How Does Online Casino Work

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At the first glance, the Internet casinos are just the online versions of brick-and-mortar gambling establishments. However, there are some significant differences that have a serious impact on the gaming process, and, what is of course more important for the avid gamblers — on the result of the game and the winning opportunities. This is true for almost all the variations of Internet gambling, so we will divide the review into several parts to explain each in detail.


Obviously, both online and offline slot games are based on random luck, but the principle of working differ. The first physical slot machines had a handle that a player had to pull in order to launch a mechanism with a special braking system and electric sensors that analyze the combination that turned out after the reels stop spinning.

Modern slot machines, both onsite ones as well as online, are based on computer technologies and became almost the same thing. Today the combination of the reels is created by a random number generator embedded in every slot machine.

What is the Random Number Generator? It is a program working according to a special algorithm that determines which combination of reels comes out in the slot machine’s screen. The final result of the work of the RNG during the spin can not be guessed or predicted by anyone — including the developers of the software and online casino owners.

The jackpot slots give a chance to win a huge amount that consists of the funds sent to a certain slot by the previous customers. The jackpot-winning combination is quite a rare thing, but if the software coincides with the principles of fair gaming, it is possible. There is also a type of slot called progressive: in such slot machines, total winnings depend on the amount of bet. In simple words, the more bets a player does, the more money he can win; it is not recommended to play progressive slots with small bets.

Can I Come Round Online Slots?

You may have seen some offers about purchasing special software (or using it free of charge) that ostensibly can predict the combination of the reels or even hack the slot machine to give you the most desired jackpot spin. In fact, multiple pieces of evidence show that such programs are hidden computer viruses that can damage your operating system in the best-case scenario, or steal your personal data if worst comes to worst.

Another piece of advice usually given to slot enthusiasts is to check when the last jackpot was won and do not try to play the same slot at the nearest time. However, you should remember that online slots do not have any software memory and the number generator just choose a combination of approximately 100 numbers.

Technically, two jackpots in a row are possible as it does not contradict the principle of a slot work, but the possibility is very low if you turn to the theory of chances.

What is worth checking, is the software providers that power an online casino you are going to play. The fair gaming policies prohibit the presence of any online slots that work under other systems but the RNG and multiple gambling commissions tend to check the software used for slots, so when you join a casino, mind the companies they work with.

If you see that the slots are provided by, for instance, Red Dog, Microgaming, NetEnt, and other leading corporations, you can be pretty sure that your game is based on nothing other but your own luck.

You might be also pleased to know that when it comes to welcome bonuses like free spins for the slot machines, there is no difference in how does a certain slot works, so it does not matter if you paid for your attempt or not.

How do Casinos Earn on Slots?

If you have ever looked in the terms and conditions section, you will find the RTP indicated for each type of game — Return to Player Percentage, which shows the possible amounts of winnings that players can take from slots.

The top-rated online casinos usually display 94-96 percent, but this does not mean that each player takes the most of their investments back — the digits imply that these amounts are given to random players in random order.

You may probably ask, how can a casino earn much if their house edge is only 4-6 percent of the whole deposits made by the players in the slots? This is a question of simple statistics: if you check some records, you will find that only in Great Britain the gross win amounts in slots reach 20 billion dollars or more, so if you imagine how much was spent on the slot machines by the eager customers of online casinos, you will see that 4 percent does not seem a small amount anymore. Moreover, in a long run, casinos will always be in profit and gain more than even the luckiest customer.


roulette image

Roulettes is also a highly popular form of gambling, and there is a difference between a roulette you play with a live dealer in the real casino and the one you are spinning in a web browser or a mobile app.

The physical roulette can have a range of mistakes in a roulette wheel — some technical issues connected with the wheel can increase winning chances for the most attentive players. That is why this rotor is regularly changed to provide all users with a fair gaming experience.

Online roulettes have another system: the already familiar random number generators are also used in the 3D and video roulette game. Every time players make a spin, they see the animated ball that is rolling over the sectors with numbers and they have an impression that the ball will randomly stop at a certain section of the roulette.

However, this is nothing more but a cartoon for a more vivid experience. As soon as players press the Spin button, the software immediately generates the number where a ball will appear in the end, so no technical lifehacks like rolling of wheel work with online casino games created upon the principle of the RNG.

How do casinos earn on roulettes

Technically, the online roulette game is not different from slot machines: the difference is in the rules, payouts, and the total design of the game, so this is mainly a matter of taste. The house edge on the roulettes is usually the same as for the slot division in casinos.

Card games

All card games, like blackjack and video poker, are also based on the same random number generator. There is a slight difference between online card casino games and simple slots are that some strategies that might work exist.

There are a lot of educational articles that explain the different tactics of how to win in online card games so this is mostly a game of luck, but also may require certain skills.

To sum, all games that online casinos offer in their collection, except the live dealer games, are based on software that excludes any possibility of having any predicted pattern.

This is true for the certified and trusted software; you can always check what kind of software the sites use before playing and make sure certain games are provided by the companies you can trust.

Most likely, it will be the companies that are acknowledged as the leaders of the industry. Remember that there are also casinos that use illegal software, not registered by any gambling commissions, and in this case, you can face many issues from refusal to payout your winnings to the complete impossibility to win in case the games are programmed in a way to give out only losing combinations.

