FXT Tokens Listed on Coinsbit and Bilaxy Exchanges

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March 16, 2021: FXT – the world’s leading trading technology platform – has announced the listing of FXT tokens on Coinsbit and Bilaxy exchanges.

FXT is a blockchain-based Forex Trading Markets platform that enables investors to predict market conditions and profit from favorable conditions. FXT provides its users with institutional-grade security, round-the-clock customer support, and multiple deposit and withdrawal methods to ensure world-class user experience.

The native token of FXT – known as FXT Token – is an ERC20 token that intends to serve as a single digital currency for trading and payments while ensuring more transparent, quick, secure, and cost-efficient transactions. In addition, the FXT token is the only token for the Forex Trading Market, thereby positioning itself as a distinctive digital currency for a new financial ecosystem.

The company will mint a total of 1 billion FXT tokens and distribute them among potential investors during various ICO processes. Out of these 1 billion FXT tokens, 75% will be distributed during the Private and Public ICO sale; 20% will be given as an incentive to the participants for promoting FXT tokens; and 5% will be reserved by the company to fund various activities such as marketing, maintenance, and other customer support activities.

Listing the FXT Token on Coinsbit and Bilaxy exchanges will expand its reach and contribute to its growing popularity. Furthermore, a high 24-hour trading volume on both the exchanges will boost the sale of FXT Tokens, which will further escalate its price and ultimately the profits of investors.

About the Company

FXT is a crypto-driven company backed by a skilled team comprising seasoned finance officers, investment planners, and technical experts. The company intends to raise funds from its FXT Token ICO. These funds will be utilized to scale the company as well as develop and launch blockchain-based platforms.

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