What is Star Atlas Crypto Game (ATLAS)

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Blockchain gaming is on the rise, and there are already some blockchain games and tokens that have proven to be a success. Today, we will discuss what star atlas crypto is and why it can be one of the biggest on-chain games. The crypto game is built on the Solana blockchain, and players can earn real money from playing the game.

Star Atlas is an exciting game, and it is governed by two tokens, the $ATLAS, and $POLIS tokens. Here we are going to elaborate more on the tokens. We will tell you everything you need to know about the crypto game. The game has a DAO that stands for (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Decision-making lies in the hands of all the participants of the crypto game.

What is Star Atlas Crypto?

The Star Atlas Crypto game is a virtual metaverse based in 2620, where three factions battle for resources and embark on territorial conquest to achieve political domination.

The play depicts that the universe has been colonized and balkanized. The different factions are all trying to take control while somewhere in the deepest, most dangerous space lurking something of high value.

Players in the game become members or citizens of one of the factions. Every faction has its own beliefs and ideologies, and it determines the activities a player will have in the galactic conflict. The game has a high-quality graphic that is well detailed. In addition, it is built using Unreal Engine 5 nanite technology, bringing it to the same level as the most popular games available.

The Star Atlas Crypto game was built on the Solana blockchain, and it is the fastest blockchain in the world. It makes the game secure, and it also allows the game to use NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). In addition, there is an in-game economy that will enable gamers full-time ownership of in-game items like weapons, spaceships, lands, and more.

The game sets itself apart from other Crypto Games because it mirrors staking and mining. Using mining and staking, players can prove that in-game items are legitimate and can be used. Players can mine in-game assets through exploration while playing the game. In-game assets add value to the game by increasing player power and ability while playing the game. The network also allows players to set up mining and staking nodes to secure the network and help players earn rewards. this is a comprehensive answer to what is star atlas crypto.

How Does the Star Atlas Game Work?

The game is a futuristic science fiction experience where players side with one faction and contribute to their faction through gameplay. Players can earn a reward for their contribution that enhances gameplay. The three factions include: The MUD territory is controlled and occupied by human beings. Next, we have the Ustur Sector owned and occupied by Sentient Androids. Finally, the ONI region is occupied by a combination of alien-like forces.

The game combines role-playing (RPG), space exploration, and territorial control. Players can manage vehicles and spaceships. Mining operations are also carried out, and it’s a vital concept of the game. Mining can be carried out in space or on land. Players can participate in player vs. player battles, player vs. environment missions, and virtual reality gaming experiences. There is also a dynamic career system where players can use specialized equipment to participate. We also have a high-risk play for keys mode where gamers stake assets to bet on the outcome of a game.

Like we stated earlier, the game is based on blockchain technology, and it has its native tokens that include the $ATLAS and $POLIS. NFTs represent in-game assets ownership. The crypto game uses smart contracts on the Solana blockchain to execute gaming scenarios and provide decentralized finance features using serum. Players can trade in-game assets on-chain through the game NFT marketplace. Gamers can also earn income by mining resources that are native to controlled territories.

Maintenance of the Star Atlas crypto game happens on the blockchain through an on-chain governance system. As a result, players have unprecedented control over the crypto game. They vote on changes to the parameters of the game. you need to understand how the game works to understand what is star atlas crypto.

What is the ATLAS Token?

The ATLAS token is the official currency used within the Star Atlas crypto ecosystem. It serves as the medium of exchange for buying and selling in-game assets that include vehicles, land, crew, and equipment’s to mention a few. The ATLAS token is the lubricant of the metaverse; it fuels all the transactions that happen in the game.

The token is needed to carry out other tasks throughout the game. It can be in the form of direct peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions or via non-playable character (NPC) merchants. Players have to balance operational costs from mining, fuel, crew, and vehicle repair. Every player must hold the ATLAS token to pay for in-game services and purchases. The ATLAS token is also the currency used and accepted in the games NFT marketplace.

What is the POLIS Token?

What is Star Atlas Crypto Game (ATLAS)
POLIS token logo

The POLIS token is the governance token of the Star Atlas crypto game ecosystem. It serves as a multifunctional utility token; the POLIS token is used to vote for game policies and reality. POLIS Holders can also become members of the decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) to manage micro-economies. The POLIS holders can impose fees, fines, and taxes for anybody outside the DAC to enter independently owned territories.

POLIS holders can gain jurisdictional ownership of territories, regardless of which player owns the land or equipment in that territory. POLIS holders can stop other players from operating within specific jurisdictions and create laws to enforce within a region. However, a POLIS holder cannot possess all these powers without the agreement of a group of players. No single player can create laws without the approval of others.

Most importantly, POLIS holders can influence the development of the Star Atlas crypto game. This includes the game’s overall direction, assets release schedules, inflation rates, and any other aspect of the game. After the initial distribution of 20% of all POLIS tokens during the Galactic Asset Offering (GAC), the only way to get the POLIS token is by staking the ATLAS token. Staking happens in-game, and any ATLAS token staked will be exempted from in-game use.

Where can I Buy the ATLAS and POLIS tokens?

The ATLAS and POLIS tokens are available for trading on a couple of exchanges. You can open a wallet and store any of the tokens there. Both tokens are available on FTX, Gate.io, Hotbit, ZT, XT.com, Raydium, etc. The ATLAS token is listed on more crypto exchange and trading platforms than the POLIS token.

It would be best to connect a wallet using Phantom, Sollet.io, Solflare, or Sollet extension to play the game. These are wallets connected to the Solana blockchain and serve as the official wallets of the game. All in-game rewards and NFTs will be saved on the wallet. In addition, players can store, stake, or carry out any in-game transaction using the wallet.

What is Star Atlas Crypto: The Metaverse

The Star Atlas Crypto Game has metaverse-like features. The game is more like a virtual experience, and players can buy lands and build on them. Players create their avatars and customize them to their taste. The more powerful an avatar is, the more effective it will be during gameplay.

The land and other in-game assets have real-world value and can be traded for cash. Assets in the game are earned free after players complete specific tasks or conquer new territories. The game founders also highlighted that brands could set up NFT stores inside their metaverse, but they don’t have the right to participate in the game. Instead, they only deliver the product as an NFT, and players can use them to equip their avatars.

Founders of the Star Atlas Crypto Game?

The founders of the game include Michael Wagner, the Chief Executive officer (CEO), and Daniel Floyd, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Other members that complete the founding board include Jacob Floyd, the Chief Product Officer, and Pablo Quiroga, the Chief Revenue Officer.

According to the CEO Michael Wagner, he and the entire Star Atlas leadership team are long-time gamers, and that was the reason they came together to build a blockchain game that was different and unique. They started building the game in mid-2020, and it officially debuted in January 2021. The game was made available to the general public in August 2021.

Rounding Up

Star Atlas is a fantastic blockchain game built with high-end graphics to deliver standard visuals and state-of-the-art gameplay. The game can draw the gaming community’s attention because of the integration of crypto and free in-game rewards. Soon the days of spending money in-game will be a thing of the past.

 Players stand a chance to make a lot of money from playing Star Atlas and other blockchain games. The Solana blockchain, which is currently the fastest globally, was a great decision by the developers. That reason enough could lead to massive adoption of the game. hopefully after reading this you should understand what is star atlas crypto.

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