphasize his disdain for these financial figures, suggesting that his actions were intended to provoke them.

Despite the stock’s volatility, Tate claims he will hold onto his GameStop shares indefinitely, framing it as a form of protest. His public comments have been polarizing, much like his persona.

Legal Troubles

Tate’s investment activities come amid ongoing legal issues. He is currently facing several court cases, including allegations of rape and assault by four women in the UK.

Additionally, authorities claim he is involved in a human trafficking case in Romania. These legal battles have kept Tate in the headlines for reasons beyond his financial moves.

Tate’s actions and statements about his GameStop investment reflect his controversial style, which continues to attract significant attention.

Whether his financial decisions will impact the market or his legal outcomes remains to be seen.


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