“Buakaw 1” – The Hottest NFT By Legendary Muay Thai Fighter Announces Presale Launch Date of May 8th-9th 2022

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The “Buakaw 1” NFT is now poised to become the hottest NFT of the year as news of their NFT launch hits mainstream media and news networks across Asia. Known as the best Muay Thai fighter to ever live, there is little doubt that Buakaw’s name alone will set records in the world of NFTs as this limited NFT collection is expected to sell out extremely quickly. Fans across the world have now joined his Discord in hopes of snatching up an NFT during the pre-sale period. 

Bangkok, Thailand – May 5th 2022, Only a few weeks after launching his NFT project “Buakaw 1“, legendary Muay Thai fighter Buakaw Banchamek is back in the international news spotlight as he formally announces the pre-sale period which will be for two days only, May 8th and 9th 2022. As analysts predicted, the upwards trend is pointing to a sold out NFT event as web traffic and Discord traffic has skyrocketed since their first announcement. 

Although Buakaw’s birthplace is in Thailand, his name and NFT is now trending and rapidly spreading across mainstream media outlets and social media in Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Japan, and Korea. There is little doubt that the hype will translate to massive sales due to the fact that these countries alone account for a huge percentage of NFT investments in the world. While western countries are also showing interest, the Buakaw phenomenon has taken the Asian continent by storm where he reigns supreme as a true Muay Thai legend. 

During a recent interview, Mr. Tanapon Subsomboon, CEO of YDM Thailand, who is responsible for marketing the Buakaw1 NFT project was quoted as saying, “To be quite honest, I am not surprised that this project is receiving so much mainstream media and social media coverage, considering that Buakaw Banchamek is a World-Class Muay Thai Fighter with millions of fans around the world.

If only 0.1% of his fans are interested in investing in his NFT, then there would certainly be an upward trend. This is something that we are seeing take place right before our eyes. The world is watching the Buakaw 1 NFT. We are expecting to gain much more traffic and public interest when the time comes closer to the pre-sale period.”

The “Buakaw 1” NFT will be available for pre-sale in 3 rounds at prices of 0.06 ETH, 0.07 ETH, and 0.08 ETH on May 8–9, 2022, and will be available for public sale at the price of 0.09 ETH on May 9, 2022, on the Ethereum network.

The concept of Buakaw’s NFT is designed with the Half Face split. Some special edition sets will be a collaboration design with many famous celebrities, artists, and KOLs in Asia, such as Maria Poonlertlarp, Miss Universe, the famous Japanese band named BNK48, Bhurit Bhirombhakdi, a billionaire who is the owner of the famous Singha beer, Boyd Kosiyabong, and a famous singer and songwriter of Thailand.

These celebrities will continue promoting Buakaw’s NFT trend through their social media. 

"Buakaw 1" – The Hottest NFT By Legendary Muay Thai Fighter Announces Presale Launch Date of May 8th-9th 2022
"Buakaw 1" – The Hottest NFT By Legendary Muay Thai Fighter Announces Presale Launch Date of May 8th-9th 2022
– Buakaw Banchamek NFT series

“I believe the main reason for this upwards trend is the privilege of earning exclusive offers after an investment. Not only will NFT holders receive a special NFT design, but also a knock-out punch from Buakaw, for which they can choose the level of intensity. Moreover, they are eligible to experience Muay Thai camp and practice Thai Boxing one-on-one with Buakaw, including access to Muay Thai in the Metaverse world as well. This perk alone is something that his true fans have only dreamt of. It can now become their reality.” Mr. Tanapon said. 

The official website Buakaw.club currently has an average of 50,000 daily visitors, and the number of followers on Discord rapidly surpassed 10,000 within a few days of the launch. With only 10,000 NFTs available, many are predicting a sold-out event minutes after launch.

Find out more about the “Buakaw 1” project and learn more about the man behind the legend at https://buakaw.club, or reserve the right to buy the pre-sale round at https://discord.gg/buakaw1.

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Bangkok, Thailand
TEL: (+66) 2 538 6729
EMAIL: [email protected] 

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