Advanced Aromatherapy Powered By New Age Technology

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Recently, Paypal announced that customers can now convert their cryptocurrency into US dollars to complete online transactions.

Users can checkout with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. This development comes against a backdrop of mega Bitcoin investment by Tesla.ย 

As these influential companies look to leverage on cryptocurrency, aromatherapy sector players have not been left behind.

Organic Aromas – maker of the revolutionary nebulizing diffuser has been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2018. Many happy customers have accessed convenient aromatherapy enabled by Bitcoin.

Organic Aromas has not just facilitated cryptocurrency aromatherapy, the forward-thinking company has also innovated widely employing technologies like magconnect and wifi smart socket.

With the magconnect electrical cord, your nebulizing diffuser will not accidentally be knocked over by your kid or pet. The cord is connected through magnetism, eliminating the hazard.

Regarding wifi smart socket, you take diffuser control to a new height. All you need is to download the app on your phone and start controlling your diffuser remotely.

Turn on and off at the desired times seamlessly and conveniently. You literally control the diffusing intervals as needed.

Organic Aromasโ€™ nebulizing diffusers also use lithium battery technology. This guarantees better power efficiency and high energy density. Your diffuser utilizes a miniscule amount of electricity.

These diffusers do not use water or heat. You enjoy therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils as desired.

Through a fluid dynamics technology informed by the Bernoulli principle, the nebulizing diffuser emits the finest and purest oil particles for the best aromatherapy.ย 

No plastics are used in any part of the diffuser, and this eliminates the danger of leaching toxic chemicals. The quiet diffusers are extremely durable, made with pyrex glass and a solid hardwood base. 

You can also use these aromatherapy devices as side-pieces or centerpieces to enhance your room’s decor. Indeed, there are many eye-catching designs, styles, colors and types to choose from. 

From notable aesthetics to smart control features and other pioneering technologies, the Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas continues to set the pace.

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