How Does Horse Race Betting Work?

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At the racetrack, there is a special atmosphere of excitement and hopes, victories and disappointments, speed, and tension.

Today, this place is gaining more and more popularity around the world because it is a unique opportunity to get a dose of adrenaline and financial benefits.

To learn more about the principles of its operation and the features of betting, read this article.

Distinctive features of horse racing betting

Rapidly developing events are the most important feature of horse races, each of which on average lasts no more than 2 minutes, which allows us to conclude its results almost immediately after the animals started. Several factors affect the duration of the race:

  • The presence or absence of obstacles;
  • The length of the distance;
  • Special conditions (the presence of a team with a driver, for example).

Another distinctive feature of the sweepstakes is the proportional division of the sum of all bets between those participants who bet on the winning horse in the race.

If none of the participants placed bets on the winner, the entire amount goes to the Jackpot, which continues to grow until one of the participants predicts a winning combination.

Undoubtedly, it is worth taking into account the statistics of previous races, but you need to remember that it should not be decisive. 

It is worth taking into account:

  • Physical form and age of each horse;
  • Her rest time between races;
  • Weather conditions and track coverage;
  • The length of the distance;
  • The experience of the jockey;

An important key to success is the combined analysis of the above factors because if you take into account only the experience of the jockey and do not take into account the physical form of the horse, for example, you can easily lose.

Main types of betting on horse racing

As in other sports, horse racing has a lot of options to bet on and has the biggest online betting. Today, visitors to the racetrack can make a huge number of bets, different in terms of conditions and final results. Below are the main types of them:

  • Win – is the most popular type and implies a bet on one horse, which according to the bettor will win or lose the race. You can get a cash prize only if the predictions of the participant coincide with the real outcome of the race;
  • Place – a bet that a certain horse will take any prize in the race, the number of which depends on how many horses are competing, or is set by the rules of the bookmaker’s office;
  • Each way – the ability to place a bet on the winner of the race and on one of the prize places at the same time;
  • Double-a bet on two horses that, according to the participant, claim to win two races;
  • Exact – bet on horses claiming 1st and 2nd prize places. The prize will be awarded if the results of the race completely coincide with the predictions of the bettor.

What are the strategies for betting on horse racing?

Let’s now take a look at the strategies that you can play:

  • You can always bet against the winner. This works about 60% of the time;
  • You can take the first three races of the day (usually beginners or previously undefeated participants) and bet on the favorites in the double and triple express, “Trixie”. If the quote is not less than 2 to 1 for each knight, then if you win at least two of them, the profit is guaranteed;
  • There are also double express and two single ones at the same coefficient. It will also work out well. You can look at outsiders: if the bet on them starts to fall, then it makes sense to look at their form and past successes, if the horse has potential, you can try “victory or prize place”;
  • One of the strategies for gambling is Martingale. After each loss, double your bet. Given the pleasant odds, even for the favorites, it is very pleasant to climb, but if luck does not turn around for a long time, you need to be able to stop;
  • There is a Dutch system: watch your hands: choose several participants who have some chances to win. Imagine what these chances are, in order. And put a conditional $10 on the most likely winner, $9 on the next one, then $8, and so on.
  • The smaller the chance to win, the bigger the quote, so you should stay in the black, but a sense of proportion is also important here. And you need to take into account that you can not bet on all the horses of the race like this, the bookmakers have long banned it.

How do I increase my chances of winning?

To date, there is no clear advice about the strategy of behavior when betting on horse races, which can guarantee a win, but experienced bettors give some recommendations on this matter, increasing your chances of obtaining financial benefits. Read more about this below:

  • Watch the races. It is very important to carefully observe each horse assess its shape, endurance, and speed;
  • Study the features of the racetrack and determine which one is most popular among visitors;
  • Do not risk betting on outsiders in the hope of increasing the odds and winning a large amount. It is better to bet on proven reliable horses that are repeated winners. Thus, you almost guarantee yourself a small but win.

Following these tips, you can easily try your luck in betting on horse racing.

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