Tim Cook: Apple Does Not Plan To Make Crypto A Payment Method

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Apple CEO Tim Cook, attending the New York Times Dealbook conference, provided some interesting information about whether the company plans to integrate cryptocurrencies into its payment methods, how he sees the upcoming establishment of augmented technology and virtual reality, but also raised the coveted issue of sideloading.

Cook explained that he has invested in cryptocurrencies and that he has conducted relevant research on the subject – clarifying that he does not give any investment advice.

He was asked whether Apple intends to use cryptocurrencies as a payment form through Apple Pay, as implemented by several tech companies, he clarified that currently, the company does not plan to make cryptocurrencies an acceptable payment method, at least in the near future.

More specifically, he said that

“I don’t think people buy Apple shares to have exposure to the cryptocurrency market. Even if they want to do this, they can invest directly in encryption by other means,”

Cook added that when the company looks extensively at the issue of cryptocurrencies and decides to somehow integrate them into its system, further details will be announced.

Regarding NFTs, Apple’s CEO said they are quite interesting, but he thinks it will take longer for the wider public to become familiar with their concept and existence in general.

Cook was also quite clear in the question related to the issue of sideloading, explaining that people before deciding to buy a mobile phone have two options now: a device that allows sideloading and a device that does not allow it.

So if users want an environment where sideloading apps are allowed, they can buy an Android device, he said.

Finally, he expressed his enthusiasm for the approaching new world of virtual reality but did not comment on either Meta’s recent plans or the company’s actions in this regard.

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