Dendy Metaverse’s AirDrop is Almost Ready – Available in a Few Days

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Dendy Metaverse has announced that its long-awaited Airdrop is almost ready and it will happen in a few days. In total 3 750 000 MetaDND tokens will be airdropped.

The Dendy Metaverse is a Decentralized Finance platform based on the play-to-earn concept. Users of the platform will be able to play 7 of the most popular Dendy games (Aladdin, Frogger, Battle City, Super Mario, Packman, Contra, Duck Hunt) online earning MetaDND tokens for doing so.

Dendy was the Russian version of the original Nintendo entertainment system that was produced in Japan. Dendy was released in the Russian Market in 1992 and it was one of the most popular game consoles ever, having sold more than six million units in Russia and other countries of the Soviet Union.

The demand for the MetaDND token is expected to be huge since millions of people from Russia and the former Soviet Union who’ve are knowledge about the Dendy games will jump in to play, earn and be part of the Dendy Metaverse.

Dendy Metaverse's AirDrop is Almost Ready - Available in a Few Days
Dendy Metaverse Roadmap

Benefits of the Dendy Metaverse

The Dendy Metaverse comes with a lot of benefits making it one of the most promising Decentralized Finance and Play-to-earn platforms of 2022.

  • Play 2 Earn

Earn money by simply playing your favorite Dendy Games.

  • Trade unique NFTs

The NFT Marketplace is set to open in late January 2022 and it will allow players to mint and trade unique NFTs from the Dendy Metaverse.

  • Locked liquidity pool

The liquidity pool is locked for three years, which guarantees the safety of your funds

  • Anti-Whale mechanism

The maximum transaction volume is only 0.5% of the total number of tokens which safeguards large movements and sell-offs from large holders which might affect the token’s price.

  • Automatic liquidity pool generation

5% of each transaction is allocated to the liquidity pool providing liquidity to traders.

  • Automatic passive income farming

5% of each transaction will be distributed to token holders increasing passively their holdings and incentivizing them to hold their tokens, leading the tokens price to increase in price.

  • Fast transactions & Low Gas Fees

Due to the fact that MetaDND is deployed on Binance Smart Chain, trading of the MetaDND token, minting NFTs, and transacting in the Dendy Metaverse will happen fast and with minimal gas fees – as compared to the high fees Dapps have to pay on the Ethereum blockchain.

MetaDND Token Presale

The Token’s IDO Presale will occur on PinkSale Finance on January 12, 2022, where 16 180 000 MetaDND Tokens will be available for early investors. To access and use PinkSale finance you will need a Metamask wallet funded with BNB tokens.

You can learn more about the presale here.


  • Total $MetaDND supply is 100,000,000.
  • Gaming rewards pool: 66,820,000 $MetaDND
  • Liquidity pool: 8,250,000 $MetaDND
  • IDO pool: 16,180,000 $MetaDND
  • Team vesting: 5,000,000 $MetaDND
  • Air-Drop: 3,750,000 $MetaDND
  • Slippage:10%

Dendy Metaverse Media

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