Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies – How Their Values Fluctuate

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Are you interested in knowing more about Cryptocurrencies? Have you been surprised by the value of Bitcoin and thought you should check out what was causing this Cryptocurrency to be so valuable?

Perhaps, you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies and have to understand the factors that affect their values so you can trade safely and with knowledge. There is no doubt that online brokers
are providing traders with great opportunities to make money from ​Digital Coins​.

But understanding the reason for the movements in the market is necessary for any trader.

The Big Reason for the Movements of Cryptocurrency Values

News about Regulation

The first thing that matters is regulation. One of the biggest factors that have attracted millions of investors from around the world to Cryptocurrencies is anonymity. You can trade Cryptocurrencies anonymously and through decentralized means.

But when governments talk about regulations, these investors believe they are losing their two of the biggest luxuries i.e. anonymity and decentralization. As soon as some government or a financial authority announces a crackdown on Cryptocurrencies, you see a huge dip in the prices in the Cryptocurrency market.

The activity of Cryptocurrency Developers

The world of Cryptocurrencies is full of skeptics. In fact, skeptics play a major role in shaping up this market. When a new Cryptocurrency drops into the mix, people are skeptical about its legitimacy, the realness of the developers of the Cryptocurrency, and the scope of the digital coin. In many cases, teams that gathered some of the biggest ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) disappeared from the scene like they never existed.

So, when investors see that the team of developers behind a particular Cryptocurrency is active, making new clients every day, and spreading the word on the internet, they put more trust in the Cryptocurrency and cause its value to rise.

Availability of the Total Number of Coins

One must not forget the basic supply and demand rules that are a part of every economic setting. When you talk about ​Cryptocurrencies​, there is no exception.

The more coins there are on the market and available in the backup, the lower the value of the Cryptocurrency will be. The scarcer the Cryptocurrency, the higher its value will be. One of the biggest manifestations of this phenomenon is the value of Bitcoin.

One of the reasons you see Bitcoin soaring above all other Cryptocurrencies is because of its limited supply. For instance, the total supply of Bitcoin is no more than 21 million. Compare that to the total supply of 107 million for Ethereum and you will get the picture.

Final Thoughts

So, you know at this point what factors cause the value of Cryptocurrencies to go up and down. You can know more by visiting ​Crypto Engines​ as well. The volatility in this market is unprecedented when you compare it to other financial markets.

So, if there is a movement of certain percentage points of a particular Cryptocurrency all within a day, you should not be surprised too much. Keep hearing the news and following the online resources of information on Cryptocurrencies to keep in the know and trade safely.

Image by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay

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