The Best Travel Destinations For Crypto-Friendly Holidays

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For some, crypto may be an unexplored and incomprehensible universe, but for others it is their new reality. Cryptocurrencies are gaining an ever-growing audience with their popularity on the rise.

As a result, more and more tourists seem to be looking for cryptocurrency-friendly travel destinations to have the option of crypto payments in their travels as well.

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This seems to be highlighted by new research from Fast Private Jet, an authorized private jet agent and booking broker.

The survey aimed to highlight which capitals around the world are the best options for travelers who prefer cryptocurrencies and want to use them for payments for both hotels and various services and activities.

What did the results show?

It seems that Europe is a champion in crypto-friendly destinations, with countries like Spain and Austria leading the way in the number of hotels, restaurants and shops that accept cryptocurrency payments.

On the other hand, the least crypto-friendly destinations seem to be China and Qatar – countries that have banned cryptocurrencies altogether.

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Best cryptocurrency-friendly travel destinations

Here are the best cryptocurrency-friendly travel destinations if you plan to take your trip with digital currency.

5. Vienna, Austria

The Best Travel Destinations For Crypto-Friendly Holidays
Vienna, Austria. Source: The Nomadvisor

Vienna, Austria is a top destination for those looking for a cryptocurrency-friendly vacation spot. There you’ll find eight hotels that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and more than a dozen restaurants, bars and cafes that are digital-currency friendly.

4. Rome, Italy

The Best Travel Destinations For Crypto-Friendly Holidays
Rome, Italy. Source: The Diary of a Nomad

Those who want to have plenty of hotel options should choose Rome. Italy’s capital has a total of twenty cryptocurrency-friendly hotels and accommodations so far, as well as five restaurants.

3. Madrid, Spain

The Best Travel Destinations For Crypto-Friendly Holidays
Madrid, Spain. Source: Tripadvisor

The capital of Spain ranks third with over 19 attractions, more than a dozen cafes and restaurants, and six different nightclubs that accept cryptocurrencies so far. The only downside is that there are only two hotel options for those who want to pay this way.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

The Best Travel Destinations For Crypto-Friendly Holidays
Prague, Czech Republic. Source: Tiqets

Prague earns second place – although it may rank first for travelers interested solely in food culture and nightlife. The city has 33 restaurants and five nightclubs that so far accept cryptocurrency payments.

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Best Travel Destinations For Crypto-Friendly Holidays
Ljubljana, Slovenia. Source: Rough Guides

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, earns the top spot as the most cryptocurrency-friendly destination with more than 72 shops and 33 sports venues that happily accept cryptocurrency payments.

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