adopts Bitcoin LightningNetwork

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Instant Swap platform recently announced it had integrated Bitcoin Lightning Network into its online platforms. What does this mean and why is it significant? Let’s take a look. is an account-free crypto swap platform that allows users to exchange up to 40 cryptocurrencies in a safe, private and instant manner. 

With just one click site visitors can exchange tokens without the need for account creation, long-winded registration or email verification. 

This hassle-free and straightforward process highlight the true flexibility of the cryptocurrency industry and the simple way crypto can be integrated into everyday life.

Users are always in control of their private keys meaning security is straightforward, effective and simple. 

The platform appeals to users who want an instant and hassle-free transfer of assets without having to register or use an exchange. also provide access to their API which allows business to connect should they wish to process crypto through the service.

The idea behind is simple. Users pre-load their wallets with the crypto of their choice and choose which crypto they would like to swap to. then searches the internet for the best rate on the market and guarantees that fixed rate before depositing the required coins into the desired wallet. It’s that simple.

The user interface is well designed, clean and easy to follow which makes it especially appealing to those new to cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the team behind are easy to contact and helpful with any enquiries new users may have.

Lightning Network recently announced the integration of Bitcoin Lightning Network into the accountless exchange.

This layer 2 software stack enables faster, cheaper and more secure Bitcoin payments to the platform which in turn will make the platform more appealing and user friendly.

The average cost and wait time for a Bitcoin transaction will reduce from $2 and upto 10 minutes to around 1-3 seconds and as little as $0.01. This upgrade will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sending and receiving Bitcoin on and be sure to attract a number of new users.

Lightning Network brings scalability to Bitcoin payments in a way which manner people thought impossible before. By making Bitcoin transactions fast and cheap Lightning Network brings payment ‘with click’ a step closer as the need for financial custodianship is completely eliminated. 

Conclusion was developed by early crypto enthusiasts and is one of a number of exciting and innovative cryptocurrency platform on the market which are seeking to revolutionize the way we think about and manage our own financial sovereignty.

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