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Crypto Exchange Tells ICO to Put Aside $1 Million For “Market Making” to Support...

A very new project that raised $4.9 million this March 21st has been told to “set aside 1m usd for market making capital...

AI-Enabled Crypto and Fiat Payment Solution Bitenny Launches Token Presale

Despite widespread innovation and technological development over the past couple of years, the biggest problems with cryptocurrencies today are the same as they were...

Google Supports Digital Assets, Introduces More Crypto Elements Into Its Ecosystem Of Tools

Google runs the world’s most popular search engine with more than 3.5 billion daily searches and over 1.2 trillion annual searches.Now, the Internet giant...

Crypto Lawyer Drew Hinkes Joins Firm to Help ICO Issuers Fight Back

Blockchain lawyer Andrew Hinkes is spoiling for a fight. The general counsel at...

Linh Thanh Group Receives License to Establish a Crypto Exchange in Vietnam

Vietnam is going to see its first completely approved crypto exchange, because of Linh Thanh Group. Linh Thanh Group is the biggest distribution firm...

Crypto Futures and Institutional Interest: Looking in the Wrong Place

Noelle Acheson is a veteran of company analysis and member of CoinDesk’s...

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