Almost all games except the ones offered in the live casinos have demo versions that allow new users to try the gameplay without any deposits. This is the only option of how you can play in online casinos without spending anything; however, you will not gain any profit as well.

Live Dealer Games

The live dealer games in online casinos are the online gambling activity type that resembles real gambling more than any other real money casino game.

It works like a live stream: casino dealers are working in a real-time mode using the familiar casino equipment, for example, roulettes, blackjack tables, real cards, and other familiar things for the table games. The dealers must be dressed according to a certain dress code. All their actions are shown via a camera to the players, who gather for playing in accordance with a schedule published on a casino website.

The dealer does not see the players, but he or she can read a chat and control the bets. One of the dealers’ duty is to keep up a conversation with the members; in case a player does not want to listen to the dealer’s comments, they can switch off the sound in a game’s settings.

Online poker rooms can be also controlled by the dealers but there are also online rooms where people gather to play by themselves; this reminds an offline poker club, but the RNG is used here for shuffling cards, which minimizes the risks of any unfair gaming.

Online Sports Betting

Many online casinos expand their services and add sports betting divisions to their website. Sometimes it requires having a separate gambling license, but many jurisdictions allow launching all kinds of online gambling services under one single registration document.

The sports betting sites work with special software that allows bookmakers to accept online bets; for live betting, the Internet bookmakers sometimes add a live-streaming function for a real-life experience.

To determine the odds, bookmakers have a team of experts who analyze the market, using their own forecasting strategies and sometimes insiders’ information, and then decide on which outcome of the even is more possible.

The most probable outcomes have the lowest odds; it might be a hint for the new bettors but people who gamble online for quite a long time use more exquisite and sophisticated ways of winning over the bookie.

The biggest chance appears during the live events when a bookmaking office publishes the odds with a slight delay which gives an opportunity to bet on two outcomes of the same event.

How do casino bonuses work?

As you visit an Internet page of any gambling sites, you will most probably see much information about the welcome bonuses, that promise you to win real money online with no investments. Is that true? Not exactly. There are different types of a bonus that can be given for gambling online, so let’s see what they can be and how they work.

Welcome Bonus for the Newly Registered Players

gambling table image

This a promotional bonus that is given by almost all gambling sites to attract new customers and motivate them to make a deposit. The bonus is usually given after a member sends their first money to the account and casinos can add 100 percent to the first deposit amount, or give free spins for certain games.

Sometimes there are packages for the first two or more deposits — however, this still implies you have to invest at least a minimum required amount.

Remember that even the best online casino is not really interested in making generous gifts for you unless you spend a certain amount on gambling, so be careful and read all terms and conditions: this part is your own responsibility.

Don’t hesitate to contact the live chat or send the email to the customer support in case you have any doubts regarding the conditions of your welcome bonus.

No deposit bonus

This sounds even more attractive — you can get free spins, or free cash just having registered with a certain casino. However, this is not as simple as it seems to.

In most cases, a no deposit bonus really works and you can earn a little with the help of this promotion; however, when you try to withdraw the bonus, you will find out that you need to make a certain deposit first or follow any other requirements before you can turn your winnings into real money.

This is done for involving you more in the gaming process, so again don’t forget to check all rules that are applied to the bonus you are going to use.

No deposit bonuses can have restrictions for the citizens of some countries. If a casino owner notices that the users from a certain state tend to use no deposit welcome offers and then just leave a casino, they regard them as unqualified for this kind of a real money offer and exclude them from their bonus program.

Regular bonuses for the loyal customers

To maintain the customer base and reattract the players to the website, casinos use different marketing strategies. For instance, there are VIP programs that stimulate members to make more deposits as this brings them such perks as personal managers, more free spins for popular games, invitations to special events.

Another type of offer is cashback; it is usually given for losing bets to cheer up the customer and offer him to play more using the refunded money.

How are casinos controlled?

The situation differs all around the world in terms depending on gambling laws of a certain jurisdiction. If you want to make sure that the games are fair and your account and all deposits are safe, stop for a while to check which organization is responsible for the casino’s performance.

If the license is issued by one of the trusted committees, you can be pretty sure that you are going to spend your bankroll in a safe online casino, so don’t neglect this step when choosing an Internet gambling platform.

There are several leading jurisdictions with the most reputable gambling commissions. They are responsible for monitoring all the sides of casino work: financial transparency; regular casino software updates, maintenance of security systems, and payment methods.

The most reputable online gambling commissions are

The officially licensed websites are forced to provide the users with a safe experience, which includes using special encryption methods to protect the deposits; such protection methods are also useful for the casino owners, as their funds are also secured by using special software. Remember, that decent casino software providers are also obliged to have a special gambling license.

How to choose an online casino

If a casino is holding a license from a reputable operator, it can already deserve your trust. However, it is better to check for more options to see if a casino is fully suitable for you.

Mind the design and user interface of the website: if you see that the site is updated, works properly, and evidently had a great commitment in it, you can be more sure that the casino has enough budget to discharge its liability and make payouts as it is provided by the agreement.

Try to check how the customer support works by asking some simple questions: if they reply accurately, promptly, and quickly, this also shows a high quality of service and more likely that this gambling platform will work in accordance with fair gaming principles.

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