Mech Master Brings an Intriguing Gameplay to rule the P2E NFT Era

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Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs have become the biggest breakthrough use case in 2021 quite similar to what Defi did in 2020. The NFT rage began with celebrities and brands looking to promote or auction rare items that saw the likes of Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, NFL Stars, Luxury brands and what not. However, as with every popular trend, NFT ecosystem has also exploded with new use cases with the most significant trend currently coming from the gaming industry. In fact, NFTs very first use case was as an in-game reward and memorabilias and current NFT trend it’s taking it to the next level.

Play to Earn (P2E) NFTs are currently the rage in the NFT ecosystem as it combines the best of two worlds, the video game industry and the ever popular crypto world. P2E NFT projects offer an intriguing game play with real crypto rewards that can be traded on real world crypto exchanges, making it a win-win situation for participants. However, not every project launching with a P2E concept has a sure shot chance of making it big, since a majority of these projects just try to milk on the trend and vanish away within a year of launch. This is where Mech Master comes in to stamp its authority in the P2E NFT arena.

Mech Master brings the first ever Mecha blockchain game that combines the best of First Player Shooting, and Strategy gameplay. The gaming ecosystem has been the main focus of the project while crypto and NFTs get integrated along the gameplay. Most of the projects today try to lure users by claiming to offer lucrative awards, but most of this fail miserably as the gameplay is garbage. Mech Master creators are aware of it and thus concentrated most of their focus towards building an intriguing gameplay first and later worked to bring a great incentivization model as well.

Mech Master GamePlay Puts it in the Lead in the P2E Arena

The Mech Master gameplay is the main highlight of the project with several characters with a story mode that allows for constant interest. Each character in the game also serves as a unique collectible that can be traded and sold for real world money, Mech Master is the Mecha game with the first-ever complex 3D rendering characters on a blockchain. Its notch art & design are better than 100% of current games on blockchain currently on the market.

Players will assemble a team of 3~5 Mechas to battle against opponents to earn Mech Tokens.

The battle is turn-based, meaning each Mecha will have its turn moving through the map and attacking opposing Mechas. The map is made of many hexagon tiles, with unique terrain elements attached to each tile.

A huge library of Mechas, pilots, and equipment, along with many other elements like commander, weather, make each battle a unique experience and push your tactical genius to the absolute limits. Players can buy pieces of land and develop their own cities on the moon. Build strongholds, factories, barracks, facilities… and grow your economies and Mecha army.

Mech Token and other resources like minerals, gold… will be rewarded after each battle. Players can use those resources to produce new Mecha, new equipment and then trade with other players on the Mech Master market. Battle other players, get resources, develop your Moonbase, produce new Mecha, and earn money via trading on the Mech Master Market!

Mecha is the main driver in the game that represents a mean machine and more advanced a player’s Mecha means better chances at winning. Mecha is not just a simple machine either player must play, win, and gather points to buy more Mecha parts to make it invincible. Each Mecha has 6 body parts: head, core, torso, arm, leg, and miscellaneous. The rarity of each part determines the total powers of Mecha and benefits that Mecha has. The higher rarity, the more powerful that Mecha is. Then there is Pilot which controls the Mecha and both Mech and Pilot also act as collectibles. Each Pilot has a preferred Mecha’s Race. If equipped with a Mecha from that race, the pilot will provide additional bonuses.

Mech Master Boasts of its Own NFT Marketplace and Collectibles

Mecha Factory

The Mech Master ecosystem combines the best of crypto NFT with gameplay to make it a lucrative investment as well. The NFT marketplace for Mecha would allow players to trade extra features and characters for rare elements and collectibles. Let us look at some of the well-known collectibles in Mech Master.

Mecha NFT: Mecha is a NFT collectible representing a giant fighting machine in the Mech universe. This is the centerpiece of Mech Master’s gameplay, as players will use their Mechas to compete with others. All the Mechas play a specific role in battle. Some of them can be played in multiple roles, others can be played in only one, but they will perform excellently.

Pilot NFT: Training for a new Mecha pilot is an exceedingly tough task and requires a lot of resources. But the advantages each pilot brings to the Mecha are indisputable. Each Pilot has a special ability, and when combined with the suitable Mecha, they will create an unstoppable duo.

Moonbase NFT: There is only one Moon in the Mech universe, so the number of Moonbase is limited. Moonbase is required to build any Settlement.

Mech Master boasts of everything that can help it become a driving force in the P2E NFT arena and become a leader in the NFT 2.0.

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