Ghana to Adopt Blockchain in Governance for Transparency and Anti-Corruption

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia announces groundbreaking use of blockchain technology in government operations.

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  • Ghana plans to integrate blockchain technology into its governance to combat corruption.
  • This initiative will make Ghana the first African country with a blockchain-powered government.
  • The e-Cedi, a digital currency, is being rolled out alongside these efforts.
  • Blockchain will track all digital transactions within the government’s operations.
  • Dr. Bawumia emphasized digital tools’ role in increasing transparency and reducing corruption at a regional conference.

Ghana’s Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has announced an ambitious plan to incorporate blockchain technology into the country’s governance system as part of anti-corruption measures.

This move aims to position Ghana as the first African nation with a blockchain-enabled government framework.

Enhancing Transparency Through Technology

During his speech at the 14th Regional Conference and Annual General Meeting of Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa held on May 9 in Accra, Dr. Bawumia detailed how this technological integration would serve as a critical tool against corruption.

By making every digital transaction traceable through blockchain, it becomes easier for authorities to maintain oversight and ensure accountability within public services.

The vice president also highlighted successful outcomes from other digital initiatives such as the portal which has significantly increased revenue while streamlining access to public services since its inception in 2020.

Ghana to Adopt Blockchain in Governance for Transparency and Anti-Corruption
Bawumia in 2017 / Source: Wikipedia

The Role of Digital Currency

In conjunction with adopting blockchain technology, the rollout of eCedi is underway under close supervision by the Bank of Ghana (BOG). Introduced initially in Sefwi Asafo during its pilot phase last year, this digital version of the local currency (CBDC) aims not only to modernize financial transactions but also curb financial crimes effectively.

Dr. Bawumia expressed optimism about these technologies playing pivotal roles in fighting corruption across Africa. He encouraged other nations present at the conference to consider similar approaches that utilize advanced tech solutions like digital forensics which can disrupt corrupt practices comprehensively.

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